Nawakwi Vs HH

By Chama Fumba, a.k.a Pilato

Now that the excitement about this seems to be calm and bearable, i would like to share my thoughts to the discussion and probably ask a few questions.

I must quickly run to defend madam Nawakwi from those that have decided to insult her and her business simply because she asked unromantic questions. The concept of democracy demands that we allow others the same room of expression as we feel we deserve. The abuse and ridicule towards Madam Nawakwi that I saw after the radio programme is backwards and any person who believes in democracy must condemn it with the arrogance they can afford. She has the right to ask questions even those questions have the power to destabilize our comfort just as we also can ask her in return. Young people of this beautiful great country must resist the temptation to demonize those that ask difficult questions instead they must dare to engage no matter how difficult it may be to respond. Young people of this country have the power to influence the reality of today and of the future of this country therefore it is necessary that they aspire for a superior level of engagement with each other no matter the environment.

Coming to the issue of Madam Nawakwi and Mr. HH, I have continued to ask myself why it is fashionable to call out Mr. Hichilema alone on privatisation in Zambia even when it is clear that many Zambians were involved in the process. The concept of accountability is and should be broad beyond political opportunities. Those that demand for accountability and transparency must do so not because it advantages them politically.

Since there are so many Zambians dead and alive who were involved in the privatisation process in Zambia, why do we just focus on an individual, is it because he wants to become president of this country?

If Mr. Hichilema was not a political threat to those in power, were we going to still crucify him for his involvement in the process?

Why are we not demanding to know what Madam Nawakwi, President Lungu, Mr. Elias Chipimo and many others did and what they benefited individually?

I ask these questions because failure to be clear on the crusade in demanding for accountability and transparency may reduce the whole trip to a fight against an individual. The scope for the fight for accountability and transparency regarding the privatisation process should be expanded beyond an individual if our fight is to be credible.

If Mr. Hichilema stepped down tomorrow from active politics, are we going to see a sustained fight demanding for details of what happened during that process or we will go back to sleep?

What about leaders who were in government, to what extent did they fail in their responsibilities to protect the interests of our people?

If Madam Nawakwi can confidently claim that an individual dribbled them in the privatisation process, what did she and her government do about it? Why does she feel the need to act now? What did she do that allowed an Individual to take advantage of the whole process?

If Mr. Hichilema was a poor man today living at his farm in Namwala, was Madam Nawakwi going to be demanding for explanations from him today?

To the young people of this country I would like to challenge you to take the demand for accountability as your duty and should be beyond partisan politics. As it can be observed, politicians will only demand for accountability and transparency when it benefits them and their career prospects. I

Have a great weekend iweeee


  1. Henri Mukukah

    Well articulated analysis ba Pilato thumbs up man..

  2. Tresphor

    True, actually Nawakwi was at that time better placed as a head of national finances. Was she silent at the time privatisation because she was a backdoor beneficiary? Nawakwi raised more questions than answers for herself.

  3. Wi

    Thing is why ask questions now when she was in a better position that time?

    • Me

      Was HH more intelligent than all the pipo at Zambia Privatization Agency, Ministry of Finance and finally at cabinet?

  4. Mano M'mafupa

    Those with answers to the questions listed above kindly share so that we run away from this because it has been some time back ago.

    • Evil Cruel Loony

      The privatisation key players are still alive. Interrogate Valentine Chitalu who was CEO of ZPA and responsible for selling the mines. Talk to Francis Kaunda who was Executive Chairman of ZCCM. Finally, question George Sokota who was Senior Partner at Deloitte & Touche who got most of the privatisation work from ZPA. They will have all the answers you want.

  5. Jcm

    Am just passing

  6. Valentine Simasiku

    Beautiful write up, Pilato. I like how expansive yourp piece is. These are questions that people have largely ignored but instead opted for an emotional position. To be honest I don’t understand why the emphasis has been on Mr. Hichilema. What about the others?

  7. Justine Hachalwa

    Real men pilAto πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’–πŸ’–

  8. Abayeke

    It makes more sense to listen to Pilato than following unsubstantiated issues raised by our recycled politicians. The youth should have critical mind to problems created by these aging characters, and find solutions now. Thumbs up Chama Fumba (PilAto)

  9. RHK

    Well articulated pilato,she was in power that time why didn’t she asks the same question?. I

  10. Frank Chombela

    HH was not operating in the informal sector where it would hard to find records. Everything he did is a matter if record. It’s now up to Nawakwi to tell us wht she didn’t do properly which led to HH allegedly do wht she’s now criticising him now.

  11. Waka kasonde


    • Evil Cruel Loony

      Nawakwi is incompetent. That’s why she failed to improve the lot of Zambians when she was Finance Minister. Instead she concentrated on stealing somebody’s husband. She and PF have no evidence against HH. The best that Lungu could come up with against HH was a road rage incident on the Mongu Limulunga road.

