It’s A UPND Cadre Who Started The Fight At Kasama Shoprite, Narrates Witness

It is a UPND cadre who started the fight at Kasama Shoprite which resulted into the party car being smashed by the PF cadres, eye witnesses have revealed.

One of the witnesses talked to at Shoprite just after the fight said the known UPND cadre intentionally followed the known PF cadres on purpose in Shoprite and started a fight.

The witness narrated that the fight became intense, reaching an extent where customers started running away from the shop.

The witness added that the UPND cadre was dragged out of the store in attempt to control the situation.

Another witness said the UPND cadre tried to run away from the fight he started but some women selling merchandise outside Shoprite premises with the help of some taxi drivers closed all the gates so that he does not run away.

He told the general public not to listen to allegations that it was the PF cadres who started the fight and he said the cadres involved in the fight were well known and they lived in the same area.


  1. X4

    Losers ar owez voilent they wll beliv tomorow as they ar headed for a big loss

    • Frank Chombela

      Where’s the video of the UPND cadre who started the fight in Shoprite? Do u think people are unable to reason and ask simple and straightforward questions?

  2. Razor

    Then how come it was two PF cadres that were arrested by the same PF police.

  3. Otmar Hambale

    The Patriotic Front cadres will never admit their wrong doings because they always find scape goats, i knew that they will change the statement and find false witnesses to defend the unruly thugs who were captured on camera destroying a car which belongs to a upnd cadre. Evidence is there for everyone to see, no doubt the pf is a violent party which has the blessings of the party top leadership.

  4. Boozhu

    I was wondering how the PF we’re going to spin this to blame the upnd as always. Stop the violence, you have the power to do so much good but you choose violence

  5. Cashman

    We knew this was going to be twisted by PF witnesses. How can a cadre behave like that in full view of the police. We ‘ll keep those videos and avail there when you leave power. Police are you sure you can’t save this country. From now onwards ‘ll be taking videos of police present as your fellow cadres are misbehaving. We know that the president is enjoying violence as he only threatens Upnd cadres and leaves his cadres to do whatever they want. Mr president can you save our nation. In a home you know the child who is stealing sugar but you are disciplining a different one ‘ll not help you solve the problem.

  6. Iwe ka Chris

    This ka reporter nika cadre also, I personally witnessed that thugary behavior at the shoprite by well known pf cadres and truthfully it was not the upnd who started the fight. The upnd car was parked right at the shoprite car park when the pf well known thugs came with their vehicle and blocked upnd vehicle came out of the vehicle and started beating up the upnd, they injured one and others escaped and that’s when they started breaking the upnd car into pieces and police wre also watching helplessly

    • Matumbo

      You were definitely not there. What you have receive is what everyone so on the clip which deliberately not show the beginning and the end. The end is that the two guys were arrested though the police took their time to act. The video is edited to remove the arresting part on purpose.

  7. Brizzy

    Fake news

  8. JMM

    Shallow thinking is the video the only emvidence? There were EYE WITNESSES at the scene

  9. Iwe che

    This is zed so don’t get so much suprised kaili you already know,, , Ni zed ino guys we just have to understand the situation and give our lives to Christ because this is the end of the age

    • Pharaoh

      Whether PF or UPND violence is not a remedy and no one will benefit out of it.So what?.

  10. The educator

    We know exactly what transpered… But we wl do to u what we did to rupiah when we voted for our late great sata.. P.F its time up! u wl be finished next year

  11. Voice of real zambian

    Some social medias can tell you that it is belongs to a certain political party for posting lies of the century.l was a eye witness! Ndelolesha fye🤔

  12. Mamamama

    Whether The UPND Cadre Started The Fight Or Not, It Was Not Supposed To Have Gone To Such An Extent. The Video Is Just Partial Evidence Bcz The Camera Only Started Capturing After The Whole Thing Had Already Started. Eyewitnesses From Inside Shoprite Are Also Important


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