Govt Says 2021 Polls Will Be Held As Planned

Minister of Affairs Stephen Kampyongo has assured that the 2021 general elections will go ahead as planned despite the COVID-19 pandemic that has ravaged the country.

Speaking on Kasama’s Radio Mano, Mr Kampyongo said that next year’s general elections will be held on August 12, 2021 in line with the Constitutional provisions and cannot be put off to a later date.

“There will be no postponement of the 2021 general elections because of Coronavirus simply because the date of our elections is a provision of the Republican Constitution,” he said, and urged Zambians to work with the Patriotic Front government.

Mr Kampyongo is Kasama to drum up support for Patriotic Front (PF) Lukashya by-election candidate George Chisanga ahead of next Thursday’s polls.

He urged the electorate in Lukashya to vote for Mr Chisanga as the opposition candidates are not fit for the job.

“ They should put their votes on the boat without looking at the faces of candidates,” Mr Kampyongo said.

He further commended the good works of PF members that applied to contest on the ruling party’s ticket in the Lukashya constituency.

“Big Mule (Davies Mulenga) who has gone to UPND doesn’t know what he is doing. He should have come to consult us before leaving the PF to stand on the UPND ticket,” Mr Kampyongo said.


  1. Otmar Hambale

    You are a minister of home affairs in the Patriotic Front government and not a minister in a one Party participatory dictatorial democracy government where voting is considered to be useless, even if you vote for a frog or rabbit, the candidate will still win because he will be the only human being on the ballot paper. How can you tell the people to vote on a boat without considering the intelligence of that particular candidate, will the ballot papers have a boat only and no other symbols? so you mean that even though the electorates know that your candidate is a dunderhead they will still have to vote for him as per your directives? Gone are the days when the incumbent could be on the ballot papers with a rabbit or a frog and still win the election by almost 100 percent votes. In a democracy it doesn’t work like that. People consider the intelligence of a person and not because he belongs to the ruling party, that is the reason why we have independent members of Parliament who defeated the incumbent ministers who stayed in office when Parliament was dissolved and they used government resources to campaign but they lost, it is the people who decides who to vote for. Prepare yourself for a rude shock since now the electorates can now distinguish between a candidate and a bamwankole abalaba eko bafuma. Enjoy your campaign and remember that the people’s choice is final.

    • SOS

      Well said Mr Hambale this chap kampyongo is rude and very abusive…….how can a minister call an aspiring candidate useless?he is just afraid of Big MULE who has massive support from well meaning Zambians.

  2. PF - Problems Forever

    PF are so childish and immature

  3. Thomas Mumba

    It will spare us indigenous Zambians a lot of lives if elections are cancelled. PF and the. HH group
    have already started recruiting more indisciplined and uneducated as cadres. These are killing machines being trained to promote violence. PF and HH will never concede if the other party win the election. They have enough stollen money to buy drugs and alcohol for the youths. Elections in such a situation are useless.

  4. Mr more mullah

    Their is a time for everything.. GOD HELP US

  5. Jessey Lingard

    2021 is around the corner we shall see

  6. Mansfield maurice

    Stop misleading people Mr let them vote for there choice,I boat lyalibunda akale.

  7. Nshimbi

    Pf are now collapse from the majority of interest for the Zambain’s people 20121 we will be meeting.

  8. Koswe

    Tongas think
    Elections are about tribe they so cheap in politicking g

    • jahcorn

      So motherfucker you can’t talk frankly without mentioning tongaz

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