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By Chishala Kateka

Ladies and gentlemen, let this not deteriorate into a ‘why are you scrutinizing HH and not others’ debate.

Let us work based on principles.

Should a leader, whether incumbent or opposition, be scrutinized? The answer is a resounding yes!

Was ECL scrutinized? Yes he was, although Zambians decided to overlook the shortcomings.

Should we not seek the truth – yes we should. Even if you and I stand for public office, we shall be scrutinized.

Should we scrutinize HH – a definite and resounding yes. Why? He is the leader of the biggest opposition party!!!

It would be folly for us to continue making the same mistakes we have made over the years that for the sake of change, we must take anyone even if they have messed up (please I am not saying HH has messed up); I am simply saying time has come for us to be more analytical about the people we put in power to avoid the situation we currently find ourselves in.

If I was a UPND supporter, I would not be responding to the request for answers by those wanting answers by stating the fact that so and so were not so interrogated. Those were the times we lived in. We made a mistake and are simply trying to avoid the same.

Let us work on the principle that it is a prudent thing to ‘know’ your leaders.

If today Kalaba or Mutati look like they could carry the day, the spotlight shifts to them.

Madam Chishala Kateka is Chairperson of the Board ABSA Bank (formerly BBZ chairperson)


  1. Mwine masushi

    Faka pressure

  2. SOS

    Ecl was not scrutinized that’s why he has messed up things………we should vote him out.

  3. Brics

    What is it that you are trying to insinuate? I can’t really figure it out. Whoever is not for us, then, he is against. Period

  4. FuManchu

    No leader has ever been scrutinized all there is people maliciously align with party of choice in disparaging any aspirant! If this were a serious suggestion you take it for legislation through your MP spelling out what this “Scrutiny” would entail underlining that there would be no exceptions and failure to respond to this scrutiny be an immediate self disqualification to participate in an election. However such legislation or similar need not be raised during an election year prior election date.

  5. True Bemba

    Now U Come Here Wth Amapinda Ne Ndimi.What Are U Upto,i Mean Whats This All About!?

  6. CarryMyBallzBitch

    HH is a winner already, the future is bright

  7. Jms

    Never to blame a person without mind, Jesus was betrayed, denied and in the end crucified due to support which was behind the tribalistic behave among jews and Israelites but no this is another era where we should understand the that haterage should be put aside especially when know that in each tribe we have polite, friendly and respectful people and among them we need knowledgeable candidates who sucrifies themselves not pushing sticks but a stick which pushers other sticks to success,being an economist and a well respected person whom a person won’t even imagine how and where to start attacking him is an indication of perfect 😍 behaviour.

    • Francis Xavier Mutalala

      We Zambia and are very easy to fool by ‘politicians’. We need presidential debates to understand our leaders and leaders to be. They must answer all our questions honestly for them to win the trust of the electorate. Here in Zambia whoever seems to have money then they are automatically presidential material. We must mature and see beyond that nonsense. Some rich people are well meaning like Dangote who is using his wealth to sort out serious problems in his country. He plans to set up a 14 billion dollar refinery to prevent his country from wasting billions on importations of petroleum products. That’s leadership. He is not even a politician. Of course some would say first make me president then I will rectify the economy. I find that cheap. Let’s carefully scrutinize all the candidates and understand who they are, what they have done and what they plan to do do for Sam is whether or not in office. We then will see who the comedians and crooks are and focus on a few serious leaders. Let’s not be naive and use our heads rather than our hearts.

  8. Mr more hits

    Clearly h.H is giving people sleeples nights… And it gives us lots of pleasure that 2021 is just a few months away.. This time we are Going forwad

  9. People power

    If Lungu was scrutinized he wouldn’t be president today he stole a widows money and that’s fact

  10. Frank talk

    ECL was scrutinized we were told that he is an acoholic and he stole money from his client he a lawyer. The things Lungu did not deny. Many things were said about Lungu but Zambians voted for him. Now we want to know whether HH stole money from privatisation which led many die of depression and Street Kids. That his father was a thief who used to steal cattle from villagers in Monze,Namwala and Mazabuka the cattle he has inherited and he changed his name from Chitombwa to HH. And if he says yes we will forgive him and vote for him as we did to ECL. We Zambians are desperate we do not have leaders. The only leader with a good character is Miyanda now we don’t know where he is. We Zambians can vote for Lucifer we are so desperate

    • Francis Xavier Mutalala

      I agree with you. The problem does not lie with the candidates but rather the electorate who entertain nonsense and always put ourselves in a desperate position during all serious elections. The behavior of a leader must be consistent. If one has decayed morals we can’t say they will change once they hold the highest office. How can we be so consistently naive? We may as well forget about the future of our children if we continue behaving in this manner.

    • Kennedy

      Brig. Gen. Miyanda! May God raise that leader once more!

