Opinion: What Happened In Mali Can Happen Anywhere If Such Illegality Is Allowed

Yesterday, the military in Mali arrested the country’s President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta and his prime minister, Boubou Cissé in a coup staged after weeks of destabilizing protests over a disputed election, government corruption and a violent Islamist insurgency that has lasted for eight years.

The streets of Bamako, Mali’s capital, went into both jubilation and gunfire after President Keïta and prime minister Cissé were detained along with other government officials.

After hours of such disturbance, around midnight, President Keïta announced on state television that he was resigning from office. He had no other way but to concede and leave as the military took over power.

We saw a similar thing happening in Zimbabwe just recently, and the resulting jubilation from citizens after a forcible removal of freedom icon Robert Gabriel Mugabe. That was the genesis of a new wave of military intervention in Africa, at a time when we thought the continent had graduated from such unconventional means of taking over power.

We’re now seeing it in Mali. Our worry is that the effects of the instability in Mali could spill beyond borders and affect the entire West Africa, the Sahel, the broader Arab world, the European Union and the United States of America, and much more the entire African continent. More so, other African countries may begin to think what has happened can be replicated in their countries.

Wrong is wrong and has to be condemned. We hope the African leaders, through the African Union, will speak out on this and call for an end to military interventions whenever there’s dissent for a democratically elected government.
Our thoughts are with Mali and we hope and pray the current instability is resolved amicably!


  1. RHK

    Let’s hope this will not happen in Zambia. I

    • Riggings PF

      No more nonsense in Mali, rigging, corruption, nepotism etc. That’s why these politicians don’t work for the people because after five years they can use what they have stolen to rig elections. No more nonsense, No more nonsense.

  2. Frank Chombela

    The military has proved over and over again that they don’t govern better than civilians.

    • Khamis

      Some. Kagame, Ghadafi and El Sisi are good examples of military personnel who have exhibited good leadership.

      • Sibweni

        Sori, Al Sisi is bad news my friend, you don’t know what you are saying!!

  3. JMS

    Data did.

  4. JMS

    Sata did,and many will try to, their is nothing impossible.

  5. Razor

    When will it happen here?

  6. Chaya diga lungu

    This cannot happen in Zambia bcoz the men and women in uniform are all cowards despite getting chicken change every month as salary, they can’t act like Zimbabwe and Mali army.

    • You are not normal how do you advocate for such a thing to happen in Zambia just because your tribes mate HH has failed to win

      You are not normal how do you advocate for such a thing to happen in Zambia just because your tribes mate HH has failed to win elections and you think you can impose him on us. Shame on you and your kind

  7. Enmassing weathy for self, looting national resources for self, broad daylight corruption for self, arrogance and interferences for self, promoting cadocracy for self, are ingredients for military interventions. Sad, African leaders never learn.

    Contributing factors for military interventions are political leaders enmassing weathy for self, broad daylight corruption for self, looting of national resources for self, arrogance and promoting of cadocracy for self, threatening and firing any one who execute duties for self, selective dishing of money for self, selective developments for self.

  8. nshilimubemba

    These children do not know what they are talking about, democracy is the only way to govern, is the only civilized way to rule where everyone has space to participate in politics.
    Soldiers are there to protect citizens and not to rule where ever soldiers had taken power people have regretted, in Zambia when soldiers were called to help find the people gassing citizens it didn’t take long people started complaining, now imagine if they were in power!
    These days you can’t talk of coups the world will not accept to trade with government of soldiers, the whole neighborhood of African union will not support such madness, and lunatic behavior the coup leader is going no where he can’t lead an isolated nation, where will he find food to feed people any more of the needs to run a country.

  9. bronco

    we dont need coups here we are democratic

  10. Chendabusiku

    This kind of quick comparison and drawing a haste parallel to an Icon of peace not only in Africa but the whole world is but a thought of desperation at its best.

  11. Chiyengo Kay Blair

    Why should you feel insecure?

  12. Slazy

    Get facts right about the mandate for military. It’s to protect its citizens from both internal and foreign aggression. When there is no foreign hostility even internal hostilities can happen to citizens and it’s the duty of military to bring peace and sanity. The soldiers in Mali have made it clear like the situation was in Zimbabwe though nothing much changed there. And I personally feel we need sanity also in Zambia. How can a known cadre beat up policemen in uniform at a police station? It’s Leadership failure

  13. Otmar Hambale

    If you follow the reasons for the coup in Mali, it was not initiated by the soldiers, it was the common citizens who were revolting against the injustice from their own government over disputed elections ( rigging), high levels of corruption and violent islamist insurgency ( attacks) as if there was no functional government in place. It was people power that initiated the process of a coup detat. Most incumbent presidents use their positions to do wrong things thinking that the citizens are monuments who cannot react, and when the citizens revolt, the same leaders cry foil. That is the end result of the elections which are declared free and fair by the toothless African union which supports dictators who are clueless.

  14. analyser

    This. I am afraid will happen in Zambia if Lungu does not tame his clueless ministers and if he and his insensitive ministers keep om behaving badly. Kaunda was hounded out , for all his goodness, wasn’t he? Lungu smell the coffee, mate!

  15. analyser

    Lusambo, Kampyongo, Dora et al. remain treats to the well being of a great Nation. Lungu, come out of you high horse and sort things out. You don’t need Seer 1 to tell you what to do. You have minimum intelligence to work things out, mate!

  16. Mark

    It is not wisdom to encourage the military to take over any nation. Libya is not stable today because of war. We must be grateful to God for the peace we are enjoying today. We must bless our nation and not curse it. When wrong things happen, a wrong foundation is laid. God bless Zambia.

  17. King Kong

    We need a new captain solo,am for it and you?


    even here in zambia it can happen

  19. Arm chair

    The army instils discipline in these so called arrogant leaders, who think hold obsolete power.cpt solo Lt Luchembe and others showed us how leaders give in when threatened.multipartism was born because of those galante men.Even third term died,if not.Dont argue,this is real.we watch from the terraces.

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