Chingola Council Seeks PPPs For Skills Training

The Chingola Municipal Council says it will engage private entities to enter into Public Private Partnerships to help revamp skills training centres in the District.

Speaking when he toured skills training centres in the District in the company of Council Director of Housing and Social Services Tilyenji Mwanza, Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo said he is hopeful that the move will help remove young people from illegal mining activities.

Mr Tembo said the manner in which young people are finding it easy to engage in illegalities is worrying and could be attributed to the absence of such facilities.

He said once skills training centres are revamped, it will help keep busy some youths who have nothing productive to do.

Mr Tembo said the Council has resolved to look for ways that will empower local community participants, especially the youth, through its skills centres.

Meanwhile, Mr Tembo, who also inspected other skills centres that need empowerment, was pleased with the tailoring and carpentry skills trainings being offered at Nchanga Youth Development Centre and Chitimukulu Community Centre respectively.

He said it is also encouraging to note that the Councils have empowered the tailors with necessary resources that will eventually see them produce clothing such as Personal Protective Equipment and uniforms.

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