“The Power of teamwork creates greater ways to best opportunties,” say Mambwe Lwando and Selina Florence Daka.

The 21-year-olds are not only enterprenurs but also students of DMI St Eugene University pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration.

They are very creative and hardworking young girls.

They say: “We started our business about a year ago. Being University students, we didn’t want to entirely depend on our parents for every single thing and also to avoid getting mixed up with with sugar daddies to provide what we couldn’t afford. We discovered each other’s potential in business planning.

We were inspired to start our company because of the current situation in our country where there are a lot of youths waiting to be employed by the government. Looking at the limited available work spaces, my partner and I decided not to be dependent on the government but instead to take the lead in helping the government to create more jobs.

Our business has alot of benefits as it enables us to meet different people with different understanding about life. It enables us to meet some influential people, for example the Lusaka mayor (Miles Sampa).

Our future plans are to expand our business as much as possible, being a general trading company. We want to be able to supply our commodities in many places. We plan on at least creating employment for our fellow youths by next year. We also plan on allowing interested people to buy shares in our company.

Our biggest encouragement to other young girls and women out there is that they should try to stand up and start with the smallest thing they can start with. Stand up and work on making that dream a reality for it is the dream that provides nourishment for the soul. A woman who makes her own money has a very less chance of being disrespected by a man.”

– Girl Empowerment Alliance for Change


  1. Patrick sakala

    It’s an educated idea thats how all woman have to do

  2. AM

    Future leaders and anchors of the nation that the way to go not always politicking, face booking and uttering critics instead of finding something to do. I salute you.

  3. H2k

    Keep it up girls that’s a spirit we want

  4. Prince

    It is good let’s use keep it that way

  5. Jms

    Job well done,but its unfortunate for Samuel machishi’s program (Zambia Guinness) I’m not aware how many pupils/students empowed?

  6. JMS

    Never to cheat because I’m aware what you mention is always done,be careful in speach.

  7. Enock lisimba

    Truly that’s awesome guys I wish us youths we can venture in this businesses too. Keep it up Guy’s well inspired.

  8. Victimised female entrepreneur

    You have done well and it pays to be self sufficient as you ought not to waste your dreams on incapable men. You need to be strong you girls, as Zambia still has a negative and dangerous environment for female
    entrepreneurs. The market is rough
    and littered with sexual harassment, mobbing, exploitation, banditry and thieving by men and the women, they use as conduits; and they do so In abuse of state machinery. the
    legal and financial systems. Majority of Zambian men get challenged to see self sufficient women And instead resort to attacking them . If only
    the government could provide full protection to female entrepreneurs. Majority of us would have been flying
    our own planes by now.
    Be strong girls. You don’t need a man to complete you.

  9. FuManchu

    I recently came across a story of a poor parent who resorted to cleaning and unblocking sewers just to make sure his three young girls had an education but never revealed it to the youngsters until they got to discover after their college and university success becoming professionals in health, law and economics! In Zambia people who take up humble jobs are still looked down upon yet we all want to be in clean environments, like say public washrooms and clean streets! These girls are among an upcoming generation that is realizing that one has to be innovative and work hard to help oneself in a country where professional opportunities are limited and contracting. Society can help with encouragement and applauding those who venture into diverting efforts for honest gains! Who knows, such beginnings could lead to a home grown food processing plant by these students!

  10. Power nyati

    Good idea

  11. XK

    Please avoid Sugar Daddies, they are ‘ruthless’

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