Police IG Warns UPND Against Lawlessness

Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja has warned the UPND against continued lawlessness following the opposition party’s attacks on officials conducting mobile national registration card issuance in Lukashya.
Mr Kanganja stated that the action by the UPND to attack registration officers was uncalled for.
“I wish to sound a strong and timely warning to the suspected United Party for National Development (UPND) Cadres who stormed a registration centre in Chitamba village in Lukashya of Northern Province on 13th September, 2020 and destroyed some machinery being used during the on-going mobile National Registration card (NRC) exercise, stealing some equipment as well as beating up officers they found at the centre. As Police , we strongly condemn the action taken by suspected UPND Cadres. We are all aware that the mobile registration exercise is not a hidden process because there has been maximum publicity about this activity way back before this process was commenced. Further, this exercise is being done in broad day light and not at night,” Mr Kanganja stated.

“Therefore , the action taken by UPND cadres to ransack the registration office and steal equipment is a bid draw back to this process being undertaken countrywide and cannot be condoned. If there are any suspicions or concerns, police are open and ready to receive complaints from anyone concerned regarding the exercise.”
He stated that the mobile issuance of NRC has no bearing on the by-elections currently taking place in Lukanshya and Mwansabombwe Constituencies as it was being done in preparation for the 2021 general elections.

“It is therefore disheartening to note that Political Parties that pledged to maintain peace during and after the by elections are the ones in the forefront perpetuating violence. I wish to warn that police will follow this matter to the latter and will take punitive action against all those found wanting. Let us respect Government workers who have sacrificed to perform this noble task of serving members of the public through issuance of National Registration Cards unlike victimising them,” Mr Kanganja stated.


  1. Koswe

    Ba ig don’t peAce for granted harmer I don’t ig who is corward peace in Zambia on your shoe wake up!!!

  2. AM

    Let the ones caught, act as the strong message to the lest of us, cage the that is sabotage in the broadday light plus political violence, this is not a case were someone has to pay money and released, you know someone who stole zesco cables at night are less dangerous compared to these thugs.

  3. Lungu

    Tell the pf to cancel innocent people prisoned

  4. Razor

    Why don’t you also warn the officials giving nrc to underage children.

  5. Zibazako

    Mr kanganja if this polical violence can start this time then think of how it will be during the 2021 general elections. Mr ig we don’t want blood please recruit more man power in the police service.

  6. Mulo

    Upnd ar a bg prblm all they want is to create an impression tht al is nt wel in zambia.each tym they realiz thngs ar nt gud for them they resolt to violence.

  7. WAIT

    Sometimes l wonder,if people use their brains to think cause those people who are getting nrc aee not pf some of them are upnd and if you stop that process who is going to suffer ukupoka ichinsenda kunkoko kunakillila not thw the way you are doing

  8. Mwale

    Just release them,where is jj?munachosa

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