    • Cornwell K

      That is how povert and hunger can make someone behave. This is a lesson to us youths who still have opportunities to work hard today for the betterment of tommorow. It’s like our mother has become bankrupt and has lost direction hence trying to bring back issues that cannot bring any development to the country

  12. Chendabusiku

    The adage ” if you live in a glass house do not throw stones ” has always been a mouth full. What is happening now is in party or whole fulfiled by this adage. When you are in opposition the mandate is to shout as much as as possible to shame those in Govt. HH has been doing exactly that. But unfortunately for him he, also has a lot to explain to the Zambian people. The blank sports for HH are to numerous, e. g who is the father,? How did acquire his wealthy? Why was he ushered to the throne of UPND president when he was no where in the ranks of this party? Does he really own the assets mentioned by Nawakwi? If so how did he acquire them? Part of HH’s strategy has been to deflect the attention of corruption away from himself and focus on the others. Does UPND constitution have limitless terms for a president? Everyone regardless of whether they are opposition or ruling party should be subjected to the same rules-two terms period you cannot lose for ever and continue as though it is a chiefdom?

    • Evil Cruel Loony

      Why are you worried about HH’s father instead of Lungu’s corruption and incompetence that keeps you poor??

    • Bowen Mooya

      Simply replying to chendabusika, if you ready the wise words of Plato, He is very objective, he hasn’t brought the question of parentage, politics and terms of office one should run, because that is not the issue, neither is it about one individual in the process, the issue is accountability and transparency in the process, let us subject the process to accountability and transparency not a single individual. Subjecting the process we need to parade every participant in the process and ask questions like who was this one, what was his role, what was his benefit and did he deserve the it? Mind you, as you are aware, the moment HH appeared on the political scene he was investigated, sata equally had a tour over HH’s farms, the problem we have as zambians is priding in ignorance, we love to appear as people with dog or chicken’s brain. Is This HH so powerful that he can not be investigated or there no record the said to refer to now, hey, we are smarter than this.

  13. Clergyman

    Two people might be getting the same amount of money per month but spending suddenly ie one wisely while the other one foolishly. Mama Nawakwi, stop the evil you have towards this innocent man you cannot match him.
    If you don’t change you will definitely regret and suffer in your old age. You are just portraying the nation how incompetent you were at the time you served the nation as Minister. You deserve to be in jail for failing to ser

  14. Charles

    Each time a leader will arise because the future and leaders are in God’s hand.

  15. Pastor Kenny

    Imagine the evil Mama Nawakwi portrayed even when your friend satanist icilema was jailed for 127 days you went into hiding and withdraw from politics and celebrating your friend’s incarceration.
    Madam Nawakwi you are not a good leader and as long as Jehovah God lives you will never see yourself in any influential political position. I used to like your intellectual politics without knowing your reality. Change mum and avoid God’s eternal wrath on you

  16. Evil Cruel Loony

    Nawakwi had 20 years to prosecute HH for so-called privatisation crimes and she did nothing. Lungu and PF have had 10 years and they have only talked about these supposed wrongs. These corrupt incompetents know very well that they are talking lies and nonsense. If they need to prosecute anybody they should target Valentine Chitalu, Francis Kaunda and George Sokota. But they would never dare target the real culprits. Why? Because they are Bembas. That’s why.

    • BOB

      Your name tells a story. How come u are Mr evil? Wat ever u say is evil. Stop misleading us. Pilato of all people has a point. Better Ba evil mwalekelako abakwete a mano balelanda. Chapwa!

  17. Frank talk

    Chibesa glorious Band MHSRP. He would sang Ililyashi lya privatisation likaya. Zambian musicians sing the song of privatisation and HH. Youths go into the bush and think about ililyashi.

  18. Elderwoman

    All those who were involved should explain. HH was working as a consultant to give direction as to how much each company to be sold was worthy in dollars terms. His firm gave direction,not directives and it was up to cabinet to refuse if any company was under valued. HH did not go with a gun to cabinet to tell them to sell. Before the evaluations reached Nawakwi there were other government committees that looked at those recommendations and agreed with the consultants. If cabinet rushed to sell the companies because Hh valued them ,then we blame them. Where has Nawakwi been for more than 30 years, now? What does she to achieve? Ecl was lawyer for the same process.

    • BOB

      From rugs to riches occurs in very few persons. Issue ya hh can only b explained better by hh. But y has h failed to do so! Come out of your hiding. Clear all the allegations. Otherwise privatisation will keep coming after u!

  19. Genevieve

    Well said πŸ™ŒπŸ‘

  20. FXM

    I agree with Bob. Why should others emotionally defend HH or Valentine or even madam Edith Nawakwi? They should just tell the nation what role they played in the mines’ privatization process. We don’t want to get the ‘facts’ from sympathizers.

