Opinion: Mwaitaya Mudala HH!

It is always wise to manage excitement. We saw this excitement from Mr Hakainde Hichilema through that live stream of his rally in Lukashya constituency of Kasama to drum up support for his party’s candidate in this week’s by-election.

He has been in Lukashya campaigning peacefully, he has met several people who have given him a warm welcome without any problem. But then, he fails to take charge of his mouth when the people applauded him and ends up using a derogatory word! His choice of words at that rally revealed who he truly is – a foul mouthed man.

We are not so surprised that he said what he said; he has finally come out to reveal his true image and not that which he claims to possess. That Bemba word he used to communicate a message to the people that turned up to listen to him is distasteful, and not expected of people who claim leadership and aspire for the country’s top most position! It was an insult not only to the people who attended that rally but the entire Bemba kingdom and for that, he must be brought to the pedestal of dishonor and be told forthrightly that his choice of words was way off mark and not expected of leaders of this country. He is not different from the kaponyas that have no morals or manners to write home about. It’s no wonder he fails to even spend a second to condemn the thuggery and violence of his cadres and ends up justifying most of the shameful acts they have been engaging in.

You see, you cannot lie about your true character forever. A few people can be fooled here and there but with time, one’s true character finally comes out to the fore and becomes difficult to hide, which is now the case of Mr Hichilema, Mr Bally. If he can spew such things at a public rally without shame, we shouldn’t expect him to do any better beyond the insults he has shown us he is good at. A true Bally should lead by example and show the young ones how to conduct themselves in public. Nobody can walk with their head high if their bally is a master in vulgarity.

Mr Hichilema definitely crossed the line here and every Zambian who understands the importance of morality should not hesitate to call him out on this. Supporting that will be nothing but high level mediocrity.


  1. PAOLO


  2. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Ati “High levels of mediocrity”kkkk

  3. VK


  4. Arthur Mwiinga

    Such a laughable editorial 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Mulenga

    Iwe nothing like that ndiwe unataika 2021 kuya bebele

  6. kevin

    not useful post

  7. Mr more hitz

    Pathetic artical… This is now comedy.. We are tired of this grade one journalism

  8. Emmanuel mulenga

    What is happening in our nation is this Christianity surely

  9. Bizmack

    Save the Zambians from the jaws of the Crocks if u can man🙏🙏

  10. Harry Chinkumbi

    Context matters. If you hate him, already, then aitaya. But for those that love him, that was nothing. Besides, they hear that word

    • What do you mean

      Confirming that he insulted? If it was a mistake let him apologise. If it was intentional no need to apologise because that’s his hidden nature

  11. Ms

    He will never rule.

  12. St. Luciferus

    Hahaha, actually, hearing him use that word has made me make up my mind that am voting for him. That aggression is what we have been asking for. He is no longer the businessman but a politician!

  13. If not

    Using the word chikala to an audience comprising of all age groups is nonsensical. Mostly this word is used among folks.

    • Pharaoh

      IF NOT has spoken niceliy with some sense in it. Though some people may say “Malumbo”. Yes we may agree but it has a specific time or environment, in a jokingly manner,it can be directed to your best friend of the same age .Am affraid and not in support that such a word could be be used on an audience with different sex, age.Its true many people may conclude that the man was not considerate or not selective when he such a word at a public rally.

  14. Cozcowjr

    “Dad bafikala wants to see you” translate this ilumbo in tonga.

  15. If not

    That wasn’t fun at all but stupidity from hh. Among the people he was addressing some were more like his parents , uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters.

  16. Cozcowjr

    Useful bemba idiots oh! sorry idioms

  17. HH is losing again in 2021

    Chikala chobe

  18. Rubbish

    PF sponsored reporter, you are an idiot + mother f…… k

  19. Monster among men

    I agree with professor Patrick lumumba when he talked about African journalism to be rubbish. Fake stories

  20. Vmix898

    Seems like Zambia reports is always against the opposition… I have never seen you positive things about upnd or any other opposition parties

    • Justice

      Umuntu ni lungu. 2021 yakwe na ba mama Inonge Mutukwa wina.These leaders mean the truth for our beloved mother Zambia. Economy ikaba bwino mqe bena zambia

  21. Chaya diga lungu

    Chikala is not an insult, if it is then what language is it. don’t tell me its bemba coz there is no such word as chikala

    • Kawasaki

      @Chaya diga lungu chikala cha wiso

      • PF no chance

        Kawasaki you are idiot and your insults goes straight to your father and your grandfather, stupidity + foolishness you empty headed fool

  22. Danilo

    Weather he insult or what he is still winning 2021 up to HH

  23. Danilo

    Weather he insult or what he is still winning 2021 up to HH.

  24. Danilo

    In tonga we call mugodi

  25. Mkd

    Apologies! He wanted to say, ‘Chikalambile’.

  26. Jata Pay

    We are happy that HH is a street loving guy. By saying chikala i now know the pain he feels on my behalf because i cant say how much damage the pf government has done to my suffering felow Zambians

  27. Anonymous

    I can’t t believe he had the time to write all this meaningless blob. He could have used his time to understand why the PF is losing or simply watch some memmes on Facebook to soothe him. Sorry boss. Kuya bebele😅

  28. Wandi

    Chicolor is going to win

  29. HervRena

    When one sounds”chikala chine” just know that him doesn’t have one..!

  30. Buju

    We have more important issues to pursue, value of the kwacha, corruption, stealing of national resources…why not use your energy on these serious issues. I’d rather be insulted by one who is not corrupt than one who gives me peanuts and still steals from me

  31. Big People

    Even if it was me, I would have insulted bcoz what PF has done to our country Zambia. And even if you say he insulted I will still vote for him




  33. Bmk

    A true never insult

  34. Bmk

    A true leader never insult

  35. Bally aleisa

    Y_bamwankole u ha’v no campaign strategy for 2021 ur politics business now is valueless everything u should try to convince the Zambain’s people against HH this time is for fake, Bill 10 failed, tribelism failed, privatisation of National assets failed an now u are busy saying he is insult the Bemba an Zambian people wy? imwe ba mwankole? just let him to rule the situation time it self talk now to change not ur own opinion, not my own opinion no but the Zambain’ mindset desire to do so.,🤚🙉 mind u take note the more u are attack hh is the more is become popular to the Nation of Zambain .. driver aleisa… careful

    • Mulelekwa

      Why majoring in minors….WHY HH and not late Michael Chilufya Data ,GBM or Chishimba Kambwili.Have you ever had time to listeni to any of those…..stupid tribalists hiding behind one and Common lexical item. Have you ever considered the scale of damage made to our country as a result of the currently THUGGERY in the sphere of POLITICs come on grow you shallow minded Citizen.

  36. Jk

    E/P has names like Thole, Mboro, Mafudzi and does not become an insult when one says ‘iwe Mboro come here’ The Tonga dictionary defines chiral as a shallow well or shallow mindedness.

  37. John

    Right an insult is an insult


    Chiikala is a kapnde word from Kongo.
    It is composed of chi_means giant thing, and ikala _ meaning sit idle.
    It thus giant organs that are idle and not functioning according to purpose
    In the context hh used it refering to dishing out cash during, campaigns, it is not an insult at all.

  39. u know it

    Only time will tell

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