Opinion: Politics Shouldn’t Make Us Lose Our Humanity

Aspiring candidate for Munali constituency on the UPND ticket in the 2021 elections, Lillian Mutambo has launched a shocking personal attack on the incumbent MP, Professor Nkandu Luo.

Our jaws nearly dropped to the ground when we watched this video to see the level of trolling perpetuated by someone who aspires to lead as member of parliament. Ms Mutambo says her heart is as beautiful as her face, unlike Prof Luo whom she calls “ugly”. What?

Zambians, where have we thrown our humanity? Should we get to this level simply because we differ in political opinion? Should we watch others get bullied and trolled for no reason by those aspiring to contest the positions they current hold?

We are happy that Zambians spoke with one voice on this matter and didn’t waste time to condemn the reckless attacks Ms Mutambo launched on Prof Luo for no reason, other than the fact that the latter holds a position which the former is eyeing.

Munali constituency is quite vast. Nobody in this constituency would tolerate this kind of cyber-bullying by someone who will tomorrow beg them for a vote. The people of Munali are neither fools nor dull to elect any politician who will try to win by tearing others down, by cyber-bullying and attacking personalities instead of discussing ideas. Zambians, do not allow politicians to plant seeds of hatred in you. Know them for who they truly are and when that time comes, elect those who have stuck to issues that matter, regardless of the political party they represent.
This is what democracy entails, and this is what will bring about good governance and accountability.


  1. Chendabusiku

    These people are towing the line from their leader “Akana ka nsoka, Kasoka” the offspring of a snake can only be a snake” these people reflect only what they posses inside of them. I don’t think that Zambians are that dull that they vote you on the basis of how you look other than the content of your heart. This is where this UPND has got it all wrong. They use things that cannot take them to Govt, tribe, wealth obtain by trickery in privatization of national assets, external appearance (beauty as in current article) , stolen wealth by souls in their ranks etc. all these am afraid will not wipe your tears you will always be in tears (loose elections).

  2. Mushokabanji Martin

    Why insult your fellow leader like that and talk about how ugly she is and how beautiful you are? Must a leader be beautiful to lead? Was David handsome in appearance than his brothers for him to be chosen by God? Mama never be distracted by such ungodly attacks but continue delivering development

  3. Chaya diga lungu

    Ignorance is a disease, the only part which is full of snakes is the PF with ministers stealing for the future and Zambians are going to vote based on that come 2021.

  4. Rubbish

    Come 2021 Zambians are going to vote based on the sufferings of the majority citizenly, plundering of public resources dwindling economy or died economy, corruption, police brutality, freedom of speech just to mention a few, that’s what matters and we gonna vote based on that. So weither ugly or beautiful it matters less to us

  5. Infinity War

    What matters is elections next year, pf kicked out

  6. Moze

    Please, Professor Nkandu Luo was more beautiful than L. Mutambo when she was her age but as you know, days and nature are good at changing personalities plus na cursings from both CBU and Lusaka universities students when she mistreated them. Awe kwena yamu Zoo.

  7. FuManchu

    PF started it all! It never was an issue with UNIP on reintroduction of multiparty participation against the MMD, then foul language led by Jagaban Sata’s PF started emerging against MMD and other opposition parties. Sata and some of his officials even targeted individuals this carried on with PF in government also scaling up violence against the MMD and UPND! Yes, Nkandu Luo and Margaret Mwanakatwe led violent groups of thugs to harass opponents! It’s the person on the presidential seat in state house that is supposed to dignify democratic norms!

  8. JMS

    Did these ladies quarrel previous, if yes why and if no what made them not to? You see ignorance sometimes starts with a popus creature who thinks and knows that he or she will have support but shame, Christianity has gone thrown to dogs. A dog will eat ,vomit and again eat vomited issues ,I agree with those who need people to vote wisely.never look on lungu what he has done and HH and discribe baselely but who they are and what they can bring but examin the two roads.

  9. Beatrice

    PFs leadership and cadres r so annoying can make u says things u never intended to say.napita mukwai

    • Akana Ka nsofu.

      “The 50 Ethiopian illegal immigrants are reported to have entered Zambia through Mwami Border enroute to South Africa but decided to set an illegal base in Katete before proceeding to their intended destination.” What’s happening at mwimi boarder? Someone needs to be accountable.

  10. JMS

    Accountability goes to Stephen kanpyongo and his part foreign minister.

  11. Chofwe w

    Ba Nkandu luo basuuma sana fye.

  12. Mr MORE

    Their is more to this story..Those two probbly hate the sight of each other but stil After 2021 we dnt want a corupt govt,so we wil fish out corrupt people,cadres beatin up police officers, ministers behaving like presidents. Cadres being recruitd in service

  13. Jeff colby

    Nearing to elections should not grant some individuals to start insulting each other . we have very important issues to attend to, eg poverty, development etc.

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