Minister Guides On School Reopening: Exam Classes To Reopen On Monday, Others On September 21

General Education Minister Dennis Wanchinga has explained that learners in examination classes for primary and secondary schools and third year students in colleges of education will reopen on Monday 14th September 2020.

And the minister has called on learning institutions to accept payments in installments from parents who are unable to pay schools fees in full.

Non-examination classes under his ministry will reopen on 21st September 2020 so that parents have sufficient time to prepare their children.

Dr Wanchinga said at a press briefing this morning that all colleges and Universities will reopen on the 28th September, 2020.

And the minister some schools, especially in rural areas where cash payments may be a challenge, payments in kind should be considered so that no learners are sent away from schools.

Dr. Wanchinga has also directed institutions to effectively cover material that was lost during the closure without compromising quality.

He has since advised authorities in all institutions to work with ministry of health in ensuring Covid-19 guidelines are adhered to while calling on parents to provide masks for pupils.


  1. True Bemba

    Well Done Minister,mwabombeni Mukwai.

  2. Afayo same

    Well done minister and the President for reopening schools

  3. Charles Chilembo

    Congratulation ba minister to open the our fellow children are very behind interms of learning, thank you

  4. Zed Bally

    Awe sure you have done well 👌 ici kwela kuno my kids broke the TV, Taps, nama window awe nabaleya mwe

  5. Gilly

    Please make sure that the point you have raised of accepting payments in installments are observed, especially private higher learning institutions who have got a tendency of sending students away…

    • Ghammarays

      Thus a good comment we shud hear … Somb are just following the as they paid for the whole year

  6. JMS

    Good move, but the breakdown made for pupils in each classroom shouldn’t be disturbed as classes will be fewer according to each class.

  7. ngonga ya Luvale

    this is fine and we are pleased, plz emphasize on MoH to play their part so quickly, am tired of cartoon subscription

  8. Phiri Damiano

    Good move, that’s wonderful for reopening of schools,

  9. Unknown

    This makes no sense we should have been warned two months in advance becau

  10. Unknown

    This makes no sense we should have been warned two months in advance because we needed to prepare money to send our children back to school, and how will the school’s manage to run properly if they do not receive all the monies that they desparatly need

    • Kaya

      Imagine just because he open even the bars to make people’s happy. This advanced announcement was not good.

  11. Fatson mbewe

    That’s a good job you,ve done Mr minister and the president

  12. Mauya

    Good news, my kid disliked the idea of not changing grade come 2021. Now that they will be reopening, I wait to hear issues of social distancing because records indicate that there are 100 pupils in my child’s class.

  13. Daniel Nkhowani

    Congratulations Ba minister

  14. Banda job

    Thanks ba minister not change grade mmmmmmm was bad thanks

  15. Bandue

    This is good….prolonged closure would have only led to an acute increase in delinquents. Our young ones should be in class.

  16. 2yk

    Chaps Condnme anything .This progressive

  17. Jessey Lingard

    Nice move by the president & the minister keep it up

  18. Victor piki

    we thanks to the minister of Giude on school reopening

  19. Chimzy


  20. Cosmas

    Nice one

  21. Pairs

    Well done this is Awesome thank u all and A Bigger thanks to God

  22. Elizabeth lewis

    Ba minister thank you
    I was totally cought off guard whaen heard we’ll open school (grade 10) I really was rushing when I heard about sembe Sina yende ku skulu pa Monday but thank you at least we some time 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  23. Robert Musonda

    We thanks to the minister of guide on school reopening

  24. Smith

    We should have been told at least a month before. The rumours that most people have been saying concerning our children maintaining the same grades sounds so weird because we as parents we are not going to be able to pay the fees that we’ve already paid again

  25. rachel

    Well done minister. . Im happy my children will be back in school..

  26. Robert


  27. Central

    Good move because abana balionaika.

  28. Stanley


  29. Kings

    Am glad now thank you

  30. Kenneth mumba

    Thanks mr president for that move our children would have spoiled and become un controrable .

    • Big dick

      First of all you bitch/nigga learn how to speak English controrable?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Sircolour

    Hoping for efficient implementation
    Wise decision.

  32. Kennerdol

    I hope you will tell your schools well done as well when they chase your children and yourself at the same time. Reopening is ok but pipo needed to budget for it.

  33. Peter Sikalemba

    Well done for the great job honourable, continue being wonderful as you are. I salute you.

  34. ShiHeze

    Re-opening of schools is a great move. An excellent idea, yet teachers must also work hard.

    No drinking, sleeping or smoking on duty. They need to cover a lot of things so that our pupils can catch up quickly.

    Social distance must also be maintained

  35. Ishmeal

    People are not ready to pay school fees in fast way

  36. Nathan shiompa

    Work well done

  37. Yayaaa

    Thank you for reopening of xul

  38. Tinaz

    Does it mean grade 11 will proceed to grade 12?

  39. HC

    what about boarding schools, will the children bathe and sleep with masks.

  40. Joka

    thanks ba minister although you have disappointed the nation, because you said that schools will reopen in 2021 but suddenly you’ve changed.

  41. Lam

    Nosense; we could have be learning since the time we closed the schools. COVID-19 is still there.

  42. Agorye francis

    if this is true .I give GOD all the glory .

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