Chitimukulu, Mwata Kazembe, 4 Other Chiefs And Directors Of Luapula Hydro Face Arrest

Luapula Hydropower Corporation Limited directors and shareholders, who include Paramount Chiefs Chitimukulu and Mwata Kazembe, have been threatened with arrests for not surrendering two water permits which the Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) cancelled last month for alleged irregular granting.

Luapula Hydropower Corporation Limited (LHCL) was granted water permits to put up electricity plants at Kabwelume and Kundabwika waterfalls through a consent judgment entered into with WARMA.

This was after a long standing battle for the water rights at the two waterfalls.

However, WARMA has written the LHCL, notifying it that the 25 year water rights have been cancelled as they were irregularly granted.

WARMA board chairman Dr Wilson Mwenya, in a letter to LHCL, stated that authority, at its meeting held on 6th August, 2020, established that the two water permits on numbers 10731 and 10732, issued to the company, were in contravention of the provisions of the WARMA Act No. 21 of 2011.

He said LHCL’s two permits were not granted by the WARMA Board of Directors, the only entity charged with the responsibility of granting water permits.

“Therefore, in terms of Section 86 (1)(c) of the Act, this serves as a notice for you to forthwith surrender the water permits 10731 and 10732 to WARMA. You are further requested to have the said permits surrendered to the Authority no later than seven days from receipt of this matter. Further, kindly note that in terms of section 86 (2) of the Act, a permit holder who fails to comply with the notice under section 86 (1) commit an offence and is liable, upon conviction, to the general penalty provided under section 172. We trust that you shall duly comply so as to avoid any inconvenience,” Dr Mwenya stated in the letter to LHCL.

The directors and shareholders of LHCL have been issued with summons to appear in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court today over the water rights matter, meaning the Chitimukulu, who is a shareholder on behalf of the BRE, together with Chief Mukupa Katandula, Chief Kapena of Nchelenge, Chief Mumpolokoso of Mporokoso, Chief Mushota of Kawambwa and Mwata Kazembe of Luapula Province are also likely to face similar criminal charges.

So far, the local company has raised money for the whole project through Berkeley Energy.

The company has since appealed the decision of WARMA to the minister.

It is the first time in Zambia’s history that a large project of this nature has taken a deliberate action in empowering the chiefs surrounding the project with actual shares for ownership to ensure they are actual partners in the implementation of development.


  1. Frank Chombela

    The chiefs won’t be arrested. Someone will just say,” boma nineo” and it will end there. But shn water rights are cancelled, it’s better to explain the technical reason for the cancellation.

  2. bsiamc

    BRE is for Barotse Royal Establishment. We are in Zambia. Write properly and why would Chitimukulu be arrested for such natural offence. Look if it was real you can’t dare send a stamped document to the royals. Alienating the locals from natural resources. Just wondering why we are Zambians and at the same time most of us are squatters.

  3. Fake news

    Very miss leading tite

  4. JMS

    Nowander 🤔 chitimukulu is in the forefront support of the present mwankole, fish out corruption please.

  5. Frank Chombela

    This is a civil matter. U don’t necessary hv to arrest people in a civil matter . U take them to court.

  6. Frank Chombela

    Further a shareholder who plays no role in running a company cannot be arrested for the transgressions of the company. If anyone has to be arrested, it’s directors.

  7. JMS

    When given authority and batrayed at the same time means those arresting luck intelligence because are being used.

  8. Nshilinama

    B. R. E is is for. Bemba. Royal. Establishment

  9. JMS

    True one Zambia one nation but the regime is to blame Which accepts by excluding themselves to things they are involved in.. BRE is clearly and what they do is perfect arccoding to what they believe in. But here their is manipulation thats why culprits distance themselves due to being seen as culprits.

  10. Shu Shu Shu

    WARMA is going out of its depth. The land and the water belongs to the chief.

  11. Razor

    Nothing will happen. It was only Sata who could control this Sosala but since Sata is gone Sosala is free to do whatever he wants whether legal or illegal.

  12. Joseph soko

    But chief’s suppose to follow order in our country

  13. adviser

    Mwata Kazembe is not Paramount Chief.

  14. Koswe

    Mr. Sata (mhsrip)wanted to install a puppet paramount chief chitimukulu he failed. The current paramount chief is tough


    for the first time our chiefs being empowered to get filthy rich and they deserve it.. that company is on track… just correct the permit and grant it to the company business must continue and mind u dat company has raised its own money to kick start the project..

  16. JMS

    Nowander kk refused to bring in tough novel books, don’t you think one can permit at the same time authorize the arrest warrant to arise,inorder to confuse people by investigating whilst investigation thives are preparing themselves. We need education so that many are aware of any thing fishy, not just speaking without using their minds. A cleare nonses story which doesn’t need a useless people to understand.

  17. Chis B.

    Why do u pipo likes preaching fack stories, dont u ve where 2 spend time?

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