Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of operations Bonny Kapeso has warned police officers against standing idly by while people break the law and order.

He warned it is unacceptable for police to behave in a way that shows lack of concern for maintaining law and order in the country.

Mr Kapeso said police officers must be proactive and diligently serve the service.


  1. Chaya diga lungu

    I wish Mr Kapeso B was the inspector general of police it could have been better, I wish he was the senior to Kanganja coz Mr kanganja is more of a cadre than a inspector general of police

  2. Zibazako

    We need more police officers Mr kapeso the number ratio of police officers in Zambia is just too small. Please recruit more police so that the citizens of this country can be protected.

  3. Kedrick siame

    At one Zambia one nationa police officers there are now pf candles nonsense.

  4. Shilika mubanga

    The pf government have given alot of powers to carders . and if the police acted upon them he or she could be fired , dismissed or forcely retired in the public interest we have witnessed alot of activities

  5. Observer

    Posterity will judge you harshly, as men who eroded democracy in Zambia, what you allow to happen is what you are, cadreism

  6. Jimmy

    When you wait for instructions from superiors to act this is what happens . If you go by law and arrest a PF cadre you are fired if lack transfered to a remote rural area of the country.
    Let the Police service operate freely

  7. Mwiche

    I wish we had 10 top police officers like you, Zambia would have been better items of valence

  8. Given Haks

    My free advise to Mr kakoma Kanganja the IG and Mr Kampyongo the Home Affairs Minister be active and know that you are not in a political offices but a public offices you’re sarving the public don’t remain silent over the matters concerning the public and their is a need to change the way you ar working don’t be selective otherwise you don’t qualify in those offices.

  9. Bruce

    Well spoken

  10. Agogo

    Letting a crime being committed while police officers are looking on is NEGLECT of DUTY and the officers involved should be punished under the Zambia police Act. If this is not done then it will show and prove that police are impartial and have fear to operat freely. Mr Kapeso should not only warn officers without taking action otherwise that big rank he carries is meaningless , he has to show for it! If the officers are not punished it is proof of incompetence of the worst kind by a public institution which subsists on Tax payers money .

  11. Agogo

    I meant partial!

  12. TOMMY

    Our next IG

  13. Bambala

    When we were lads in the 60’s, 70’s we used to run for our lives when we were being naughty and suddenly noticed a police officer just passing near to where we were. A friend of mine was once slapped by a passing officer for just reading a comic magazine as he was walking on the roadside, because in such a situation this friend could not have heard or seen an approaching vehicle. But today i have noticed police officers just walk past many young people insulting each other or even fighting in the Central Business Centre. Zambia has really gone to the dogs where law and order is concerned.
    The major cause of this is the police recruitment procedure. Very few of today’s officers actually have any passion of police work- they are just there for a salary. After Lilayi or Kanfinsa Colleges, they throw away their instruction notes. The young man Kapeso is correct in his instruction.

  14. lol

    in the 60 and 70s the police was called Zambia police force its headquarters was Zambia police force headquarters and during those times human rights activist where still far from our border lines after our law makers the MPs made the police force to be a police service taking away the brutal nature of the police force .if today a police officer brutalised an offender the public through human rights activists will condemn the officer. #law makers bring back the police force let our women and men in uniform work without political intimidation


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