Over 70 Zambian Tankers Stuck In Mozambique After Being Deemed Too Old To Carry Crude Oil

Over 70 fuel tankers owned by Zambians are stuck in Mozambique after their vehicles were deemed too old to carry crude oil from that country to Zambia.

Zambia Union of Tanker Drivers and Allied Workers General Secretary Humphrey Kapesha has confirmed and has since called on Government to intervene in the matter.

“Yes, I can confirm that our Tanker drivers are stranded in that country. The reason is that the vehicles they have are deemed to be too old. Since this is an issue that involves another country, we ask the Zambian government to intervene,” said Mr Kapesha.

He further urged the ministry of labour to channel its energy to finding solutions to problems facing tanker drivers as opposed to issuing threats of diregistering unions that are speaking for the plight of troubled workers.

And Union president Bob Ndalama has wondered why only foreign owned tankers are allowed to offload directly to end users as opposed to them offloading their oil at set up depots.


  1. Kkk

    I agree with you on that,but not only tanker drivers are treated like that in Mozambique even other people who go there for some business that’s how they are being treated

  2. Zambiaisours

    The curse of being landlocked coupled with a reckless spindless govt,every one imposes their conditions on us! So their aim is cut off Zambian transporters as Tanzania has done! We need leaders with a strong voice who can talk for our transporters and to protect our national interest in region.

  3. Mpepo

    Mozambique is an unfriendly country suffering from mental hangover of its civil wars.

    Just ask South Africans and Malawians.. they have horror stories to tell…

  4. HervRena

    Is it their safety problem if those trucks are worn out?Suppose encountered Somali trucks.Its like a neighbour goes to fetch water with a finished container,how do concern yourself their bucket.wake up inspectors!!

  5. lloyd

    did the government tell you to buy old trucks? the problem is that you don’t want to buy new vehicles by injecting more money in your business. you just want to make profit for night clubs and show off. iam pretty sure that there are more than a thousand zambian trucks in mozambique and only 70 have been deemed to old, thats evidence enough to tell you they are useless trucks. mozambique has its own laws and don’t just open wide your mouth to blame the zambian government. tell your union members to buy good tankers as opposed to throw the problem to government, but when drawing heft salaries and union money, you become mute. stand up for your members. be man enough and travel to mozambique and talk to those who impounded those tankers. the media and the zambian majority will have no impact at all. people have burnt and died due to unfit tankers on our roads. why have you been quiet? those drivers whose tankers have been impounded, should leave those trucks and travel back to zambia period.

  6. Akoni kekala muti katemenwe

    Mozambique is protecting people’s lives

  7. Josphat Banda

    To bad

  8. Maurice mubamba

    Hello Pipo everything is about safety. If it’s not safe make it safe.

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