By: Bangwe Naviley Chisenga

Western Province was the poorest and to accelerate progress, it got the highest number of new districts. It now has 16 districts in total. Lukulu which relied on Mongu now has it’s own new mortuary.

New large secondary schools better than Kabulonga Boys are now in Sikongo, Nalolo, Lukulu, Sioma, Mwandi, Mulobezi, while others are coming up in Mitete and Limulunga.

Senanga has a new school of nursing while Kalabo and Sesheke got Trades Training Institutes of a large scale.

Western added new District Hospitals namely Lukulu, Nalolo, Shangombo and Mulobezhi. Each district also received part of the 650 health posts.

Mongu- Sesheke is tarred. Mongu – Limulunga Road being tarred. Only Mongu – Nkeyema and Sesheke- Kazungula remains critical.

Administration blocks and 60 staff houses for civil servants are coming up in each of the following districts; Nkeyema, Luampa, Mitete, Sikongo, Nalolo, Sioma and Mwandi.

The multi million Sioma bridge and Mongu- Kalabo Road remain permanent features all these projects having started after 2011.


  1. Mr surgeon

    Despite what you have mentioned,, western is still the poorest province in Zambia with poor road system, when will be mongu -limulunga road be completed……..?

  2. Gessik

    People let’s learn to appreciate .These guys have done all they can,better than the earlier govts that neglected the region completely.By the way development is a gradual process

  3. Kawasaki

    @Gessik, that’s the problem with nay sayers. They have decided not to appreciate no matter what.

  4. Famøus David

    You did not said anything about lukulu katunda road what are you thinking of it because it been since they said about fixing it??

  5. JMS

    It takes a folish man to realize progress when his eyes are on one side,open your eyes to realize how much we should have progressed. I salute the late Nalumino mundia who tried had to have a railway going to Western province but his fight took him to the end, mhsrip.we won’t sleep until we gain education possiblity.


    It’s just because we are one Zambia one nation but here in Mbala for the past 5 years PF Government av done nothing from the time we voted for them they come just to tell stories elyo mp came just when we were commemorating centinary nayena it’s was yapa TV so western province you’re luck even us we are going to vote for UPND Maybe development will come to us they will av fear

  7. Rapheal

    Its job well-done for the Gorvement more especially for the mongu kalabo road.

  8. Wakishale

    True, development is gradual. No government can provide all the necessary developments at once. We must learn to appreciate the little we’ve been given in western province because some provinces like Northwestern Province has not even seen a fraction of what is mentioned here.

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