A Certain Party Won’t Rule Zambia Until They Realise Power Belongs To People – Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has said until they realise that power belongs to the people, a certain opposition political party will never rule this country.

He said this at a rally in Lukashya on Tuesday to drum up support for the PF candidate Mr George Chisanga in tomorrow’s election.

The Head of State said even in 2021, the Zambian people will vote for the Patriotic Front.

“There is a certain party in this country that will never rule. This is because they don’t know that power belongs to the people, so until they realize that power belongs to the people, that is when they can have hopes of winning. It is because of this that we know that we will win; even in 2021, the people of Zambia will vote for us again,” President Lungu declared.

He further advised Mr Chisanga to remember the people of Lukashya after he is ushered into office.

President Lungu told PF members of parliament who were in the habit of not visiting their constituencies that they risk losing their positions next year as they are failing to take development to their areas.

“Some people are wondering why the PF is not developing their areas; it is because some of these MPs in PF are not taking development in those areas. Be like me who worked with the people of Chawama when I was an MP until the late president Michael Sata saw leadership qualities in me and elevated me,” President Lungu said.


  1. Seer#1

    You will see in 2021, it’s when you will believe that people changes. Come 2021

    • Iconic everything

      I salute you sir mwankole takapite 😂🤣😂🤣

    • Holyshit!

      Lungu has the qualities of a dictator, we will not allow him to rule for another five years again. He’ll forever be shamed for what he’s done to us

  2. Leon

    Let’s just get the monies we are given but donchi kubeba HH is the right person for the job period

  3. See Mind

    Let’s follow now because of campaign we eat with them together , but vote for HH PF they will cry like Mutarika in Malawi !!!

  4. Otmar Hambale

    GOD has the final say in whatever we do and say. Some time back when the Republican president was in Livingstone, he said a Tonga will not rule this country and yesterday in Lukashya he said a certain political party will never rule this country until they realize that power belongs to the people. So if power belongs to the people then that is an admission by the president that the same people who voted for them has the same power to vote against them in the forth coming elections next year on Thursday 12th August 2021.

  5. X4

    I cnt waist my tym votin for a tribal party lik UPND no wonder it has been in opposition 4 over 2 decads now,tested lidaship is far mch beta than forming an experimental govt.evn if HH were to contest in an election wth nawakwi he wud stll lose jst look at th way he has bin recently losing local govt elections in hs so caled political bedrooms.And wat magic can he use today to defeat pf in its strong hold?not in zambia my friends may b in US politics.

  6. XXX

    2021 escape from sorbibo

  7. No fear

    Degree,but nothing in head.This is the time that you were supposed to focus on the economy which the country is facing. That position is not one person.

  8. No fear

    Control your grammar, it is not mmmmmmm

  9. Useless leaders in Zambia

    You gonna swallow your words come 2021and that is when you are going to die with depression. Mind you Zambia doesn’t belong to PF you gonna cry your lungs out, mark my words

    • Joseph Zulu

      In 2011 on voting daysome youths at Vera chiluba basic school along slick Bukhara road theymocked shouted PF cadres that sata will never rule Zambia I told these guys that u RE not god wait for days to come by we happened they are now PF cadres

  10. David Kaluna

    What is this person talking about. He must be thankfull for ruling sleeping Zambians. He knows that he comes from Malawi. Like many of them they turned into a Zambians by virtue of his residence in Zambia. Claiming villages as their places of origin when they have never even been there. This is a source of violence and confusions in many African countries. In Ivory Coast such characters goe exposed. Zambians are still sleeping. Even fighting and killing each. Like Mainza Chona used to say “Shemuna wane! Shame!”. Wake up you Zambians.

  11. O

    Irresponsible remarks,,,,God gives,,,God takes,,, people have suffered enough!!!!! Respect others,,respects others political parties,,,you all on the same boat … standing to be voted by people. People will choose on merit.

  12. X4

    Guys no matter hw many colours u paint th pf wth ,yo wshes wont succed.in a democracy and as a developin country we dnt change govts as tho u ar changin cloths.wat big thing has ths serpent HH done for us such tht we shud b praizn him all year round?wake country men he claims to b wealthier bt wen askd to tel th nation where he got th wealth frm he feels ofended,nd ths is th same guy u ar worshipin daily idiots.

  13. Jayz

    2021 forward 😂😂

  14. Edward Havuluma

    I don’t know someone is in office busy campaigning people when I’ll he leave the office?

  15. Sunny

    Too bad to hear such encouragement from the owner of state we have suffered too much 2021 come you will remember prophet seer 1 what he told you bamwangole you can’t manage economy

  16. Seer 1

    Too bad to hear such encouragement from the owner of state we have suffered too much 2021 come you will remember prophet seer 1 what he told you bamwangole you can’t manage economy

  17. Alex nawa kwalombota

    Sorry you wont make it in 2021 you wii ary

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