Lungu Puts Luapula, Western Provinces Top On Development Agenda

President Edgar Lungu has said the PF government is determined to turn around Luapula and Western provinces which have for many years lagged behind in terms of development.

Addressing village headmen in Mwansabombwe on Monday where he was to drum up support for the ruling party candidate in Thursday’s Mwansabombwe parliamentary by-election Kabaso Kampampi, President Lungu said the desire of his government is to take development to every rural part and no area will be left out of the PF’s development agenda.

The Head of State further said the PF government has not only improved agriculture in Mwansabombwe but also taken electricity to the area, which will help turn around the fortunes of the area.

President Lungu further pledged to send water development minister Jonas Chanda to Mwansabombwe to resolve the water supply problems being faced by the people.


  1. kevin

    too late

  2. Kashitu

    Actions speak louder than words😏

  3. The big dog

    Now i knw that lungu is brainless he is using the dmmu as his campaigning tool, last time it was in chilubi were he had to give them mealie meal under the dmmu nd nw of all the schools their roofs were brown off by the wind last rain season bt he has chosen to take care of the one wer the by elections are taking place even the youth emperwerment thing was for each nd evry zambia youth to benefit from bt nw he is using the same money for campaigns, shame on u mr fake lawyer.

  4. wiseman


  5. St. Luciferus

    Too late. Bakakucita ububi iwe.

  6. Kk11

    It’s to late mr president, nothing will change our minds . We are tired with you and your fake promises,🤤✋👋 we are moving forward

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