‘HH’s Insults Speak Volumes Of His True Character’

PF media director Sunday Chanda has condemned UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for insulting during a rally in Lukashya on Sunday.

Mr Chanda said it is shocking that a man aspiring for the highest office of the land uttered insults not only in public but in the presence of respected women and men, saying that was a taboo and a revelation of his true underlying character.

Mr Chanda, who was speaking on ISO FM Radio in Muchinga Province today, said Mr Hichilema should henceforth render an apology as the insults he made are not only demeaning to women and men but a taboo and go against the social and moral fiber of the Zambian culture and society.

“It is shocking for a man aspiring for the highest office of the land to utter insults not only in public but in the presence of our respected women and men. This indeed speaks volumes on the true character of Mr Hichilema and confirms that he does not mean well,” Mr Chanda said.

He also implored the electorates of Lukashya and Mwansabombwe to vote for the PF to ensure continuity in implementation of developmental projects in their areas and
acknowledged that the PF’s development accomplished so far has not come without challenges such as the COVID-19, climate change and droughts.

Mr Chanda, however, assured that the government remains resolute and committed to ensure that all the projects are completed and urged people to continue believing on the party’s vision.


  1. jmm

    What do you expect from a man who’s Master is from Indian Ocean? Ichikwanka bachimona ku mpalanya be warned ZAMBIA

  2. jmm

    What do you expect from a man who’s Master is from the Indian Ocean? Ichikwanka bachimona ku mampalanya be warned ZAMBIA


    Ocean language. He is used to that.

  4. HervRena

    Imwe,when somebody says””chikala chobe I celebrate,because him doesn’t have one.Malumbo.

  5. SOS

    Lukasha is UPND stronghold,there we go ni forward,forward,forward cabe come on people lets flash out the dirty poor fashioned idiots.

    • Useless leaders in Zambia

      I concur with you Mr SOS, let us flash out these idiots ba pompwe, thieves, corrupt government

  6. SOS

    Concerned citizen amplified where is your sweeper Moses a foolish fool cadre?

  7. Sosa

    Ati Sunday chambaa……cipuba cikashala pamabwe come 2021 wanya!!!!!!…….wembwa weeee.

  8. Big People

    Bafikala ba mwankole ba P F, come 2021winangu azalila


    Guys please let’s respect one another tulibakulu ,why you caders likes insele? Be humans ubufontini too much in you carders

    • Mulo

      Be realistic dude its nt kadas hu ar insulting its hakainde hu is nw reducing himslf to a mere kada,he hs nw gone off his lane nd opted to go for insults

    • Insele

      Bapalana name HH.

  10. Op


  11. Chubs

    Don’t try to change the subject no harm done PF are thieves too much suffering ku ya be bele

  12. Ecl


  13. Jessey Lingard

    Kkkkkk but pa Zed shuwa awe mwandi

  14. Dr D

    HH forward
    No one is perfect

  15. Chis B.

    Go foward Zambia 2021 with insulters,robers,vandalisers mmmm what a nice leadership o f hh 2021

  16. francis

    You shall know them by there fruits.zambians have spiritual eyes

  17. Jj

    An insult in one area is not an insult in another. In his own language chikala means shallow mindedness or shallow well.

  18. Kkk

    Koma ngani bena ukuletafye umungulu pa media

  19. Man of substance

    HH atukana fyabipa
    Mabumba afula fyena ni nomal

  20. Barrack

    Iwe ulemt

  21. Mwale

    chikala it’s not an insult iwe chikala

  22. Ni Forwand Ine

    no matter what kuya bebele

  23. Elite citizen

    We dnt care.. Stil forwad! some of u follow blindly! u dnt even papers frm school suport a govt that only cares bout it self while u p.F thugs languishing in extreme poverty.. We the educated elite have decided ni forward forward all way

  24. JMS

    Sunday Chanda had a chance on debate with Nawa but unfortunately he speaks nonsense. what ever comes from HH is all blessings. That sit isn’t suitable for you.

  25. Jjj

    Forward chabe 2021 ba pf ba mwakole

  26. See Mind

    From now share cake both two PF and UPND Kose kupoka vote ni pa mutima. (Tulyemo ukutampa nomba mpaka next year july 2021

  27. nshilimubemba

    HH is not morally fit to be a president in Zambia he is a wrong person to entrust with power, unfortunately Zambians are so desperate that they want to put the devil in state house and if they succeed they will regret.
    I wonder how some men of God can promote such an evil person, I think those so called men of God with him are just imposters who don’t value uprightness in the nation.
    What we have heard is a clear demonstration of the dangers to come to this nation .
    The guy is so immoral that he can’t even pretend to be a good man, as for me I don’t respect anyone who can shout such insults at people, it shows how dirty he is in his mind.
    Those are insults you only catch at stations when dirty minded boys haul at each other stinky are , those words they just undress you if you are listening to them .

  28. Bafya tile.

    Wanya wanya tateka icalo ,is a fool

  29. Jonathan chimbalanga

    Ecl for life aba Bambi kaya

  30. Zedpeople

    The insult if thought of being one was directed towards the corrupt who spent $42m on buying fire tenders not even worth half of the said amount.

  31. Fufu zeze

    Not n of us can change what is written in heaven. Even when f we insult.

  32. Leon

    HH in coming in as President in 2021 and he says he will make sure stollen monies by any mwankole will be recovered

  33. hhhh

    HH in now popular in all the regions. Forward

  34. Mpandamano

    Iwe kachema, If I came to your residence nasanga bana, your own children and then I say chikala wiso where is he? What would be the reaction of your family? Uletontonkakanya chikala. Whoever taught you bemba of insults naowine ni chikala.

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