Opinion: No Doubt, Privatisation Caused A Lot Of Suffering!

There are very few success stories Zambians can objectively talk about when it comes to privatization. This is a fact that many, including those who were in government at the time this process was being undertaken, can attest to – several Zambians were left miserable, many died as a result of being thrown out of jobs that they and their families survived on.

Hence the questions posed to Mr Hakainde Hichilema, which are begging for answers. He participated in the process of privatizing Zambia’s key assets at a high level, and is seeking the highest office of the land, and should therefore be accountable to the Zambians whom he wishes to serve. Ms Edith Nawakwi, the FDD leader, now tells us that the government which she served at the time as Finance Minister listened to the advice of Mr Hichilema that the lowest bidder for Intercontinental Hotel in Livingstone was the best bid. The government then acted based on the advice of someone who took part in the valuation of the assets, but he is being taken to task now to state the role he played in the process.

Simple questions are being such as: “How can Mr Hichilema be the Chairman of the Negotiating Team and Be a Director of the Company they are negotiating with? Should he have declared interest and recused himself from being Chairman of the Negotiating Team? Why did Hakainde Hichilema incorporate Sun International Zambia just after the Tender was opened and Sun International listed as the Preferred purchaser, did he know that he was going to award the bid to Sun International? And did he enter into an agreement with Sun International to offer them the Hotel and Game Park at a Reduced Price in exchange for being a Shareholder and Director in Sun International Hotel?”
Corruption or impropriety of national resources must be condemned at any level, and at any time. No one should be spared from such scrutiny.

Further, what those asking Mr Hichilema questions are interested in knowing is: whether or not there was conflict of interest in the handling of the privatization of some assets, the seeming failure to declare interest before or during the transaction or at closure of the deal, the possible insider dealing, seeing that he later gained from the same assets he and others were tasked to privatise, and lastly, to know in whose interest he acted when advising the MMD government about the best bidders. Did he act in his own interest or that of the Zambian people who were his clients? We don’t think Mr Hichilema should have difficulties tackling these simple questions.

This is an opportunity for Mr Hichilema to clear the air and explain what happened during the process of privatization and why, for instance, he managed to accrue the benefits being pointed out today. We see absolutely nothing wrong with him responding to this to put the matter to rest. The only problem is that the opposition leader’s advisors and supporters are ready to jump at anybody’s throat for the sake of keeping their leader away from responding to the pertinent questions being asked.

What must prevail is a healthy debate in the democratic space that we enjoy in this country to ensure that each individual being called out is given a chance to explain themselves. Ms Nawakwi herself was put in a tight corner by ZNBC’s Grevazio Zulu that she equally played a role as minister in government, and what she did for her part was explain the processes that were followed to arrive at the decisions that were made. The same is expected of any leader, including Mr Hichilema who leads the country’s biggest opposition party, and all others who took part in privatizing our country’s key assets.

In the final analysis, Zambia’s situation is such that one would not be wrong to say the private sector was given a leeway to unfairly benefit from the privatization process such that the negative socio-economic impact became far reaching and worse than ever imagined. The economy was left on its knees. This reminds us of what happened in Russia and other former Soviet Union countries where the world witnessed billionaires being born overnight from a clearly haphazard privatization process.


  1. Fyantha

    You see?
    I said it last year.
    You can’t be both.

    • MY VOTE .

      Thieves should not be voted in power agreed but this is simply political assassination unless we see tangible evidence, so arrest this HH. One thing am 100% convinced of is that Lungu has failed for that I will not give him my vote.


      Fake economist…preaching to young people on how to make it in business.

  2. George

    HH benefited big time from this whole without a doubt. He store from the Zambian people and connived with the foreign companies. HH is not to be trusted with the government coffers and the running of government in Zambia. HH is simply a thief and a crook with his entire team in upnd. Zambians please don’t vote for this crook.

    • Treetop

      Who is a crook? One who has made the country accrue $11billion debt or one who has invested what he got paid to be a millionair?

