IT’S DONE!! PF Retains Mwansabombwe Seat

Mwansabombwe ~ Fri, Sept 18 2020

The Patriotic Front has retained the Mwansabombwe seat which fell vacant following the death of Rodgers Mwewa.

The ruling party’s Kabaso Kampampi polled 6,478 votes against the UPND’s 1,522.

The final results from all the 47 polling stations are as follows:

PF – 6478

UPND – 1522
UPPZ – 129
NAREP – 400
LM – 285
136 Ballot papers rejected
Total votes cast – 8950


  1. Gilbert Kangwa

    How many were the total voters casted

  2. Lethal Weapon

    Those areas are only involved in growing cassava and it requires no fertiliser, they therefore don’t feel the high cost of living….plus they finished all the fish in their rivers….let them continue voting blindly and wallowing in poverty….I now understand why the lozi people still want to be cut off from Zambia, coz of such people with no foresight.

    • Ulabeja

      Some of you, who follow HH blindly think we are blind like you. Keep dreaming and you never rule. We chose because we are convinced that PF is still doing the right. We don’t need to be told what to do.


      What are u trying to communicate that bemba’s didnt vote wisely and that lozi’s vote wisely…..are you not being tribal now?

  3. Moze

    They have voted for POWER OF CORRUPTION…….

  4. Lethal Weapon

    Akuchuleni nokutobela tute nabatombolilo kaili isabi lyalipwa….you can cling to power but will continue wallowing in poverty….we actually need to divide this country coz certain regions don’t add much economic value to us.

  5. Abafyashi

    Are u going to petition guys

  6. Lukwesa

    It’s more pf has hot grounds of legging election and my people from luapula mwalitumpa,u will suffer and keep eating kasava and die with elephantiasis.

  7. FBL

    It’s seems to me like that insult by HH in Lukashya was not a slip of the tongue after all,just listen to his supporters language……just as there leader preaches.kanshi mu 2021 tu Varlus mwe ma chemist tukafuleko….kwati upnd Nika Oblivion coming.

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