Chitimukulu Explains Why He Refused To Meet HH

Paramount chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people of Northern Province has explained that he refused to meet UPND president Hakainde Hichilema because his political partners in the opposition alliance referred to him as a misplaced and wrong person on the throne.
The Chitimukulu said the opposition UPND leader demeaned him and said because of that, there is no way he can meet him.
The traditional leader said when President Edgar Lungu paid a courtesy call on him at his palace in Mungwi on Tuesday that Mr Hichilema refused to distance himself from the statement issued by the opposition alliance, while NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili apologized to him.
He said Chiefs were supposed to be impartial but work with the government of the day, stating that it was due to that reason that he welcomed opposition leaders to his palace.


  1. Samson mwansa

    The chief presides over the sober and confused pipo in any chiefdom.The chief was wrong to deny HH an audience.I know chiefs in Southern province that meet ECL when called upon.Mwalitena Shi lubemba.

  2. edgar chibuta

    How many times do you want the Paramount Chief to explain matters related to this position? He explained in the video that has hitherto gone viral and the explanation is clear

  3. Gessik

    Chieftaincy should never be demeaned by politicians.Its only the Head of state who can be above chief but even then,tradition demands that whoever goes into the chiefs kingdom should pay homage to the chief of that land,and the chief has the powers to accept or reject it.

  4. Chitapankwa

    This is the ka small minded chief Sata tried to keep away from being chief. He has been proven correct in his judgment.


    Am very suprised, this chief is a political cader.

  6. Monster among men

    Chiefs should be non partisan, how does he address his people who come from different political background. Chiefs should be neutral. Tell him to apologise to God because he doesn’t qualify to rule God’s people. He is preaching hatred. It is abomination before God. Repent and preach Love to the Zambian people. We come from one God. God is watching.


    As a Paramount chief his role is to help and give councel to his subjects and when a chief rejects his subject because of an political diferences then he/she will be lebelled as a cadre. We have seen and read Mwinelubemba’s writings as a pure and strong PF cadre whose inscriptions are of divide and rule but people in his chiefdom have rejected including his cabinet advisors because they know that Tongas are part of Zambia.

  8. Lethal Weapon

    Michael Sata strongly opposed this man as successor to that throne…we now see the reasons….he is wrongly placed.


    He is our paramount chief and we respect him so much,but where the selecting of who to rule us politically is concerned,we are not with him,he cant manipulate any one,we will vote for who we want…

  10. Ndakujata

    Some of the comments are not wealth reading.

  11. The educator

    a misinformed chief..a misguided chief and a misled chief.. sad developed.. we pitty him

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