  11. JMS

    I understand man won’t and may not be able to change because nomatter wise one is it will take only those wise people to recognize him. Those mainly occurs due to the mentality which one has been brought in.i had a lecturer who normally emphasized that a child isn’t to blame but his or her parents,namely real parents or guardians. you see education will let individuals comperate or agree on any issue but if education is classified according to who is he Zambia Will be lead by people you will be questioning their status due to classification of either tribe, province, religion or even gender. I tell you that sin is sweet but the end results is known by everybody. The Man you are attacking is or won’t in any position in government now how come a separate person called to do your job which non of you did even this nawakwi mentioned here,mwe Bantu , this issue was solved before.

  12. Richard

    We find ourselves seeking the same thing every after 10 years, change, why?

    We must find a lasting solution to this, and one way of doing this in a democracy, is by employing the checks and balances on our leaders, democracy doesn’t not just demand output, it also demands input, and scrutiny of our leaders is one of the tools used in vetting those vying for office, a leopard does not change it’s spot, if my character is questionable as a leader what makes you think I will change once elected to serve ? I think 56 years plus is since independence we are mature enough to put demands on those wanting to stand for public office. The USA is having elections this year, during the primary debates I am sure we all saw how Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the rest of the contestants were scrutinized, even stuff they did 20/30 years ago, that is a process Africa and Zambia should start demanding from its contestants.

  13. Frank Chombela

    Chishala Kateka has started a good debate. She’s short and to the point in this piece.

  14. mwananzuki mweene

    Yes we need to scrutinise our leaders this should include all leaders from ward councillors, members of parliament and the presidential aspirants . independent professional investigative institutions can be hired. It is not everyone who should be involved in investigating those that aspire to get into public office. Those who are in the bad habit of scandalizing those that are opposed to their ideologies must also be sorted out by these same professional bodies.

  15. Lethal Weapon

    We are tired of corrupt p.f chaps…kuya bebele bane….hide your stolen money properly because we are coming for all those who stole.

  16. Mark

    Governance is a composition of integrity and we need it like that. But to centre the arm of scruitine to one person will be a failed attempt to justice and ones of our country beside unfairness. ZAMBIA should graduate from this syndrome or better still we uphold this stance to be a universal law prio to every election than ending up with criminals in public offices.

  17. BOZ_TimbaLife2020

    Chishala , You have worked in the same industry as HH and you obviously seem to know a lot. Am sure you have interacted with him. Also tell us how you participated in Privatization or any related activity involving government : Deloitte 1990 – Aug 1992 ,BDO Kateka Evans Musonda (1996 – 1999),Interim Manager Company Name Kafue Textiles (*2000-2002)…You are a business leader so you also need to be scrutinized…. https://www.linkedin.com/in/chishala-kateka-11403835/?originalSubdomain=zm

  18. Hon salare

    Why waste your time posting rubbish while thorny issues piercing poor Zambians on daily basis….remain untyped on these useless platforms… Nxhaaah!

  19. JMS

    Reality puts groups in every class either a–c or d and nomatter what you do classification will be accordingly to rudeness,politiness, honesty, hardworking, etc but mind has neutralized this plus intermarreges so if one mentions that name remorce mixed in HH ‘ situations to me the thinking capacity has to be examined due to mind. We are called humans because of it so the thinking capacity should be defferent from animals. Before when intermarreges never existed people where being seen through their characteristic, but onces again I say due mind tribal mixture can’t divide us unless some people are marely nonthinkers.

  20. Tman

    HH all the way

  21. Proud African

    Sadly, the author must tell us of her close association with Chris Mvunga and Trevor Evans starting well before DevCorp. Is this not another example of job hunting…like Edith Nawakwi…?

  22. John Isaiah Isaiah

    No one unreasonably immune from criticism or opposition. One rule for everyone!

    If HH and others did against the will of Zambians then they have to face the Law.

    We need also the include on the probe list all former ZCCM Miners alive so that they can tell us the story on how Assets were shared and undervalued by Criminals.

    Who are the owners of Mufulira Professional College?

    Is that not corruption?

    All plunderers should face the Law and if found guilt should be caged in the Zoo so that we should be going there to view them.

    Who got animals (Cows) that the GRZ controlled in the Farm Launches?

    Zambians needs answers and no politics involved.

    The Beast the MMD those alive should come out and tell us why they pushed for a stupid Law of Privatisation Act!

  23. John Isaiah Isaiah

    No one unreasonably immune from criticism or opposition. One rule for everyone!

    If HH and others did against the will of Zambians then they have to face the Law.

    We need also to include on the probe list all former ZCCM Miners alive so that they can tell us the story on, how Assets were shared and undervalued by Criminals we call our friends and celebrate them.

    Who are the owners of Mufulira Professional College?
    Is that not corruption? Is it not Mr Emmanuel Mutati and …..?

    All plunderers should face the Law and if found guilt should be caged in the Zoo so that we go there to view them for free.

    Who had animals (Cows) farms owned by GRZ who took those animals from those Launches?

    Zambians need answers to those questions!

    The Beast the MMD people alive should come out and tell us, why they pushed for a stupid Law of Privatisation Act!

    All those who benefited from Privatisation deserves to live with animals in the bush!

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