Cement Price Hike Due To Quoting Of Raw Materials In Dollars, Reveals Dangote

Dangote Cement Chief Financial Officer Mr Bright Tembo has revealed the hike in cement prices is because suppliers of raw materials, especially gypsum, are quoting prices in dollars.

He said this when Copperbelt Province Minister, Japhen Mwakalombe, visited the plant.

Mr Tembo said the situation has necessitated the increase in cement price in the country, a situation that was beyond cement manufacturers.

And Mr Mwakalombe has warned that such suppliers will be visited by the law and that necessary action will be taken.

He said government is concerned with the continued increase of prices of cement on the market.

However, Mr Tembo, in response, said the closure of Chambishi Metals has deprived cement manufacturers a reasonably priced source of gypsum which is now being sourced from South Africa and Namibia, among other distant sources who were quoting the products in dollars.

He said efforts to open Chambishi metals must be expedited so that the challenges being faced by the cement manufacturing companies can be mitigated.


  1. National awakening

    But they are in the construction business and the houses they make are priced in dollars. Just try buying a house in Zambia. They are overpriced because they are in dollars. The Minister of Finance knows this because people selling houses are in his bracket. But him and his government do nothing about this

    • Masturbator

      This is because of pf govt, they’ve ruined everything like the economy(e.g kwacha), peace, human rights and so on. We need to kick these cunts out of power next year

  2. Few Gee

    Why charge in Dollars when you operate in Kwacha?

    • Miner

      Well it’s a commodity /industrial mineral traded internationally. You don’t just dream up prices on how you feel. There is a benchmark

  3. Dollars


  4. Kkk

    They are charging in dollars for their benefits

  5. Robert chipoya

    Now who is to blame on this issue come on guys are you telling us that you have no other way to fix kwacha that s why you are there to fix it but others you hear say it’s bally but one thing is that when bally comes in he is going to fix everything let them tell us laies they used not to tell us the truth instead we are waiting from you when are you fixing the kwacha please instead of making noises it time to work to you in power that s why we voted you in power to work for us so stop noises keep on working together has one the problem with you guys to much wasting time on some one.just one person no it’s time work unless or otherwise don’t forget everything that happene it has own time to day is your time to fix zambian kwacha then tomorrow is one Bally s time to fix it???

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