Our Perspective | The Die Is Cast In Lukashya, Mwansabombwe

Lukashya ~ Thurs, 17 Sept 2020

By Editor

Voters in Lukashya and Mwansabombwe are this morning turning up to vote in the by-election that was necessitated by the deaths of area MPs Mwenya Munkonge and Rodgers Mwewa respectively.

Heated campaigns were held in the two areas, with the ruling Patriotic Front and opposition UPND battling it out for the two seats.

A few pockets of violence were seen during campaigns, although generally, most of them went on peacefully, a fact that even the Human Rights Commission has acknowledged. Peace during elections is extremely important in a constitutional democracy like ours. Violence scares away voters and ultimately leads to voter apathy.

Let there be peace in Lukashya and Mwansabombwe today and forever. Police should not hesitate to bring to book anyone seen to be behind violence. We saw this in Lukashya where UPND and PF members were nabbed for their involvement in violence and it shouldn’t end there.

May the best candidate win!


  1. Am Hoped Up

    Even if upnd don’t win the by-elections but as long as they get at least 30% to 40% of the votes we will take it as a success. Because these areas are seemingly pf dominated so just getting 30% of votes will show upnd have come far and are continually coming strong. What matters most is the race for presidency next year not MP sits. Forwardy iwe!

    • X4

      U hav started doubtin yo part,kip watchin com friday it wll b kolopa.the votin parten u wll see in thiz 2 by elections wll stll b th com 2021 im nt seing any factor tht wll favour upnd nxt yer

    • Bestman

      my friend… those votes at parliamentary level are not a factor… the candidate for UPND may even get 49% it still dont matter because both candidates are from the same area, but it would matter much if their candidate would win. However, what would make the difference is their President getting 20% votes there… I can guarantee you, PF are going to return 90%of their MPs even next year. Watch the space and master my email

    • dmm

      UPND got far less than the minimal 30% is this going to change the perception?

  2. Frank Chombela

    U hv reported that a UPND cadre started a fight inside Shoprite Kasama. We live in the mobile phone era. How come no one captured the fight on camera?

    • Pharaoh

      MR. FRANK CHOMBELA, you are lost.The issue at hand is about the two bye elections which being held in Lukashya and Mwansabombwe.I see the PF emerging victorious in both constituencies by a very big margin and this will also reflect next year’s general elections as one of my brother has already predicted.

  3. Mauya

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    When are they going to freeze HHs accounts for dubiously enriching himself through privatisation of state owned companies.

    • peace maker

      which post did HH held in gormnt for him to sell the nation’s assets?twebeniko twishibe mwee

      • coarok

        he was engaged as a consultant by GRZ and that make him part of GRZ simple as that. even in the road sector , they are consultants who are engaged to supervise the works and we always blame when the works are not up to std

  6. Ndombolo Yasolo

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  7. Funny

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  8. X4

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  9. Lethal Weapon

    Okay…so why then are pipo complaining about hardships and the high cost of living if they continue voting for the same pipo causing their sufferings….Zambians.

  10. Wala

    Wala boi

  11. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Babies have started crying already even results have not been announced.

  12. Justice

    Mwansabombwe for PF. Upnd supporters what’s for you because you have also lost a by-election in your stronghold. Take it easy.

  13. bola na Lesa

    uwafitaala Hakaivotela Heka

  14. Obsever

    Something to note for all supporters both UPND and PF especially UPND. There were bye elections in western which is a strong hold for UPND and PF won several of them if not all. We have just had bye elections in the PF stronghold and PF has won. What does this say. For me UPND must open their eyes. You can not condemn everything even Hittler had his good part. When you condemn everything what you are telling people is that you thrive on hurt and those are not qualities of a leader.

  15. Hellen

    Leadership comes from GOD.


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