Opinion: Likening Nawakwi To A Prostitute Is Abhorrent; Women Groups Must Condemn Mweetwa

UPND Choma Central member of parliament Honourable Cornelius Mweetwa today held a press briefing to respond to FDD leader Ms Edith Nawakwi’s demands that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema must account for the role he played in the privatisation programme.

But sadly, his language during the briefing was far from honourable – he likened Ms Nawakwi to a prostitute who goes for the highest bidder. We have been left utterly shocked by his choice of words, especially that such high level of disrespect for women is coming from a member of parliament, a legislator who is expected to lead by example.

If a member of parliament can disrespect a woman in such a manner, what should we expect from young ones who are looking up to older people for guidance? That behaviour deserves condemnation from all who value and respect women and other human beings. We expect women organisations to stand up and speak in defence of Ms Nawakwi and many other women who are every day being disrespected and trolled by the likes of Mweetwa.

Mr Hichilema has decided not to personally speak on the matter and clear the air as demanded by Nawakwi and many others who want answers on the alleged double dealing by him during the privatisation process. Others have instead decided to speak on his behalf. But as they do that, they must, please, show respect for women. They can differ in political opinion but they should not use abusive language against our women and mothers.


  1. Koswe

    His mother is also a prostitute. We are tired women throughout the country stand up be counted this what they treat their so called wives. Finish this idiot once for all

    • Chi Motherfucking Chris Phiri

      Chris fucking Phiri stop writing articles that deceive people, clearly you are an agent of PF. You’re just full of shit. Mrs bitch nawakwi is a shame to women and girls. Chris Phiri u can’t cheat us with what u do here on Zambia Reports, we know your work, you’re a pf cadre, so u are against upnd but lungu takapite. Bafikala satanyoko!!!!!!!!!

      • HH

        Sorry guys even you insult the will always come privitazation was an opportunity for some us

      • Pls Delete Above Post

        Delete this post please. We dont come here to read insults

    • Mike

      Biblical names portray characteristics of holders. Mweetwa’s head shape speaks of emptiness, foolishness, idiocy and insults, another dunderhead like him in upnd, the party will go to dogs or the dogs will come to the party. Mazoka would not tolerate such idiocy in his party – MHSRIP. what a legislator, and his fellow leaders praise him. Good that I don’t vote. Taking a fool to parliament, what an insult to those who put him there

    • Sosa

      Nawakwi was tombadi mmd ministers and mps moving with her nika kiminwe and know she wants to start opening her wrinkled legs for the poor fashioned idiots……..

  2. Mwale

    who knows maybe she is,kkk….kuya bebele ba pf

  3. Robert chipoya

    Kikikikikiki yaaaaa baaaaa wanisekesa by the way from mwanawasa time there was banda and sata all this years she just waiting for 2020 so that she can start going tv those are evil planning God is watching her or if you don’t have things to do better you find something to do not evil plans and if she is telling us that why all years she was not talking or take him to the police station but she was not doing that if she has

  4. Iwe ka Chris

    Iwe ka Chris it’s clear that you work for the PF idiot. I personally watched the briefing by Mr Mweetwe he never said what you are telling pipo on this your ka useless site. When someone is giving you an example you don’t take it to be the correct answer, I wonder how a dull person as you Chris can be given a platform like the one given to you by your stupid masters. Mweetwa didn’t insult neither did he call This failure of a woman prostitute. like you are putting it iwe ka Phiri

  5. Rubbish

    Poking her stupid big nose, this total failure of a stupid and useless woman. How do you expect people to respect you if you can’t respect your stupid self

  6. kolwe


  7. mpombo

    Its only in Zambia where criminals are eulogised Coming from Mweetwa I would urge Nawakwi to dangle the tribal card fast so that she finishes this fight very fast before it degenerates into a protracted second round Nawakwi will are behind you strike while the iron is hot Time to use the tribal card before Mweetwa realises what has hit him

  8. Musyani

    The above comments seem to come from upnd,that mweetwa guy is wrong to insult nawakwi finish,he must debate what she said,by the way the husband is Tonga also,let’s respect our elders and women especially.

    • Concerned zambians

      Dont doubt all these insult can only be flashed by UpND corrupt supporting party
      Leave mama nawakwi aloe . UPND you stated the cruissade of corruption on PF members alone now the cruisade on your reader nawakwi becomes a prostitute UPND no no no leave the madam alone . that nawakwi has done something for zombie Not HH . is HH has never worked for zombie it just to ernrich himself. Takapite on this corrupt he did. . Because HH is your UPND SMALL goddess without him your party cant make it. You will see how powerful nawakwi is . instead of talking sense you UPND you are talking nonsense and insulting her . shame .UPND men against a woman mwaimwenesamo. More especially Mwitwa. Mama Nawakwi squeeze them we are behind you . i wish you the best expose HH .he is thinking to be the cleanest man . forgetting that even grass was watching him when he was doing corrupt privatasation for himself shame HH You are a mbava (thief) in you dealings what you did was not economics but stealing. Dont get annoyed dont change face kwati uli pa ujeni. Just tell us we zambia how you conducted your mosi o tunya privstisatip to who did you sale at how much and why at that price. . my fellow zambia lets not support blindly. Lets call a spade a spade me banthu.

  9. koswe na chula


  10. JMS

    Zambia Will be a country of low class people who are nothing but fault finders aslong as low leaders are playing tricks instead of leading the nation. The father is the couser of all these stupid ideas and I edge all state advisors to check their minds whether the country can forge ahead when experiencing these useless issues. Today its nawakwi, tomorrow another person and the president/ advisors sitted langushing knowing better things are happening. Useless,no manners, they don’t care because the like it and it sims are culprits now its time for them to hide by making folish people fight for their wrong did.legislature, judiciary worst of time to talk to useless speakers.

