Police Arrest 2 In Kasama Over Political Violence

Police in Northern Province have arrested two people suspected to be PF cadres for allegedly damaging a motor vehicle, a Toyota Vista registration number ABT 375, property of Jairos Simbeye.

Police have since warned all political players that they will not tolerate any thuggery by any individual under the guise of politics.

Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo stated that the two people have been identified as Jannie Yamba Yamba and Witson Mutanda.

“The incident occurred today 16th September, 2020 at about 10:00 hours in Kasama District. The complainant who was in the company of his friend were about to come out of shoprite where they had gone to buy commodities when a group of people clad in PF regalia surrounded their motor vehicle painted in UPND colours. Upon seeing the group, they went back in the shop but one of them only identified as Gideon was recognised and followed by the thugs and assaulted him and he sustained injuries. The thugs later damaged the said motor vehicle which was parked at Shoprite,” she said.

Ms Katongo said Yamba Yamba, the suspect in malicious damage, is also facing a charge of assault.

“He is alleged to have assaulted Mwila Kampamba aged 26 of Site and Service in Monze District,” she said.

Ms Katongo said the suspects are detained in police custody and will be appropriately charged.

“During the same confusion, Janny Yamba Yamba aged 34, the suspect in the case of malicious damage, reported to have been unlawfully wounded by suspected UPND cadres using a machete. The victim sustained a deep cut in the head. Investigations have been instituted in the matter,” she said.

And Ms Katongo warned that the police will not tolerate any thuggery.

He urged political players to be tolerant and concentrate on promoting their ideals as opposed to taking the route of violence.

“Police shall not spare any individual that will be found wanting,” Ms Katongo said.


  1. Gary Chizu

    Work hand to hand with violence

  2. Mngoni

    I caught: He (ms katongo) urged political players…….

  3. Otmar Hambale

    When the Patriotic Front cadres commit a criminal offense they are always treated with kid gloves and they are never arrested alone, but even those from the opposition upnd who are complainants are also slapped with any criminal offence which the appointing authority will instruct the arresting officer to charge them with so that they are also detained. I personally watched the video when they were destroying the car with impunity and without any fear of the law at kasama shoprite car park while the road traffic police officers were watching helplessly without taking any action. Had it been the Upnd cadres, they could have been shot dead or they could have been nursing gun shot wounds in hospital. This type of applying the law selectively does not make sense in a christian and democratic country. The arrested Patriotic Front cadres wil be charged with a lesser charge and may be, by now they have already been given a police bond and if the case goes to court, it will be a nolle prosqui. Mind you, GOD does not sleep or slumber, at the right time he will act, and HIS Justice is right and fair.

  4. Herv Rena

    If it is PF cadres,forget,they are already out and planning another attack with their sponsor.imagine a policeman somewhere even said,”muzachoka manj manje boss.

  5. Chendabusiku

    These are thugs or common criminals. police and media must stop this nonsense of calling thugs as cadres. Cadres are political affiliates and not criminals period. And anyone who commits an offence under the guise of a cadre becomes a criminal and not a cadre any more just like any common person who commits murder becomes a murderer period.

  6. Mk

    If up-to now we don’t know the owners of 48 houses that are built on that government land..
    How is it possible to arrest those pf cadres?
    For me I doubt maybe????????

  7. SIMG

    What’s happening in the country bad , people are taking the law in there hands without any fear, remember God is watching over you guys

  8. SIMG

    What’s happening in the country is bad , people are taking the law in their own hands without any fear, remember God is watching over you guys

  9. Mwale

    lungu kwake kunasila,we don’t want him anymore

  10. kascol

    It’s obvious that the normal people are the ones found at chainama and the opposite are the ones roaming the streets fighting for nothing.
    No matter what we say ababantu mashilu they will never learn.

  11. Lubinda mubita

    Too bad

    • Pharaoh

      But why fighting outside the boxing ring?. The only people will be aloud to fight is thought casting you vote in the ballot box kwasila.Its just like any sport you may recall that if a player fails to abide by the rules, he or she will be given s yellow or red card. This is child behaviour. As I said earlier on.Police officers must not be segregative who to arrest.Just like my brother has already lamented,who ever commits a crime despite being a carded of any political party,automatically the name or the subject changes to a criminal of that particular offence committed. Its to bad.What do they gain by engaging theirselves in those vices?.

  12. Chipundu

    Mother Zambia is a Christian Nation let not politics and violence divide our country’s soverignty.

  13. Chichi B.

    Upnd caders in pf lagaliers in action


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