Teachers Will Lose Jobs, Schools Must Reopen, Pleads Jobbicks

The permanent secretary in the Ministry of Education Mr Jobbicks Kalumba today passionately spoke about the need to reopen schools for non-examination classes as there are fears that many teachers will lose jobs.

He said all stakeholders in the education sector must preach one thing, which is that schools must open or a good number of people will lose jobs.

And when they lose employment, he says, what are the consequences of that?

Mr Kalumba said COVID-19 is being looked at as a big mountain, but pointed out that the disease “has come to stay”, but government development programmes should not be stopped while efforts are being made to get rid of the virus.

“That’s the meaning of new normal,” the PS said this morning on ZNBC.


  1. David Mukelabai

    Correct my PS

    • Ceaser Sikute

      Schools must open, otherwise, teachers will lose their employment, pupils will be affected academically, morally and physicologically(a lot of pupils have been abusing the internet at home lately).The private schools that were doing very well, may not recover, or may to time to get back to that standard of quality education , because of the adverse effects of covid-19 on schools, especially us teachers in the privates.PLEASE REOPEN SCHOOLS.

      • Jennifer Gray

        Very true. Covid-19 is here to stay, and schools are well prepared. We need to open now!

        • Victor kayanda

          That is a nice speach, we can not challege covid 19 because we are human being so only God can fight we it. Let us only pray and left everything to our Jehovah

    • broker

      What about the bars and bottle stores?

      • Doesn't matter

        Good question

      • Chil3K

        If strict measures are put in place, yes they can be opened.

      • Kwamana

        Keep them closed indefinitely

      • Bm

        Ba Broker are bars not open? But see pipo drinking in some bars, if it’s illegally then somebody is not doing his job

      • I care

        He is the PS of Education not a bottle store, go and ask Boman

      • Mumba

        Please open schools and colleges but lets observe health guidelines and for bars let also 0opened but allow take away not taking beer in public and in those bars. If bars are not allowed then even hotels should be closed because hotels also has bars

  2. Elizabeth Daka


  3. Alex Mwanza

    True, especially our friends in private schools are badly affected.

  4. Precious silangwa

    Please schools should open amidst of the pandemic teachers have become destitutes as a number of them are chased from rented houses… Students are getting exposed to all sorts of things like,drugs,illicit activities.. Let schools open please


    Schools can open but not bars.

  6. Their is no covid

    Schools ,bars and many more must open and work normally cause in my compound i have never heard someone sick of fake disease in Zambia. Covid in other countries not in Zambia. Napela

  7. Marlon Tembo

    Schools and colleges, universities should reopen because families will suffer a real crack since they is no step forward

    • Adrias chauwa Phiri

      Schools must open. Look at market places– a lot of activities are going on without adherence to health regulations such as distancing. In schools, pupils are under control and there is always order more than market and bus stations.

    • Phiri Benard

      Yes boss but the best way which we can do is we just follow the guidelines which the ministry of health are telling us.

  8. Koswe

    Schools open just for teachers to get paid. Rubbish the lives of our children are extremely very important compared to a teachers salary pay retirees also who have been badly affected

    • RUDO

      I agree with you money can’t buy our children’s lives

    • Capital L

      If the govt declares that schools be opened, then those who fear for their children

    • Jb

      I’m also wondering the same, the problem this man is not thinking is in government schools social distancing can not be implemented due to high number of pupils in a class room, therefore we will expose our children to covid 19

  9. Lolo

    Schools must open

  10. Kalebalika

    Good move ba PS but also forget to recruit the said 15 pin, we are petiently waiting.

  11. Chanda Reagan

    So true. What’s the meaning of new normal if we continue staying at home?

  12. Bm

    Government does not think of the plight of teachers. Yes COVID 19 is there and real. Community schools are doing the work of government by providing educational service. Not even a single day it though of helping these community schools.

  13. Jeff colby

    Schools must be re- open, thus the meaning of new normal period.

  14. Vincent milandu

    Please open schools,colleges and universities

  15. Clement Mwanza

    What a good move mr PS! I think that will benefit us alot as a country wide.go ahead please.

  16. Black bird

    As much as you are mourning for schools to be opened, you should not lose sight of the deadly impact of the virus,if you lower your guard down without putting in measures to counter and combat the disease, entire communities can be pulverized into skeletal shadows.

  17. Corona is deadly

    On the contrary, l think its not safe yet for schools to open . Teachers are not the only employees affected globaly.
    Zambians have not yet adjusted to the new normal as such it is premature and dangerous to open schools.

