I Won’t Allow Violence To Dominate Campaigns For 2021 Polls, Promises Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has promised that he will not allow political violence to dominate campaigns for the 2021 general elections, and has called on all political parties to come together and forge ahead for Zambia’s development

President Lungu said in his address to parliament that there should be no room for violent campaigns ahead of the 2021 general elections.

“It is my expectation that the campaigns for the 2021 general elections will be issue-based and peaceful. There should be no room for violent campaigns. Elections come and go,” he said.

“As citizens, therefore, we have a duty to come together and forge ahead with the development of our country after the elections. Elections should not divide us. We are one people, and one nation before, during and after elections. The same should apply to the forth-coming by-elections in Mwansabombwe and Lukashya constituencies set for 17th September this year. This is what we all deserve. This is what we should all strive to achieve. This is what will consolidate Zambia’s position as a beacon of peace. In furtherance of the will of the people and in line with the constitution of Zambia, the country will hold general elect


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Thanks Commander in Chief of armed forces,we are one people and we should uphold peace.

    • Holyshit!

      He’s admitted that there has been violence in his time as president. Just because we are getting close to elections he wants to pretend he doesn’t tolerate violence after all the violence he has caused in this country. He’s so stupid

  2. Frank Chombela

    Is he admitting that he has allowed it in the past?

    • mumba kenneth

      Do you really hear what the president say chobela we know you are upnd there is nothing good which can come from you as upnd any way thank that is your opion

  3. Mr more hits

    Yep,sounds like an admission to the violence in the past

  4. Circles

    Tell kanpyongo and Lusambo to be on the forflont in upholding peace

  5. Robert chipoya

    Well spoken mr president but we were waiting to hear from you mr president to inform us who was behind of gassing us second we were waiting again to hear from you sir who was behind of putting fire at City market third we wanted to hear from you sir who was behind of 48 houses those are issues we wanted to know who was behind them????

  6. Jah rules

    Ba commander in chief thanks,,for opening schools,and these other business houses..but please batata you also look into the plight of COMSAVE & ONO Customers,,,people saved or invested there hard earned money for Education,agriculture,business and many other issues,…and people relied on the same,,so were are they going to get the money for school fees,inputs and so on??? Please if you are,.as you say. a listening and a pro poor government,please look into this issue,..nimwebo batata,if these organizations crossed the red line ,just advise them on how to go about this issue and we progress other than killing them..please bamudala

  7. JMS

    A normal person should understand and know what mumbi phiri and lusambo did to kambwili and if a president allows that its shame.

  8. Blessing

    Thanks Mr President that’s what we all want violence free before , during and after General Elections.

  9. Mpwii!!! masushi

    Action speak louder than words

  10. Nshilinama

    Violence will come from southern province where people think only upnd can lead. Campaigns in. Lukashya and. Mwansa bonse are peace coz people know what democracy is all a bout people pick who they want we thank you for warning those who don’t want peace. Covid 19. Has it spared retirees? We are the most hit your. Excellency schools re opening has no meaning to us money is flying out throughout the country women empowerment youths venerable etc etc people who contributed to running of the country are left out suffering is it a sin to retire?

  11. Big T

    We will not have that inforse of peace, why this year?

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