Law Finally Catches Up With Violent Mucheleka

Police in Kasama district of Northern Province have arrested UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka and two others with aggravated robbery and malicious damage to property after they attacked a mobile national registration officer and stole a printer, a generator and blank NRC cards, among other items on Sunday evening.

And Northern Province police commissioner Mr Richard Mweene has told voters to isolate those who turn violent during campaigns instead of selling their messages to get votes.

He told Zambia Reports in an interview that Mr Mucheleka, along with Mr Elias Mubanga, 53 and Mr Samuel Ngwira, 42, were nabbed after district registration officer Mr John Kela reported the attack that happened at Chitamba village to the police on Sunday evening.

“I can confirm that yesterday, Sunday, 13th September, 2020, at about 18:00hrs, UPND cadres and officials attacked and robbed mobile registration officers of a printer, a genset, a laminating machine, an adaptor, blank NRC cards, carbon paper, and a camera. They also went further to maliciously damage 3 type writters and later fired a gun and threatened people in the area. This happened in Chitamba village in chief Mwamba’s area in Kasama district, under Lukashya constituency,” Mr Mweene told Zambia Reports.

“This incident was reported by Mr John Kela, a district registration officer. We made follow-ups and in the process, we have nabbed three UPND officials, Mr Patrick Mucheleka, Mr Elias Mubanga and Samuel Ngwira. They are in our custody and we will ensure they appear in court as soon as it is practically possible. They have been charged with aggravated robbery and malicious damage to property.”

He said the police would ensure law and order is maintained during campaigns and voting day, and warned that anyone who would be found engaging in violence will be arrested and prosecuted.

“As police, we shall be there to maintain law and order and ensure that all those who engage in violence are dealt with severely without looking at their political affiliation. Political parties should simply sell their messages to the people and let people make their choices. In fact, when you are violent, that threatens the voters and it leads to voter apathy. People should not engage in violence in this modern day. Whoever will foment violence will be arrested and taken to court. We urge them to be peaceful and report those who are violent and isolate them. It is retrogressive to be violent in this day and age,” Mr Mweene said.


  1. Razor

    Have you also arrested those issuing NRCs to underage children and foreigners?

  2. Anthobalacho

    Under age and foreignners kkkkkkk this is chambia

  3. Mulo

    No under age ar registering as votaz th upnd is now shivering again

  4. busybee

    Comment we want peaciful campaighns

  5. Sky

    HH should stop insulting in public he is breaking down his reputation


    Kaya bane

  7. Chikala

    Imwe bafikala HH did nothing wrong

    • Pharaoh

      Your response deserves your name.No one can doubt about it and may you be forgiven cause you’re still in the darkness.

  8. Pharaoh

    I said it earlier that onced the culprits are apprehended,they will review under which party they belong to.Anyway,let the law take its course to who ever breaks in order to gain insanity in.our country as long as police are impartial when handling these delicate national issues.

  9. Donqueen

    A cadre invades a police station, robs a cop and beats up others and you failed to slap him with a non-bailable offence.


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