JCC Recommends Removal Of Magistrate Simusamba From Judiciary

The Judicial Complaints Commission (JCC) has made a recommendation that Lusaka principal resident magistrate David Simusamba be removed from the judiciary following complaints of wrongdoing on his part.

The JCC, through its secretary Ms Naisa Makeleta, has written to National Democratic Congress leader Mr Chishimba Kambwili who had lodged a complaint against Magistrate Simusamba, alleging that the judicial officer had solicited a bribe in order to drop the case of forgery against him.

“The JCC resolved to submit a report to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) with a recommendation that proceedings be commenced by the said body for the removal of magistrate Simusamba as a judicial officer,” the JCC stated in the letter, adding that the JSC secretary has since responded, stating that the Judiciary management has been tasked to further enquire into the allegations against magistrate Simusamba.

“Further, that the Commission shall be informed of the course of action to be taken by the JSC after completion of the internal processes,” Ms Makeleta’s letter read.


  1. Python

    Yes that idiot should be removed

  2. Otmar Hambale

    Everything has an expiry date. When you begin to behave like a national hero that is when GOD the creator who created the world and all the living things comes in to put you where you belong, under the feet of those whom you thought you were going to manipulate forever. Do not forget that whatever wrong you do today will haunt you for the rest of your life. From hero to ZERO.

  3. CTC

    Democracy at work. Gone are the days when it was the president who could get rid of these judges. ECL signed the 2016 Constitution that changed that and gave power and independence to the JCC to deal with its officers. Well done, Chagwa.

  4. Banja

    Next should be Nigel Mutuna. A well known corrupt judge

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