  18. Saviour Mulela

    Schools must open indeed, people in markets like chisokone are working normally and no cases of covid 19, if you look at some compounds we live in you’ll see that pupils being at school is safer than in society. If Covid 19 is here to stay and they say “new normal” whats stoping us from opening some sectors, its not normal for students/pupils to stay in society for over 4 months. And indeed let the Ministry think about the teachers working for private schools most of them might end up losing Jobs and it will be difficult for them to find employement again as we all know its can be a strugle for them to get recruited by government if they lose these Jobs they have now. So please let the Mistry of Education consider reopening of schools before a lot of people get affected negatively.

  19. Paul

    That’s true our PS

  20. Feligo

    Not only will it lead teachers losing their jobs but pupils losing their morals too. Pupils especially in lower grades now refrain from studying because they think it’s in vain and absurd, hence indulge in inappropriate activities such as drug abuse and whatnot… Please consider reopening of schools for all pupils and not forgetting to put in place standards that will prevent the spread of Covid- 19. If not for the teachers do it for the pupils

  21. Sylvia Chibwe

    I feel pity for the children in some of our compounds, they have engaged themselves in useless activities. Please reopening of schools is good idea and follow the health guidelines.



  23. Kabanshi Kasanda

    Reopen schools as we are now used to the new normal . Are there hidden agendas to why the schools cannot be opened and these other economic sectors?

  24. Kelvin

    Very true…pupil’s are misbehaving in the society .. Especially to the girls children.. Ala nisotambe

  25. Chansa Kennedy

    Very true our ministry

  26. Mrs Michelo

    That’s a brilliant idea,i second

  27. Intelligence

    If you don’t open schools, who is going to take care of this country in the future when we don’t have a President who is educated. Time doesn’t wait for anyone, children will be growing without knowledge in the society especially in compound’s its a piety.

  28. Intelligence

    Say no to corruption

  29. Ernest Moonga

    We understand that covid 19 have come to stay but we don’t know how bad it can affect our nation. We truly know that this same virus has couse terrible expenses to our economy. So now if we reopen school within this month some of the parents will fail to pay there children school fees because of our bad economy. Let’s think before we do something concrete before some of the responsibly parents in remote area

  30. Eunice Chilala

    Schools must reopen. Political parties meet and defy Covid19 guidelines of observing social distance. Schools have managed to observe health guidelines so far from June to August 28. Reopening will help private school teachers regain their integrity. Early pregnancies and illicit indulgence will be slowed down.
    Please schools must reopen.

  31. Isaac gondwe

    Some peaple ar saying that, schools will be opened next year,Here is my question for those and the government, what’s the difference between this year and next year. Look, they werevsaying that COVID 19 survive mostly when it’s cold not when its hot, September and October it’s hot but next January, February and March are cold months including April, so why “NEXT” year??????😉

  32. Ernest Moonga

    Schools must reopen but not this month couse some of our great parents in our remote areas have not yet prepared our school fees to pay. Remember to say that Zambia is not for those in town alone but even in those in village. Each and every parent wants his/her child to get employed. So let’s us not make unnecessary decision. As you are in power make sure you catter all the areas of the country. As

  33. Ernest Moonga

    Schools must reopen but not this month couse some of our great parents in our remote areas have not yet prepared our school fees to pay. Remember to say that Zambia is not for those in town alone but even in those in village. Each and every parent wants his/her child to get employed. So let’s us not make unnecessary decision. As you are in power make sure you catter all the areas of the country. As the minister of Education you have to think how our parents will pay our school fees. Don’t go as a leader of earning money. Feel pit of those who struggle to pay school fees. Love of money is a sin.

  34. Mk

    It’s a good idea ba PS,,as long as they are adhering to the healthy guidelines…

  35. Ba Teacher

    Open schools, think about us who work in private institutios and have families…… You are in government and salaries aint a worry to you ifwe ikafika monthend its only by His Grace that twalafola…… We have suffered put measures that you want institutions to follow if they fail to abide you close up….. twachula pafula

  36. Zam

    Reopen the schools for those who is going to write exam next year grade 6,8 and 11 and twakulaya afternoon itx good

    • Nancy kanike

      Very true tukalaya nangu kasuba coz we really need to write the exam next twapapa ba PS twafweniko God will protect us from covid,19

  37. Afa

    Yes only exam classes and grade 6,8 and 11must go back to school on 14 sept plz ba ps open

  38. Stephen Mkandawire

    All schools must be health inspected first before opening. Cleanliness in public schools has always been an eyesore. All schools must have running water for washing hands and toilets before opening

  39. wisdom chilongo

    Children are doing things that parent are unable to control because they have nothing to do. Looking at this generation we are having now is totally different from those other generation and as the government you have to look into this matter before it is not yet too late, we dont want the situation were by their will be a lot of teenage pregnacy due to this u call yourself covid, currently u may think that u r helping but think of negative inpact u have put more especially in efucation sector,and analyse it if it was your generation.

