ZICTA Slaps K5.4 Million Collective Fine On Airtel, MTN And Zamtel For Poor Quality Service

The Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) has fined the three Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) – Airtel Networks Zambia Plc, Zamtel Limited, and MTN Zambia Limited, a total of ZMW 5.4 million for failure to adhere to the Quality of Service (QoS) Guidelines issued by ZICTA, April and June 2020 respectively.

ZICTA communications manager Ms Ngabo Nankonde stated that the authority took into account individual efforts of mobile phone providers to improve network when coming up with the fines.
Airtel has been fined a total of ZMW 4, 800, 000 for failing to meet the following QoS parameters:
(i) call setup success rate in Chipata, Kalulushi, and Lusaka;
(ii) the drop rate in Ndola, and Lusaka; and
(iii) HTTP download rate on 3G in Chisamba.
Zamtel has been fined a total K450, 000 for failing to meet the following QoS parameters;
(i) call setup success rate in Chingola, Lusaka and Kitwe; and
(ii) HTTP successful internet log-ins in Chingola, Chipata, and Kitwe.
MTN has been fined K225, 000 for failing to meet the HTTP success internet log-in IN Chipata, Ndola, and Chisamba.
“In imposing these fines, the authority took into account the MNOs effort to improve the quality of service on their respective networks. The fines were imposed on the MNOs on August 26, 2020 and a period of seven days was given within which the MNOs should pay the fines. ZICTA further warned the MNOs that continued breach of the QoS guidelines will result in further enforcement action,” Ms Nankonde said today in a statement.


  1. Indoshi palupe


    • Jonas

      We’re facing a poor network services as residents,MTN,Airtel and zamtel now we need improvement to their network services.

      • Felix SICHULA

        Were facing a poor network services as residents,MTN,Airtel and zamtel now we need improvement to their network services.


    Good move

  3. Not interested

    Say no to corruption

  4. General

    Being rich at our expense 😂😂😂

  5. Jeff colby

    True indeed ms. Ngabo nankonde. These providers need to improve fully so that we enjoy the facility.

  6. Black bird

    Comsumers are now going to bear that cost through syphoning of bundles and airtime, known story.

    • Nicholas

      They should also improve on security of our monies. Most scammer have found it easy to use mobile money as means of stealing money. When there’s too much money flowing into one line, let them be taking actions to find out what business is going on and inform the police located in that area to be on guard for that person or tell that person to go a police permit. Help poor Zambians who are losing money because of trying to make it

      • Zawadi Kayoka

        I think people should also take into account that there are a lot of frauds out there and not turning a blind eye to scams everyday. People don’t lose money because they are stupid, they lose money because they don’t follow up certain things. How can you win 10,000 from a competition you did not enter.

      • Kennerdol

        My brother the people in charge are the scammers themselves.

    • Monster

      Who is going to benefit from the same money?

      • Alex kashimoto

        That’s a good question fired up, How are we benefiting ba ZICTA

  7. Mwine masushi

    What about the issue of bundle expiring in other countries there is no expiring of bundles unless you use them but here ati midnight daily weekly and monthly why and a certain mp raised that motion but no bafoons supported him

  8. Kennedy

    Expiring of minutes and bundles which are bought is not Fair ,it is stealing from us citizens, help us zicta and government at large

  9. poor services

    It’s a pity for airtel 4,800,000. Wow, anyway Good job zicta.

  10. Duncan

    Tough decision made there. keep it up ZICTA.

  11. Deric Hachiswenya

    ZICTA why are you so quite on the issue of expiring bundles? That issue needs your attention and clarification, consumers loose a lot through this vice which is surely very unproductive.

  12. Agustin bwalya

    Welcome move and expiring bundles pls do something we are tired of been robbed by these network givers

  13. Concerned zambian

    Welcome move bundles expiring please do something they steal from us how can it be so different from other countries and yet its the same Company Mtn and airtel some of us we move a lot its totally different and Zambia is the most expensive when it comes to data bundles thanks

  14. Haemz

    Here in kawambwa airtel and zamtel as well as mtm have become so trash since april, you cant make a call from 18hrs till 23, every singles day, data is just a useless to buy because reception is always and i mean always bad! Customer service never helpful, just as useless… Luapula has poor reception mwe bantu, charge them more, useless pricks

  15. Patu

    Poor internet service for Ariel & mtn here in chinsali, they shud improve.

    • Felix SICHULA

      Poor internet service for Ariel & mtn here in mwininlunga they shud improve.

  16. Rinner

    ZICTA is doing a great job

  17. Clement mwangelwa

    Neat service

  18. Zack

    If it’s Airtel…it’s fucked up

  19. Tamaratl

    Iye wat a lose

  20. Martin Sichivula

    That’s great news, it’s these companies should improve in working , especially internet

  21. Penelope1

    They doing a good job but should work on the internet

  22. Eric Kapalangwe


  23. FaithMubanga

    This is interesting

  24. Darius

    Good move ba Zicta

  25. Kennerdol

    When we say Poor Quality of Service (QoS) we know us who are in the field of technology we don’t just look at at how fast you are able to download ka 5GB Movie.
    Myself the coming of Vodafone made me stop using these 3 Shity Networks, ZICTA chased them now am with Liquid Telecoms. If they go I will wait for another one than switching to these 3 guys.

  26. Charity kachupa


  27. Abel2

    With issues of congestion? how have substantiated
    the fine

  28. Abel2

    With issues of congestion? how have they substantiated
    the fine?

  29. Wado

    Good move from zicta

  30. Precious

    This is great move

  31. Pauline


  32. Donald Chulu

    Truly ZICTA should take their responsebility about all precaution. Fanaly all above concerned matters must be put in action.

  33. kelvinkphiri

    These service providers have been too reluctant when it comes to enhancing their services. such may act as a wake up call for their delivery.

  34. Stone banks

    Good move ba zicta bane kwena just here in chisamba having a place without network shame on u

  35. lemmy4

    That’s cool, you know what you do ba ZICTA.

  36. Zambian congolee

    Good move to zicta,these network providers needs to put much concern about their systems, when there is no power also network becomes useless,plz improve imwe bakacasu

  37. Kelvin Kalumba

    Good move in fact zicta should even charge them more

  38. Fmt

    Even if the money may seen to be a lot mind you these companies make a lot of money

  39. Martin

    Probably maybe after this all thing. Some news of change will be seen

  40. JMS

    We’re is the mone going? Chiinekee.reducing units /bundles kikikiki.how are you helping us?

  41. Alex kashimoto

    Here in kafue MTN is trash, I had a really bad experience the internet messed up… please help the people of kafue with this tragedy.

  42. Mindfull Observer

    Good move ..But where is this money going? that may seem like small money to sm individual bt thats a lot of money..Ba zicta u are geting this money in 7days? where wl u take it? to the treasury?? please clarify.Mind u? the money airtel was charged could cover salaries for 100 people for an entire year.. Am just sayin

  43. mumba kenneth

    Yes fine them we internet users have been lobbed a lot of cash for there service but then when the internet is mormalised the dooffer free service to provide the period not
    In short they make money without
    Povidng serve.

  44. Mata

    Make It Worse To Zamtel

  45. OVERDY

    Mtn,airtel and Zamtel they are all offering poor internet service here in Mpongwe District.Please zicta do something these companies are so stubborn

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