I Was Asked To Condemn Dr Kalyalya’s Dismissal But I Refused For Our Economy’s Sake, Reveals Haabazoka

Economics Association of Zambia president Mr Lubinda Haabazoka has bemoaned the tribal insinuations surrounding the firing of Denny Kalyalya as Bank of Zambia (BoZ) governor who has been replaced by Mr Christopher Mvunga.

Speaking on Muvi TV’s The Assignment programme on Sunday night, Mr Habazooka noted that it was people with intentions to hold political office who were championing tribalism.

He disclosed that some politicians approached him and told him to issue a statement condemning the dismissal of Dr Kalyalya but he refused.

“Now there’s this issue of tribalism, that a Tonga has been fired and an easterner has been appointed. That is very bad. People that want to hold political office are the ones championing these things. When BoZ governor Denny Kalyalya was fired, they wanted me to condemn that but do you know what that would have meant? Kwacha would have been affected badly because Bloomberg would have picked what we said and that would have sent wrong signals in the market,” he said.

And Haabazoka said he would be doing a disservice to himself if he said that President Edgar Lungu did well to fire Kalyalya.

“The President has more information than all of us, so he knows why he made those changes. Kalyalya was open to us just like Mvunga, they were these 24/7,” he said.


  1. Mpwii!!! mushindo

    We know you are also PF


      He IS PF CADRE we all know


        As an economist u should know better. Even a person who don’t hold same qualifications as u do,know that the dismissal was wrong. But God is watching you pipo time will tell

  2. Gary Chizu

    Incompetent matter tribalism is not an issue

  3. Jessey Lingard

    No issue of tribalism here

  4. King cool

    So Habazoka what are trying to figure out here?

  5. Mr more hitz

    Very clever.. U talk like a politician.. U dnt want to disagree with presidents actions same time u dnt want to admit that kalyalya was fired wrongfully..

  6. PC

    So where is kwacha now?

  7. Mkd

    Now that u retracted to condemn the the presidents decision, is Kwacha gaining value?

  8. If not

    Good decision

  9. Buju

    Habazoka you can’t fool Zambians, you are a pf carder. You are better off shutting up than pretend you have integrity when not.

  10. Sir APM Lukwesa

    The information is not complete

  11. jakuseesa

    Habazoka ndimwe basyanina bwali pure mwankole you think you can blind fold us

  12. Pj

    Everyone knows you are a cadre of a political party who can ask you to do that

  13. Mumbi

    You are a cadre who doesn’t care the future of this country

  14. Mwatiyamva

    You are tribalists. Leave bwana Haabazoka alone. You mean Kalyalya was unplaceable. He is humany and he can make mistakes. There are more competent Zambians more than this tonga bull man. Does Kalylya holds hods the dollar. Be sensible in your comments and tribalistic comments. Shit hole. Just waffling and shame


    As an economist u should know better. Even a person who don’t hold same qualifications as u do,know that the dismissal was wrong. But God is watching you pipo time will tell

  16. FuManchu

    EAZ president! I don’t know why but I have never been impressed with Haabazoka’s input when it comes to economic discussion and I lump him among those I place in the lower echelons of my scale as not helpful to ending the national economic mismanagement! Whether or not he had made his comments on the firing of the BoZ the action itself hastened the falling of the Kwacha rate it’s a question of confidence in the Zambian monetary policy henceforth!

  17. Yade

    If you have nothing to tell people better keep quiet. Soon we’ll start counting days. Bally is coming. Our Zambia full of milk and honey is coming

  18. Paul

    I have a problem to understand Habazoka,s statements each time he makes an economic analysis of the country,s economy.He shows partisanship with little regard to the economic activities of the nation.If this position is still elective,l suggest a replacement is inevitable.EAZ under Aka.Mbikusita Lewanika was more articulate than now.

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