  21. Lethal Weapon

    If H.H had stolen or did anything dubious,he would have been persecuted by the Mwanawasa regime because it’s the only one that seriously fought corruption….Valentine Chitalu was C.E.O for Zambia Privatisation Agency,Francis Kaunda was representing ZCCM,Nawakwi was Finance Minister…H.H was just an employee for Grant Thornton, it’s not possible that he could have stolen unless all these people mentioned were fools.

    • O'Brien Presido

      @Lethal weapon: hahah you are very intelligent, your comment has made my day.

  22. Israel B. Liam

    Thumbs Pilato, Madam Nawaki stand for the truth and don’t allow other selfish politicians to make you their tool. Why should we hear this nonsense only when elections are near?

  23. Brenda

    Can Nawakwi clear her name in Carrington maize scandal involving 4 to 6 million dollars. What are you trying to benefit madam Nawakwi?

    • Henry Mushimu kalenga

      Allow me space to comment on Naeakwi vs HH .zambia is at the cross road and zambians must rise above partisan politics and think out side the box.pf has been in power since september 2011and like previous governments that might ve contributed to nation development in one way or the other. However their economic performance is below pur.our poverty level is high and our nation currency has lost it value in comparison to meagre international convertible currencies.let us not look at what we are benefiting as supporters of the corrupt regime but the future of our children.in view of poverty level and mismanagement of our economy it is prudent that pf must be voted out before zambia become another zimbabwe.

  24. LD

    Big question I keep asking myself Why Now? We have bigger issues to deal with.
    A lot of people were involved some can’t ever voice out they know they are guilty but just pointing a finger at one person ummm that’s wrong..
    Thumbs up Pilato

  25. Prince David Bvunguzile Shawa

    Bringing everyone to the table who was involved in the privatisation process to explain to us as to what took place is the way forward in bringing this matter to conclusion, Mr Pilato’s concerns are very good and well articulated, questions remain though is Mr Pilato saying this because he feels it’s the right way to go or is he simply saying so because he will say anything in support for President HH? Or are our views based on the people/parties we support? if not why are we not allowing the FDD President to speak freely as a Zambian as rightly pointed out this is democracy or isn’t it,here only President HH is being talked about and yes it may be as a result of his political standing but please make me understand as to why President HH has not come to the table to explain his role in the privatisation process and clear his name: we do want our next President to have a clean plate or don’t we? I know for a fact that President HH did not work alone but other people too and President HH could tell as us to who did what instead of lifting the cross alone and allowing his haters to destroy him with this,i know for a fact that some of these accusations are baseless otherwise if there was proof of any wrong doing President HH would have been in prison as we speak,these however remain very serious allegations on the UPND President or the incoming President and my view is that President HH responds to these regardless: in my view this will make him more strong and the complete opposite of what those who don’t want him to succeed hope to achieve

  26. Joseph

    Hmmm ndi uwabulanda sana, just on one day wake up and find out that even the people I respect so much like nawakwi she can involved her self in attacking the fellow opposition party.

  27. John

    Thumbs up to Mr Chama fumba for challenging the youths in our country who only think insulting is the only way to go.

  28. Harry Chinkumbi

    How can the person who was at the helm of privatisation accuse another person of selling national assets 30 years later. It doesn’t just add up. Yes HH must be answerable, but why did Nawakwi not bring him to book then, rather than now?
    Why did she approve what she knew was not right? After finding that HH had done wrong, why didn’t the government consider the sale null and void?

    Now next year is election year, when did ZNBC give Nawakwi a platform? Reading between the lines, one can conclude this just to decampaign HH and nothing more.

    You don’t expect people to be objective when it is clear the intentions are not ethical but political aimed at the elections next year

  29. child of God

    Government is the one that privatise companies not an individual who does not work for the Government for that matter. Lies against HH worked for a while in the past but not any longer. Remember lies have short legs. The more HH’s haters expose him, the more they expose themselves.

  30. Franklin Tembo Senior

    The article by Pilato misses an important point ,erhaps because he is not a journalist. Mr Hichilema would probably not be of interest to Mama Nawakwi if he himself did not refer to her first. And Zambians are showing interest in thisissue because Mr Hichilema wants to be President of this country. He is no longer a private person. He belongs to the people of Zambia. If you are walking along the corridors of Cairo Road, you are a private person. But if you stumble and fall to the ground you cease to be be a private person. Mama Nawakwi was a cabinet Minister at the time and if she is drawn into the fray she will say what she knows about the issue. If armed robbers rob a bank, do you arrest the bank manager, the police guarding the bank etc. especially if the suspect admits that he did what he did because these people were sleeping when he did it?

  31. Benny

    I agree with pilato, there is no reason to in suit mada nawakwi over the simple question she asked hh. But I also desagree with him. By saying the reason nawakwi is asking him is because she want to gain political position. Because even hh and his party upnd there are doing the something by calling the pf government to be thieves in order to gain political popularity .

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