FAZ Announces FIFA Windfall for Clubs

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga says Zambian clubs will start receiving their share from the 1.5 Million United States Dollars FIFA covid-19 relief funds to be disbursed in three phases.

The first phase will comprise a $500, 000 allocation that will be disbursed in August while the second phase will be allocated in January 2021 with the final allocation exclusive to women football.

During a consultative meeting with the clubs ahead of the 2020/2021 season, Kamanga said his executive will do their best to ensure that the league puts in place mechanisms to test players and officials before the season opens.

Kamanga said Super League teams will receive 15, 000 United States Dollars while National Division One teams will get 10, 000 with developmental teams receiving 5, 000 (United states Dollars).

FIFA funds have conditions attached that will have to be met before they are disbursed and also heavily audited prior to qualifying for the next allocation.

He said that FAZ would engage the Zambia Medical Association to ensure that testing and release of results was handled away from the national pool that scuppered the process during the re-opened season under covid-19 situations.

FAZ has announced that it will consider procuring testing kits to ease the process of testing players and technical staff for covid-19.

The 2020/2021 season is expected to commence in October.


  1. King pethias aka sugar boy forever

    We are appreciate the doner

  2. Mr more hits

    Fifa give us iwe!! I know kamanga is not a theif he wl use that money wisely.. Most of us are kalu supporters but it wont kill anyone to admit that kamanga has done a relatively good job in administration and grass root football..

  3. James mbewe

    Very good kamanga administration,lets hope the money wil be put to good use by these clubs that wil recieve the covid-19 relief funds

  4. Amos shaliya

    Thanks mr Kamanga

  5. tiyo Ngwira

    the clubs must upgred their stediams

  6. Alonzo

    There is talent at the grassroot, if that money can also be used to search talented young ones football in Zambia can be developed

  7. Kaylife

    Amount to disperse $1.5m
    Phase $500,000
    $15,000 to super division teams,national league $10,000 & developing leagues$5,000.Now 15+10+5=30.
    Where will the $470,000 go?

  8. MarkMike chiputu phiri

    Good work

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