Armed Robbers Steal Undisclosed Amount Of Cash From Katete Council Office

Armed robbers have broken into the Katete Town council office and stolen an undisclosed amount of money.

The robbers, who were five in number, broke into the accounts office around 01:30 yesterday.

Council public relations officer Clarence Kaoma said the robbers who were armed with guns and pangas tied the two council police officers before they broke the safe the the accounts office.


  1. muntu wandi

    Why keeping a large amount of money at place of work are there no banks in Katete?

  2. Nat

    inside job…poor planning,even a small kid wud knw that this is foul play.perpetrators wil soon be put to book.

  3. Muko1

    Ur Rportn As If U Saw Th Guns&pangas buufi,ths Council Police Knws This

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