  11. Mushokabanji Martin

    If it’s true honourable Mweetwa likened Mama Nawakwi to a prostitute, then we only have a handful of credible leaders.

    • Bell

      When the whites in South Africa wanted to take attention away from their apartheid rule, they corrupted the minds of the majority black people. The result, blacks started killing one another, burning one another with vihecle tyres, which were popularly known as necklaces. A lot of people got killed by moobes and publicly. This is what PF is trying to do, using Nawakwi to bring confusion to the public. However, such things would always backfire and if not well handled they can explored uncontrollably with very terrible consequences. These allegations need to be resolved quickly and amicably. Advice. Nawakwi please stop this. You had the best time to bring up this when you were minister mandeted to approve or disapprove the recommendations of the evaluating team. PF stop brewing unnecessary provocations that are dangerously likely to cause unrest to the nation. UPND for Peace’s sake please ignore the bucking dogs. This is a trap to lure you into dangerous snares. Since nawakwi has been sued, there’s no need to continue commenting on the matter. Leave the pf to continue their nonsense.

  12. Chitimbwaprehaveee

    Chief mukumi kindly protect yourself. Zambians protect you. Hakaimde does not protect you. It is not. P f as a party which has brought cases of corruption against. Hakainde. Zambians have to know what happened that time. Don’t come in the open Zambian know you are a upnd caders don’t sink so low to the level of. Hakainde. You are running a tribe. Hakainde which tribe does he run

  13. Frank talk

    To Mweetwa and Upnd to scrutinize and criticize HH is like touching their god. Zambians when HH comes into power no one will say anything against H H. To Mweetwa and Upnd they can insult and kill if you touch their god who is H H. It has become a religion. Whether HH will be wrong or what when in power and you talk about it you will be buried alive. Mark my words. No wonder Kambwili said between Jesus Christ and HH ………. Mmmm insults. Mweetwa eeee. Ladies in Zambia do you realize why Bill 10 is not being supported by UPND so that you are not respected when they are in power. No No No No Zambians

  14. Lasaro

    People born out of wedlock are called bastards. Someone hasn’t clarified who their parents are because he is a bastard. A bastard in State House??? Nooooooo! So who’s a prostitute? Nawakwi or Hakahaka’s mother??? I rest my case. Zambian politics is shiiiiiit!!! Because it’s managed by shiiiit! 😅

  15. kubweka

    Nawakwi is a political prostitute period.

  16. Mike

    Biblical names portray characteristics of holders. Mweetwa’s head shape speaks of emptiness, foolishness, idiocy and insults, another dunderhead like him in upnd, the party will go to dogs or the dogs will come to the party. Mazoka would not tolerate such idiocy in his party – MHSRIP. what a legislator, and his fellow leaders praise him. Good that I don’t vote. Taking a fool to parliament, what an insult to those who put him there

  17. 2yk

    This boy mwetwa is has no manner. These are boys who call their mother prostitute weather you like or not HH is a thief

  18. Political analyst

    Useless reporter. Don’t you know that in bemba Proverbs we say ululumbi lwamulanda kukakata upnd has no defense but all police officers,zaf,zambia army and other security wings of today are for pf so whether he said that or not pf government is not releable only selfishness corrupt,ignorancy failure of the economy etc.

  19. Sauje mweetwa

    And what example is nawakwi setting to us young people ????..she held a bigger voice during privatisation and where was she ever since????….all these years hh has been available and nawakwi even worked wit hh and accepted hh to be his president….today you tell us to respect women …how???..we respect women who can reason not such like nawakwi

  20. Mk

    Instead of thinking on how to bring back our economy to its feet..
    Busy talking about the story that happened 30 years ago..
    Let’s talk of fuel,electricity,unemployment etc..
    Those old story will not fight our economy..

  21. Samson Kamima

    I think, in my opinion, Mr Mweetwa did not imply that Madam Nawakwi is a prostitute, but was merely making comparisons. We need to be careful in the way we interpret and conclude certain statements from any individual, to avoid misunderstandings. I also, wish to urgue people who are in the habit of writing insults, whether you support the party in power or opposition, to stop doing so. It is shameful to such comments.


    the only good part he has said the prostitute Nawakwi alone and not all the women but if there some who think like her then they are also prostitutes


    its a shame to know that this kind of reporting is stl around.. who do u think u are fooling?? mr chris u just fooling and lying to your self.. let us be inspired by our western brothers.. cz what zambia reports is tolerating will incite violence.. please get articles from credible journalist who understand english well..

  24. Otmar Hambale

    Zambian politics buffles me. Government ministers, media directors of the ruling party, opposition political parties and journalists aligned to the ruling party automatically becomes spokes persons, media directors and propagandist for the main opposition political parties in order to earn a living. What a shame to these people who do and say things which are contrary to what the one they are accusing never said. The law of gravity is very crystal clear, whatever goes up, it will surely come down at any given time. Lies have short legs.

    • Ohiozoje Michael

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  25. Sunny

    Madam Edith nawakwi shame on you your behavior will disrespect you yaaaaa, find what to do you have got money.

  26. AWE

    nawakwi should take the ring back, repent and be born again otherwise the promised spell of confusion from seer will continue haunting you and worse insults shall be blazed on you.

  27. PAOLO


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