  40. Mourijeber

    We will adapt to the new normal environment.

  41. Wrong Role Modelo

    Yes bring back ba Grade 10

  42. Philip Chibanda

    What a positive idea and intelligent move ?plz !!we beg u in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ open schools for us ,we hv suffered terribly.

    • Edward Kaunda..

      Let’s imagine Corona does not go in the next two years,are we going to still have schools closed?
      Let’s open schools now but follow all the healthy guide lines. That’s the meaning of new normal. Let’s not fear the disease but fight it head on.
      Thanks ba Jobicks please keep pushing

  43. Bm

    Ba PS, what happens to school fees that parents paid for this year? Those fees were for the whole year and this year grade 8s and 10s only learnt for I think one month if not two. Has that money expired without learning or what? Let us know and if not, then let the schools know as well.

  44. Kombwe

    The PS is thinking outside the box

    • Kelvin

      If schools remained open, a lot of things will be affected, teachers employment and if the government won’t be too quick in making a meaningful decision right now. It will mean that precious time will be wasted and jobs to teachers. So act now to avoid regrets

  45. HervRena

    Where are the ministers of general and higher education.They seem to have no idea of what’s going on..Talk to the President and chitalu to OPEN SCHOOLS.

  46. Sparta

    Schools to reopen, staying home is hazard to children, some are being mistreated, forced into marriages, turning into junks and many more. At least open schools and enforce covid measures.

  47. Joe Makungwe

    That’s are good idea my ps

  48. Khori s junior

    If schools don’t open we r likely to have an increase in teenage pregnancy and drug abuse

  49. Clement mwangelwa

    Drug abuse its high in our areas. So school should open

  50. Kj

    Thumb up,because we can’t live without education,we need to let our future leaders to have access to education.

  51. Mr Alphabet

    Schools should re-open,don’t make us suffer for your greed and selfish “Covid 19 support fund”

  52. Tex

    Opening all academic institutions will be good enough. PS, you are the senior civil servant. Please advise these so called Ministers to critically think about the children. What you need to know is that children for these ministers are learning in very good schools. They are able to afford e-learning facilities. Some of their children are learning abroad right now. Let’s consider a child in a village whose parent/ guardian cannot afford a smart phone for e-lesrning!

  53. JMS

    Marvelous but not reasoning isn’t blamed but the father. I understand people just follow the brief raod the narrow correct one, this matter should have a good channel but blindly people are following it not mentioning the worst of it. Imagine your president is reluctantly while the concerned ps is panicking why? Should anyone ask him/herself. Is it an insult to top officials or not ps these are the courageous men who can insult indirectly,not just attacking other perfect leaders leaving important issues. Grow in mind not just by structures.

  54. JMS

    Don’t make history in courrption, stealing forgery,jailing but you leave the lives of your people, Incredible.

  55. Penelope

    Iet schools open
    .we have lived with AIDS for so many years even corona can be managed. I miss my learners.

  56. Mweene Charles

    Dr Kalumba yours are always totally constructive quotes!in all sincerity you M ORE than deserve to be Minister for both Lower and Highere Education!! Any time any place! YOU are my idol and God continuasly bless you!! you have the normal poor people s interest slives and wellbeing at heart!!

  57. Kkk

    But casinos are open were beer is being sold while Zambians are busy suffering yet casinos are open to benefit ba mwisa

  58. Zemba

    Opening of schools will safe guard the pupils, at the moment pupils in the communities ain’t guarded fully by parents when they go out to play. They don’t mask up or observe social distance (we are all seeing them)
    But school they maybe 75% protected.
    All schools, colleges and universities to be opened with health measures in mind

  59. Truth

    That’s not an issue Mr moonga what we want is children to start going to school because at the end of the year we’ll have a lot of problem

  60. JMS

    This matter is for the top person claiming he is in charge. Never sit back think big for the state.

  61. JMS

    Truth you are right,it sims moonga is unable to think properly these are the same people who follow situtions blindly.

  62. Mwape

    The emphasis on the hygiene must be addressed by all the teaching-learning institutions to protect the school and the lives of the school going individuals. We learn how to keep ourselves safe and hygienically from the school meaning, the school can not precisely fail to reinforce the “keeping Zambia clean and green”. Health regulations have been already put in place by the ministry of health and the adherence have also been adhered to, what’s the fear for? School must be reopened as soon as possible and as parents, we shall work hand in hand with the school managements as both are social institutions so as to stimulate our children’s cognitive motivated drive to safeguard them and their educational pathways to both the school and community/family respectively 👍👆😣

  63. Sir APM Lukwesa

    The PS is correct! Schools must reopen for the safety of our future leaders. Or else, they will be misfits in the community.

