Chiteme Asks Church To Pray For President Lungu

Nkana Member of Parliament Alexander Chiteme has donated K30,000 and music equipment to United Church of Zambia Buchi Congregation.

And the law marker has asked the Church to pray for President Edgar Lungu whom he said needs divine support in view of challenges that have hit the nation.

Speaking when he attended the induction service of Reverend Jane Chibubi, Mr Chiteme said the Church is a very key partner in national development.

He noted that leaders overseeing public affairs need prays to continue looking after the people in a befitting manner.

Mr Chiteme has further indicated that the church should also continue to work closely with government in fostering development.

He said that currently, the country is faced with a lot of problems and the Church needs to move in to offer prayers and spiritual guidance.

Meanwhile, Reverend Chibubi says the Coronavirus outbreak has not spared the church at time the word of God needs to be spread.

She stated that the church will continue to work closely with the government to ensure the welfare of its members are improved.


  1. Rhk

    To pray for Lungu,what did he do to the people of Zambia , corruption, gassing,hunger & roadsheding.but he is doing it deliberately hance you say church should pray for Lungu. I


    Kikikikikikikiki… I think you have now known who Seer 1 is.

  3. Razor

    His beyond prayer now, prayer cannot help him.

  4. SOS

    Just let ECL confess to the people and The Almighty GOD for a gassing the Zambian citizens,corruption involving the 48 houses,fire tenders,the hoax coronavirus which has punished three quarters the Zambian population and many more sins known and unknown to the people then will he be able to stand a chance of being prayed for or else the man will go to hell.

  5. Ba planner

    So we are playing human being or playing to God to help Zambia

  6. Joe

    Jehovah give long life to our President

  7. Kamfwiti

    Lets pray this is spiritual batle only sanctimonious people can take part in the fight.

  8. Jessey Lingard

    Nothing for the churches to start praying for ECL wat for? Let’s pray to God who saves us

  9. HP

    I will only pray to God that he may bring peace to all the people ..

  10. Peeks

    Mockery! Praying for the ‘Don’ himself? Time up! Kuya bebele!

  11. Mwale

    Kkkkk…. time wasting,seer1 is bitting you day and night

  12. Zedpoor people

    We pray for good health and then for that person to do the good dids. However, that cannot be said if that person, all he has introduced is corruption at a grand scale, nepotism, hooliganism and gassing.

  13. Muko1

    Let Him Pray 4 Himself Y Forcing Fellw Humans,2021 Last


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