Opinion: Nawakwi Vs HH Discourse – Be Like Pilato

Debate has raged on social media about the privatisation of the country’s key assets after FDD leader Ms Edith Nawakwi challenged UPND president Mr Hakainde Hichilema to explain his role and the wealth said to have been accumulated as a result at the expense of the many Zambians.

What has been surprising is that many people, politicians and ordinary citizens alike, are rushing to raise non-issues instead of objectively looking at this issue and giving their take on it.

Today, Pilato has come in with a totally different perspective to look at things objectively. This is what our youths of today should be doing – contributing to topical issues in an objective manner than rushing to ridicule those raising matters needing answers or those who are being asked to explain themselves. Politics is about enmity. And keeping others accountable for whatever they did or have done is equally not enmity, it is a key tenet of good governance in a democratic space.

Every politician is accountable to Zambian citizens, whether in the opposition or the ruling party, and this is exactly the approach Pilato has taken, and for this, he needs to be commended!

We hope our youths will learn something from Pilato and begin to participate in the country’s governance processes and politics in an objective and credible manner.

Nawakwi Vs HH

Here’s the link to Pilato’s article which we published earlier:


  1. King pethias aka sugar boy forever

    That’s great news about pilato let’s continue to develop our own Zambia

  2. CarryMyBallzBitch

    Edith Nawakwi should just shut the hell up

    • Rashford

      Why? She is a politician. Politicians never shut up. Their job is about talking-Communication

      • Muvelevele

        But they talk Bush it,no wonder politics is a dirty game

  3. Going Forward

    Very poor editorial. What did Pilato say? You just argue about what he said being a good thing without telling us what he said.
    What do you mean by: Politics is about enmity. Politics isnt supposed to be about enemity unless you are immature like Zambian politicians and like Trump. If you differ with someone he doesnt become your enemy

  4. Mark

    If one feels uncomfortable with the wealthy position of HH right now please take to the courts such unending and proofless topics for Zambian to be guided. Everything shall be proved by its living facts.

  5. Francis Hiba

    For me am not getting shaken by zambian politicians, the problem with ,we zambians? 1:we forget easily,2: don’t run to judge the act , but also take time to look to what happened behind the act then put them together and you judge.The issue being raised now is haunting everyone now.politics in zambia are no longer politics but like football to dribble your opponent in order to score. Eventually you end up having incompetent people to better your lives.3 If some one raise a request to answer take time again to look behind his/her background and you will find the answer.lemme tell you something that you don’t know and don’t wait for someone to tell you that chilly is bitter test.your eyes are your doctor, judge, professor and scrutinizer,lecturer.

  6. mpombo

    HH stole but what I find more annoying is the blind support of his tribal mates always yapping take him to court His stealing is more moral than the common thievery He under valued the assets with a view of benefiting later. On this one Nawakwi is correct she is in a better position to know what happened and no amount of insults and tribal bellowing will change that

  7. Frank talk

    Besides privatisation why did he change his name from Sammy Chitombwa to H H. Because what is in public domain is that his father Mr Chitombwa used to steal cattle from villagers of Namwala,Monze and Mazabuka and he inherited the proceeds of crime hence changing the name. True or false?

    • James

      Tell as abt father and son bawishi was a thief twalufwa no Wana ni pompwe ka OK gentlemen let’s be careful coz we will vote for a monster in the name of HH

  8. Valentine Simasiku

    I think we need to be clear on the facts as presented by documents that are now in the public domain concerning the sale of Intercontinental Hotel Livingstone. The bids where many ranging from $5.65 million to about $20 million. They picked the $5.65 bid not just for it’s cash consideration but because it also carried a $50 million pledge of in investment. This investment was for two hotels to be built. The hotels are there for everyone to see. The government also looked at job creation not just a transfer of shares and maintaining the existing jobs and taxes. More jobs have been created and by quantum,more taxes paid. There was nothing legally wrong with the transaction. But you can bring in an ethical issue if you will. The question I ask is whether Zambians where going to be happy if it was only going to be foreign participation in this transaction without any form of local participation however it was achieved? In my honest opinion am glad Zambians ended up with some equity in this transaction. What do Zambians have to say about companies that went to foreigners without any local ownership?

  9. Mr more hitz

    well done valentine simasiku! excellent broad thinking and explanation.

  10. BoWise2020

    Valentine Simasiku I was beginning to hate this debate, but you have a raise a very interesting perspective cadres wouldn’t like to look at. For instance on the mines, what investment was attached to the bids and where they fulfilled? I would rather have a lower bid that is attached to great investment such as upgrading facilities, increasing production, creating jobs, increasing revenue to the treasury .. Because we have seen how slippery cash deals has been, millions being shared among a click of unpatriotic citizens. They buy properties abroad, cars and suits at the expense of stimulating the economy and creating much need jobs.
    When asked to account they use the same stolen wealth to threaten and silence concerned citizens.

  11. JMS

    Well aticulated simasiku, you see women you have the chances of being good leaders but what I don’t understand of you is that you can be manipulated any time without any problem.so this case has come on a right time for all Zambians that we shouldn’t follow the majority mistake which the Jews did to naii an innocent man who can do wonders. Probe nawakwi and in my opinion punishment must be given after the probe, Judas.

  12. JMS

    Go back to nawakwi why she signed the documents?

  13. JMS

    Yes,many Zambians are arguing baselesly or saying non issues now Jesus was a child and a child is like the father thats why he said they are one, now coming to our issue ask ama Emmanuel mwamba he is a true child honestly,hamble and true speaking child of HH,he has narrated everything a child can do to his father the father maybe queit but the son won’t allow or Jesus won’t allow anyone to say anything about God, in the end he says nusisa meaning you have said.so please Zambians open you 💓 💞 and think very very deep and follow exactly the foot steps of this polite, hamble and true Zambian who knows and needing to help his country. I know its very difficult to slaughter a snake in your our house but one should have courage and mind to remove it because it may harm you before killing it. Sean Tembo and Pilato go police and arrest Nawakwi and if possible probe her assets.

  14. Leeevan

    Is the transaction a success story?was HH a director of Sun International at the time of privatization?

  15. chinseu

    Simasiku that’s excellent explaination.if I advertised a property for sale to my would be buyers, my feedback list consists buyers who only specifically names a price and another one mentions though abit lower but comes with EXTRA INCENTIVES, I for
    one would pick this buyer.A $5.50 deal amount plus a $50 million investment package attached to the deal beat getting a $20.50..it was within the confines of the law this declaring of self interest. hh deserves appreciation
    for his geniusness in this economical adventure called privatisation.

  16. chisala kapya

    I think gentlemen, let us leave the matter to competent people to handle. Cant comment anything now.

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