Lungu Dates Mwansabombwe, Kawambwa

President Edgar Lungu is tomorrow expected in Luapula Province for a two-day working visit.

The Head of State will arrive at Mansa Airport at 14 hours before proceeding to Mwansabombwe district on the same day.

Luapula Province minister Nickson Chilangwa has announced that while in Mwansabombwe, President Lungu would call on Mwata Kazembe of the Lunda people people.

The President would also meet village head persons in Mwansabombwe district before addressing public rallies to drum up support for PF candidate in the forthcoming Mwansabombwe parliamentary by-election, Kabaso Kampampi.

The minister further announced that President Lungu will also visit Kawambwa district.


  1. Luapula

    zambia forward forward. dont kulaba

  2. Luapula Resident

    Ni Forwand this time kuno

  3. Nyati

    On two working days my foot! Just say for compains period but the truth is 2021 takapite!

  4. SOS

    Last kicks of a dying hose.Let him do some last globetrotting as this will be his last year of enjoying,,,,,,,,,,come next year ni forward,forward.

  5. Justice

    H.H Will never rule this country. Those who think so are in wishful thinking or utopian political dreams.

  6. Cuth

    Forward chabe 2021

  7. Takapite Lungu

    UPND for all

  8. AM

    Most people say life is fair, if we may ask masses, you will find that many will point their failures to others, Adam in the Bible did the same by putting a blame on Eva though he was the one incharge, being poor is choice, the lest is yours to conclude, umu mfungumfungu wa lalike ka poli insala, this is what will be happening in Zambia because people are too lazy and all they want is others to be managing their lives.

  9. Zambiaisours

    It appears Mwansabombwe campaign by UPND has stung. So Bwana Lungu wants even village headmen to be involved to turn political fortunes in PF’s favor. Sunday Maluba standing on UPND is a house hold name and stands a far greater chance to scoop the seat.If he loses the margin will be small and will set a precedent for UPND’s upward trend in Luapula. Mukose Ba Lungu and team bcoz Luapula usually flips with CB!

  10. Gilberto

    Bena bazalila

  11. Kaks

    Forward chabe!

  12. Pf

    Mr prePresid sir,to tell you the truth tamwakapite 2021, ifintu ni forward balungu…..

  13. Bad breath

    42 fire tenders @ USD 42 million.
    Mwata & Head men when offered cash receive it with both hands but don’t kubeba

  14. Bad breath

    Will JK do his reverse song at the rally?

  15. Whiteson Mwape

    Forward fyebakuluapula aba Bantu nibamwankole you already know that song

  16. Jessey Lingard

    Wishing you all the best Ba Lungu

  17. Mr Bob

    Only God knows

  18. Dollars yakwela

    U are bring poverty in the country beco of ur dununa bucushi / reverse bu Bally is already entered in bedroom careful 2021is not for u.

  19. Forward pali Bally

    Twanaka u kumfwa bamwankole

  20. Sam M Chikashi

    Last kicks of a dying Horse…brown envelops for village Headmen/women. What you sow is what you reap. PF used DON’T KUBEBA to win 2011 elections but this time around the same DON’T KUBEBA is being used against them in 2021 by UPND. ..it’s true what you sow is what you reap.

  21. Thom chishala

    HH will never ever rule Zambia y don’t forget what he said
    Napa munyantile this is our land balosiland I don’t trust HH
    90 days in pact with Mr sata ati nafumamo how do you trust this Man
    For me awee I can’t
    People lived in his farm for over 4o years after he lost the last electiona abapasa how can such a person be the head of state?
    Takwata inkumbu. Lungu waluse

  22. Joe

    My vote is for PF

  23. Joseph

    Mmmmmm let’s wait 2021, I can’t make any comment

  24. Green


  25. Seer1

    Forward forward forward forward forward forward forward forward forward forward forward forward forward UPN ZAMBIA


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