Chisanga Humbly Begs For Votes In Lukashya

PF candidate in tomorrow’s Lukashya by-election Mr George Chisanga has asked the people in the area to vote for him as he will not abandon them.
“I am begging you mwebena Nkole to give me your votes. I am on my knees that on Thursday, you vote for me, George Chisanga umwana wakwa Nkole Mfumu,” Mr Chisanga begged at a rally which was addressed by President Edgar Lungu on Tuesday.

And PF mobilization vice-chairman Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, the former UPND vice president, urged people of Lukashya not to respect leaders who insult while nominated member of parliament Raphael Nakachinda urged voters not to entertain UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, whom he referred to as an enemy of peace, who should not be given any chance.


  1. Big People

    Kkkkkkkkk,,,,, it’s true that ba mwankole balamoneka ukuba humble , begging for the votes from people. Lukashya People plz don’t vote for the mwankoles they are just looking humble bcoz of the elections, Let’s try to give other people maybe they can manage the Country.

  2. peace maker

    kneeling for a vote doesnt mean the guy is humble,mwalimumonapo amifukamina libe talaisa mukulomba am votes,chenjeleni naba bantu after 17th september ngamwamupa am votes takatale afukamapo nakbili mpaka 2021 elo akesa mukufukama

  3. Mulo

    How i wsh i hailed frm lukashya,i wud hav tot th upnd a gud leson tht wen u want samthn frm samone u dnt hav to insult them .no wonder mwinelubemba nd his counterpat denied the serpent a chance to evn hav a glimpse in their palaces while dr.lungu ws allowed.one wud ask a question to say wat wll b tomorow’ s outcom in the by-elections?th ans.is simple patriotic front wll cary th day com wat may th rizon being tht we ar busy walkin th tok period.

  4. Concerned citizen



    UPND twalawina mwatapenga yeye we tuzwemubuzike

  6. Mk

    I hope u continue kneeling even when you are in power

  7. If not

    PF will carry the day tomorrow no matter what.

  8. Otmar Hambale

    Tondolo musuma: People whom we know very well that they have aquired degrees and doctorates in insulting other people are the ones who are now accusing the innocent opposition political leader that he insults when it is him who has a dictionary of insults. And the other boot licker says president Hakainde Hichilema is the enemy of peace when in reality it is him nakachinda who was expelled from the mmd and he was nominated as a member of Parliament by president Lungu and now he is trying to please the appointing authority. This is the original sebana wikute syndrome from ba mwankole abalaba eko bafuma.👹😈.

  9. Peeks

    Today you are kneeling before us and next time we want express our grievances ati disgruntled citizens elo nileta umunwe nsumeko! You are useless! So you know we can employ or reject you yet you just want to accumulate your own wealth and not represent your people! PF! Zwaaaaa

  10. Masturbator

    Don’t beg people to vote for you, that is deceiving. You need to show people that u are competent enough to lead and have ideas that can lead to development, they need to vote based on whether they see you fit to do what they want. Don’t kneel down and beg for votes so that people can be tricked emotionally to vote for u. Nonsense! People wake up! They trick us into voting for them and when they are in power they take us for granted.

  11. Mwale

    People of lukasha, don’t vote for that fool,he is just fooling you

  12. Mwale

    Te uyuwine victim wakwa seer1

  13. Komboni

    Oh you have missed the results? Its UPND victory!!!

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