  64. Ilunga samuel

    Indeed school should be reopened
    because it’s really affected us as scholars in many ways

  65. Ilunga samuel

    Indeed schools should be reopened
    because it’s really affected us as scholars in many ways

  66. Mumbi

    Don’t even doubt that girls are going to be pregnant, most of them are already pregnant

  67. I care

    Sure , this issue must be taken seriously, I fear for the girl child, 5 months is a lot of time ..

  68. Ahmad

    Well spoken By the PS
    By all means we have to set goals and objectives to this matter brought forward , first is to see the progress and Education imperatives as the model of experience in the field. Covid 19 pandemic has brought issues to more like bring all the human activities on Stand still, with this effect in mind allocation of preventive measures needs agently.
    wa Ps I may ask how was the process done for this examination classes, do we have some school gowers who contracted this covid 19 during the study time? If not one thing I may observe is that covid 19 in Zambia is rarely compared to these other countries were it has destroyed Alot of the inhabitants.opening schools is a good idea but life is something a special bounty God has ordained it will be reversed once gone but school is reversed.yo education system is not stable in Zambia we are seeing that u have Alot of pupils at these learning institution were class room blocks are a few to some school, since gathering are not prohibited occupying many people it’s difficulty to open up school we need to allocate different models of learning to make sure that the school gowers are not left far behind which is the most dangerous aspect.we should actually act swiftly to this new normal, covid 19 has come to stay for unknowable life span .so it’s needs much reflection to weather Schools should open or remain closed.
    One thing as Zambians we need to strengthen the spaces for family Devotionals and encourage parents to take charge to help their children’s from being an observer for the Advancement of their children in education and become pratagonists. O else we are already some pulp’s interet is lowered because of long staying at home without attending school. I may suggest to open up school’s but remember to provide all the necessary requirements as government. We need to see the the government donations for face mask, hand sanitizer and backets to be used once open not telling parents to buy no .. we need government to help us like what other countries are doing…. Thanks again ps

    • awe


  69. Remmy

    Dr ps is right

  70. JMS

    Be courageous, are you just praising the ps without pointing where the problem is corwad Zambians which country are you fighting for if you can’t point out whats wrong, thanks if you are cowards your gods or God is besy laughing at your corwadness.

  71. JMS

    Judgement will be upon all those who fear advising wrong people whether important or not.

  72. Zeckman

    Please open the schools our children will be lost

  73. Zeckman

    Our PS is right let the schools open because some of us who is in private schools we are very much affected

  74. JMS

    Without knowledge where to run and complain to is making most Zambians fail to recognise to know who has the mandate to make decisions. Sorry I can’t understand whether we brainstom to solve issues or not.

  75. Uncle Sam

    I agree with the PS. Schools must re-open.

  76. JMS

    We all agree, now their is an important thing to solve which sims is a very big problem and is letting things not moving in our nation.

  77. JMS

    The ps has produced a meaningful statement which shows that non of yours and my so called incharge and others can’t do but concetrate in things solved already by important people,mtsrip.

  78. Jessey Lingard

    Well spoken words by the PS keep it up**********……

  79. joseph mwanza

    for sure this pandemic has come to stay,there is absolutely no way we as a nation can wipe out the disease completely, let schools open under health guidelines my submission..

  80. Joseph

    Let schools reopen. Scientists have discovered the drugs to treat this virus. School pupils and students always follow rules. Reopen schools please

  81. JMS

    So called big people defited by the secretary.

  82. SEE MIND (Mwampo)

    Good Dr Kalumba well done you are a good minister job. True Covid-19 has come to stay like HIV AIDS AND IBOLA . ALL SCHOOLS Please reopen.
    Not BARS closed forever.

  83. Wiper Grievous Boy

    Speech well done the PS. First of all since when examination classes have you received a report about the pupil contract the disease? If not all then the schools must be re-opened.

  84. Hamisy


  85. KCP

    Yes, I concur with you, many pupils are misbehaving in the societies coz they don’t have what to do.

  86. JMS

    Comment on presidency?

  87. Oceans

    Please open the schools.

  88. Mutinta

    Just open school next year 2020 has finished

  89. paul

    I wish schools can open as soon as possible because us as pupils we have been exposed to alot of vices whic might ruin our academic life. corona virus is here to stay.

  90. Please just open school

    Please open school s

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