Chingola Marketeers In K200,000 Windfall

Marketeers in Chingola have received K200,000, a revolving fund from President Edgar Lungu.

And Chingola member of parliament Mr Matthew Nkhuwa has disclosed that the revolving fund is from President Lungu aimed at empowering them.

Speaking when he handed over the cash, Mr Nkhuwa said President Lungu appreciates the role people in the informal sector continue to play.

He said those in the informal sector are key players who need support to grow their businesses and help others.

Mr Nkhuwa said the Head of State is aware of how marketeers suffered at the hands of lending institutions and individuals.

He said most traders have been paying back money for the loans they got at exorbitant interest rates.

Mr Nkhuwa added that the revolving fund to be distributed to the traders, is expected to be paid back to support other groups.

The money has been given to marketeers at Chiwempala, Maiteneke and Lulamba markets and another group would benefit soon.

Meanwhile, Association of Vendors and Marketeers Chingola District Chairman David Munkombe has thanked President Lungu for the support.

He said the capital given to them will go a long way in boosting their business activities.

Mr Munkombe has since urged all beneficiaries to ensure they pay back to allow others to benefit from the fund.


  1. Musyani

    This is what R200,000 per market or to be shared by everyone in the market?
    Where has this money been all along?has this new governor started printing for campaign already?
    I hope people realize that that is there money they can have it but it must not blind them that they are being bought for the next election.

  2. Nat

    Iwe stop thinkin everythin is politics,the president is human nd its in his nature to help.all the same or whichever way u ar takin it,people hav benefitted so stop ur being silly

  3. JMS

    We luck those who can help permanently but for sure time will tell when it arrives, come 2021.

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