COBUSU Finance Secretary Arrested For Theft Of K95,990 And Forgery

Police in Kitwe have arrested Copperbelt University Students Union finance secretary Bright Chanda for theft by servant and forgery.

The 25-year-old Chanda, a student at CBU, is alleged to have stolen cash amounting to K95, 990 from the COBUSU account.

“Theft by servant and forgery, occurred between 3rd March 2020 and 19th June 2020 at Zanaco Kitwe business center in Kitwe and Zanaco Manda hill in Lusaka in which Michael Papa Sinkala 24, student (Prime minister COBUSU), reported on behalf of Copperbelt University Students Union (COBUSU) that students money cash amounting to K95, 990:00 was stolen from the COBUSU Account by Bright Chanda 25 of H/No 318 Francis Mukuka Mufulira, a student (Finance Minister COBUSU),” Copperbelt Deputy Police Commissioner Bothwell Namuswa has confirmed.

He said Chanda was one of the two signatories of the account.

It is alleged that Chanda forged the signature for the Dean of Students, Dr Alisala Mulambya, who happens to be another signatory on the account.

“So Chanda is in police custody and we are following this matter and more arrests will be made,” Mr Namuswa said.


  1. Bwacha

    Ninshi ulunsonga talwaba enough abena mufulira😂😂

  2. George Bwalya III

    Okay but why?all that amount,
    Students should stop paying union fees,
    If leaders will be stealing like this.

    • Too much insala ba rango

      Too bad indeed, we have people who haven’t registered chena chileiba

  3. Emmanuel Zulu


  4. Carren


  5. Ephraim Kamau

    Mmmm this is serious.

  6. Kayawe Muzata

    Ba BC why boy?
    Anyway not guilty until proven guilty.

  7. Mumu

    Just wow
    All that money..wow

  8. George Njovu

    I saw this coming.. A lot has happened in this government zoona. Where do y’all get the inspiration from??😂😂

  9. Faraday

    This is really sad …

  10. Emmanuel namakando

    We are paying union fees,,,, leaders are stealing instead of helping us through those same fees,,,, we have students who are failing to register to sit for sessional exams,,,, buh leaders are stealing

  11. Simon chisaala

    And when Students who cant fully register ask for help from cobusu they go quiet kanshi they are stealing😥😥

  12. Maniggar

    Mmmh chikali ichi😂😂😂 this is dangerous

  13. Prince Mbonge II

    The first question everyone should ask is why Mr. Chanda still the finance secretary when he’s not a student anymore.

    There are more culprits in this case !

  14. Edwin Nambo

    Am not a bitter person, I just hate people who steal from public coffers be it government, student union accounts, such people need to be prosecuted. an act of theft in public institutions need to be dealt with from grassroots, so ba Rango am sorry you will have to prosecuted like any other criminal. the 35 kwacha’s that student pay should be used to help student problems, the theft from the union are the reason we do not see COBUSU scholarships and is the reason COBUSU can’t offer am helping hand in student pressing matters like we had when a fellow student needed help for his operation. Rango must be the first one to fall from this tree of corruption, I urge the Law enforcement officers to investigate every COBUSU MEMBER such lawlessness should not be tolerated, we can’t be raising corrupt leaders in our society.

  15. Justin

    Continue flushing out corona in the system

  16. Wiza

    We always needed a fine and just leadership.

    When we questioned why we (as Student Representative Council) allowed someone who ceased to be a student to continue serving as Minister for Finance, we were mistaken for wanting to take up the ministerial position. I look forwad to checking the statuses of those who mistook our priorities. May more be brought to book.

    We always needed a fine and just leadership.

  17. Hendrix

    Why on earth would you steal all that money. Better just work hard than getting all amount on a silver plate..too bad.

  18. Hendrix

    Why on earth would you steal all that money. Better just work hard than getting things on a silver plate..too bad.

  19. Suwilanji Simunyola

    Saw this coming, so sad seeing the people we entrusted with our monies doing this, despite many student having financial challenges

  20. Kabwe

    He must face the legal law and he is not even a student but why should he continue temper with students facilities: let him pay back the money 💰

  21. Kendid

    More investigations have to be carried out, am sure he is not alone, many are involved in handling of such finances

  22. Vicker Danniels

    He’s lucky he’s even arrested.
    He deserved to be shouted at as kabolala in school so that the populus can unleash their anger on him and Leave him unconscious…

  23. Jonathan Aliyele Phiri

    Justice ought to be served

  24. Wary g

    Ba lole 😀More arrests to be made

  25. Brian Mwamba

    Such injurious act. No wonder, they pay little attention to our cries .I worry for my mother Zambia of what kind of leaders it will have in the coming century…ba Rango zoona mwaiba bakamba mwasebanya ba bizwa bakamba, you would have changed the school and still while you are there

  26. Nhax nhambose

    God is great, its like this man has been stealing for so long now he is caught shame to him let us learn from him so that the same thing shouldn’t happen to us

  27. Kelvin D Mulanga

    There you have it! we have said time and again that a large number of our society is corrupt. Some will tell you that if they did not belong to a certain tribe they would not have been accused of theft. We need an effort by all of us Zambians to fight this scurge of theft. Lungu will not do it alone. Yes the back stops at him in so far as the running of the country is concerned. But citizens are not helping the matters either. We need to support our country and not demolish it. Some of us do not have anywhere else to go. Some people have money safely kept somewhere and they don’t care what happens to Zambia because they will simply run awy to where they have kept their wealth.

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