MTN Employee Who Stoned Neighbour’s Child Appeals 5-Year Sentence

A 40-year-old MTN employee, Madrine Numwa, who was convicted and sentenced to five years imprisonment for stoning a child has appealed her sentence in the High Court.

In this matter, Ms Numwa had assaulted a four-year-old child who trespassed on her premises on New Year’s Day.

Earlier this year, Ndola Magistrate Changa Chitabo convicted and sentenced Ms Numwa after the State proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.

However, in her notice of appeal against her conviction and sentence, Ms Numwa’s lawyer Tom Shamakamba has argued that the court erred in law and fact when it convicted his client on circumstantial evidence which was never taken out of the realm of conjecture.

He also contended that the court below erred in law and fact to convict the appellant on the uncorroborated evidence of the minor.

Mr Shamakamba has argued that the State brought to court a stone as the sharp instrument used to assault the minor but there was no such evidence and as such, the court erred in law and fact.

He said the court made a mistake to find his client guilty of the charge when there was no any evidence, direct or indirect, to prove that Ms Numwa caused the injury to the minor.

Mr Shamakamba stated that the court erred when it failed to consider the evidence of the defence as to the fact that the child was not among the children around at the time his client threw the stone.

“The court erred in law and fact that the injuries sustained by the minor were caused by the fluck stones when there was no such evidence,” Mr Shamakamba stated.

On January 1, this year, Caroline Mumba 35 reported on behalf of her four-year-old son that he was assaulted by Ms Numwa using a stone.

The incident happened in Ndeke area when the child was playing outside the house with his friends while lighting fireworks.


  1. Kapunda

    No one is above the law

  2. True Bemba

    Mwamona Nomba,u Forgot That U Are A Parent.How Can U Do That To Playing Neighbor’s Children?One Day Mukatobapo No Mwanawenu

  3. See M

    Other children not grow well assaults elders
    . All parents Zambian and beyond teach children well time growth. Respect elders.

  4. Mumba

    Stupid lawyer

  5. Nshilinama

    This lawyer is desperate with draw the case. How can normal person stone a child?

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