Lawyer, Co-accused Deny Giving False Information To A Public Officer

Lusaka lawyer Charles Siamutwa and his co-accused have pleaded not guilty to a charge of giving false information to a public officer.

Mr Siamutwa’s is jointly charged with Mr Howard Situmba who is facing a charge of impersonating a legal practitioner.

Allegations are that Mr Situmba, in 2019, willfully pretended to be qualified to act as an advocate of Messrs Imasiku and Company when in fact not.

It is also alleged that Mr Situmba pretended to be a lawyer during the execution of a consent judgement on the contention over the ownership of Ultimate Insurance Company.

Mr Siamutwa and Mr Situmba appeared before principal resident magistrate Mwaka Mikalile and pleaded not guilty.

Trial is expected to commence on October 5.

Police arrested Mr Siamutwa in connection with a fraudulent procurement of a consent judgement in relation to the ownership of Ultimate Insurance Company.

Mr Siamutwa of Charles Siamutwa Legal Practitioners was arrested together with Mulemba Mudenda of the same legal firm for allegedly preparing the consent judgment which they signed jointly with Mr Situmba, a non-legal practitioner of Imasiku Law Firm that does not exist.

Further allegations are that Mr Siamutwa, occasioned the consent judgement without the knowledge of Chanda Katotobwe who claims to be the rightful owner of Ultimate Insurance Company.

The fraudulent consent judgement allegedly procured by Mr Siamutwa in the Lusaka High Court relates to the case where three Marshlands Consortium Limited directors are charged with forgery and uttering false documents over the ownership of Ultimate Insurance Company.

The three Marshalands directors are Tobias Milambo, 48, Nachi Musonda, 33, and Richard Lubemba, 31.

Mr Milambo, Musonda and Lubemba are charged with 15 counts of forgery, obtaining money by false pretenses and uttering false documents, among other charges and the case is before resident magistrate Alice Walusiku.

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