    • My VOTE.

      The worst is yet to come because it shall never be easy to remove these Thieves from power. Already they are trying to convince some poor souls here that HH stole Government Assets but cant provide tangible proof.
      Remember they tagged him a tribalist, seems it’s not working well for them this time around.

  3. Useless leaders in Zambia

    Ni Zambia ya nyoko

  4. George Mwaba

    I support that gentleman’s comments on this issue yesterday. He called for a military coup to clean Zambia from this corrupt and thieving elements. Then afterwards hand over to civilians. Ghana had undergone such a process. The democracy there is doing ver good with little or no corruption. The army must be a watchdog to democracy. Zambia is under Chiluba cartel. Those who are fighting to rule and exploit Zambians for the next years to come are the same corrupt people who gained fro Chiluba corrupt years in office. They have money to dish out. To buy drugs and alcohol to Zambian illiterate youths for them to kill fellow Zambians. No wonder they have even made it difficulty for other Zambians Who want to challenge them by forcing the Elections commission raise participating fees. The coming elections are a farce. PF will never want to loose power. The elections will be faked. HH will not agree to the results. What Zambians are waiting for in 2021 is just bloodshed. The criminals themselves will find a way to flee the country.

  5. Nineo

    In comparison, Mmd managed the economy better than pf. Most people owned homes unlike under pf where we have continued to see demolition of houses,leaving some families homeless .

  6. Mr more

    Very interesting… And yet she was on that team too i would advise nawakwi to go and continue running legana.. And ensure that she doesnt underpay her workers


    Now you see that loosing is just around the boarder. HH 2021 FORWARD.
    2021 my Election YABABA. KKKKKK

  8. cephas Kasaro

    Chiluba was let free of the case of privatization,be on nawakwi as well
    Who benefitted, but invested in wrong business, hh he invested in good business. Are u going to hunt everyone who was attached to privatisation?? Some they have nothing by now.

  9. Aweshuwa

    Pf has caused more suffering to many Zambians . The postmenopausal woman is just frustrated for not having made it in politics. The motive behind such irrational behaviour is trying to seek political sympathy. Zambians have seen vision HH and shall not be detracted

  10. Aaron mutambo

    Upnd ni party yawakawalala azangulisa nakansashi mine be careful Zàmbian

  11. Edgar

    Wait and see

  12. Clems

    Comment We are happy to hear about this story but who can tell us about the isue of 48 or 58 houses which are of unknown person and these houses are just within the so called the capital city of zambia,but pipo are to put interest on things which are clear.stop headaching yoself on useless things pliz 2021 is just around the corner,it’s the time of pullingup yo storekens and then so the withrew will be brown for the ball to start rolling, the scores will be seen at the end of the game,the winner will inside the white house.on yo marks ! get red ! Go,kkkk,chees from expectectors.

    • Lookout

      @Clems…if you want to know the owner of the 48 houses go and ask your mother iwee!

  13. Celestine

    The same way we got zamtel so it will be

    • chandalalala

      Yes , we got Zamtel back and in the same way we are getting the hotel back!

  14. Gessik

    Bane ,our privatisation is a very delicate issue in that it brought misery to many rather than good .salient of these effects were job loses.,ask the people of luanshya on the copperbelt .Partly our economy is in this state because govt after privatisation did not invest back.where the money went ,nobody knows maybe these two people know.Therefore this issue reminds people who were affected then ,how they lost jobs.you hear people crying of not being paid their benefits,most of them it’s due to the same privatisation which did not end even after Chiluba left .


    First things first cage HH he is a crook, we have suffered here on the copper belt.

  16. SuckmyDick

    CONCERNED CITIZEN AMPLIFIED you are an idiot, you’re too blind to see what’s really happening in our country. You don’t judge people by tribe, this is the reason why u hate hh bcoz he’s tonga. Learn to give people a chance and know people for who they are not what there tribe is. Just bcoz u are in copperbelt doesn’t mean u can’t be friends with someone from southern province.

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