28-Year-Old Man Slapped With 50-Year Jail Term For Sexually Abusing Imbecile Sister And Fathering Her Child

The Lusaka High Court has sentenced a 28-year-old man of Rufunsa district to 50 years imprisonment with hard labour for sexually abusing his imbecile biological sister and fathering a child with her.

Judge Sharon Newa found Nelson Kapandula guilty of having carnal knowledge of his sister, whom he knew very well to be of an unsound mind or an imbecile.

The offence was committed between January 1, 2010 and May 29, 2018 in Rufunsa district.

Judge Newa found that Kapandula was among men, who sexually abused the victim and fathered her first child of the three that she has as established by the DNA tests that were conducted.

“The convict being a biological brother to the victim was aware that she is an imbecile who had no capacity to defend herself, but took advantage of her sexually,” she said.

Judge Newa said there was no excuse for Kapandula’s behavior as he should have been in the forefront to protect his sister.

She said although Kapandula was a first offender who deserved leniency, the case makes sad reading that the victim is an imbecile and his sister.

“Such behavior should not go unpunished to serve as warning to would be offenders. Further, society should know that even mentally incapacitated persons have full rights just like normal people,” she said.

She sentenced him to 50 years imprisonment with hard labour with effect from April 30, 2020, the day he was convicted.


  1. Bm

    Kapandula is equally embecile. He deserves the 50 years punishment. Let him go and do his embecile behaviour in the prison and see how bad it is to be in jail.

    • Papilon

      He will be 78 when he comes out. No longer horny after those prison escapades

  2. Elias Mumba

    Sad news

  3. Kingsman

    How I wish this would be the way cases of corrupt acts by government officials can be handled or dealt with

  4. Marson

    Zambia Reports needs to section off its increasingly petty and sensationalist crime stories: they are not main headline-worthy!

  5. Jc

    50 is too much for that case .let be reduced to 5.50 should be for corrupt who have stolen from the country and made many people suffer poverty.

  6. Joseph

    This is sad to kapandula but how could he do so sure well let him enjoy the punishment for 50yrs plus his age which his 78yrs thats when he will be out of prison

  7. King pethias aka sugar boy forever

    So sad news in rufunsa district

  8. Nhax nhanya

    We can say whatever we can, cause no one knows what tommorow brings the same thing might on us,quit right he did not a right thing but frankly speaking 50yrs is too much we never punish like that

  9. mickwell

    this world mwandi,only God knows

  10. Pauline


  11. Judges

    I will never be a judge because God is the greatest judge who knows the truth.

  12. FuManchu

    Humans are by classification animals and the level of mental development sets humans above the rest of the animals. However that humans still belong to the animal kingdom certain behaviors still linger and the weaker the person the more likelihood of lowering behavior to wild animals’ behaviors!

  13. Martin

    50 Years Sentence In Such Cases Is Far Too Small. It’s Almost Like Minimum Sentence. Maximum Goes Up To Life Imprisonment.

  14. Luck Muwaya

    Paipa pano

  15. Covid's Cousin

    Is it one person blogging here? Why the consistent bad grammar?

  16. Rhk

    Please give us more news, don’t be silent my president has challenged useless Nawakwi. I

  17. Hamisy kasale

    Too bad..

  18. jahcorn

    ka name che no kabotu nixx!

  19. Bk

    It’s too much for someone to jailed like that

  20. Benjamin

    So sad, at 78 years, no more life.


    Ummm iliko bad

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