Thank You – President Lungu

Lusaka ~ Fri, 18 Sept 2020

President Lungu Edgar Lungu has thanked voters in Lukashya and Mwansabombwe for voting for Patriotic Front candidates in yesterday’s by-election.

In Mwansabombwe, PF candidate Kabaso Kampampi whitewashed UPND’s Sunday Maluba, polling 6,478 votes against the latter’s 1,522.

In Lukashya, PF candidate George Chisanga has so far swept the constituency with 13,025 votes against UPND candidate Davies Mulenga’s 2,652 from 95 streams counted so far. Only two streams remained, clearly showing a clean sweep for the ruling party.


  1. Jeff colby

    Showing shortly. Here is just an example. More to come? P. F power.

    • CarryMyBallzBitch

      It’s just a sit, upnd don’t have to worry about anything, 2021 is theirs for presidency. It’s good that pf have won the sit so that people will see for themselves that pf only come to tell you lies about bringing development and after u vote for them they will abandon and forget you and they will only come again when they want votes for the next elections. People will know that they are fed with lies about development plans which don’t get fulfilled. PF deceitfully use people and forget about them. Only when they want votes will they show up to deceive you so that u vote for them. People be wise because you will only regret in the end for voting for pf

  2. Koswe

    Whitewashed !!!? The alliance based on insults shame. Kambwili you and your party are gone

  3. Mr Cool

    Congratulations pf

  4. BOB

    Politics is about numbers, campaign using a language one is comfortable with. Bemba for your information is such a rich language full of insoselo sha mano. Ndeloleshafye!!!!!

  5. The Voice of Reason

    Mmmmm imwe. Ba UPND won on social media. Ecz must consider tweeter results

  6. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Congratulations PF

  7. Chileshe

    Tribalism pronouncements won the day as PF continues to divide our people & country

  8. Patrick

    Seer 1 is the curse of UPND, he’s TOMBOTIZING the party and they can’t see that. He is an ant christ,,, it’s like God against Satan, and so shall 2021 elections be if UPND SHALL NOT PUT A DISCLAIMER TO HIS ,,, TOMBOTIZING SUPPORT .

    • I

      One day I watched so called sear 1 blaming the opposition. He said they are so weak like a babby to win the coming elections. If that was the person they leened against, things are sour at present. Any way it’s never to late.Ndeloleshafye.

    • Musonda chalwe

      We knew seer 1 thru Pf. They are the ones who used him not upnd

  9. Lethal Weapon

    Ifimafontini will continue voting without thinking…idiots


    where is seer 1?

    • Peter N K

      Yes indeed, where is ‘seer 1’ the greatly adorable advisor and strategist of UPND? How come he did not see this?

  11. Joseph Sakals

    Come 2021 August!!

  12. John mugubu

    Please ba UNDP, give congratulations 👏 when you lose fairy.
    Always crying. This is a landslide, you need to restrategize, you win some and lose some.

  13. Happy Mapange

    This is the RED HAZARD for 2021 general election it is tough home work for upnd I ask myself is upnd Improving since the late mr Mazoka was left it may his soul rest in peace.Tukomfwako 2021 upnd fili uko tuleya.

  14. Lolo

    Patrick you have spoken. The witch (seer 1) 2021 shall be retired from public nonsense he currently doing. He cannot be putting himself on God’s throne and you as a part of blind people you are busy clapping for the nonsense. This is just the beginning big is still coming

  15. Lolo

    Indoshi teti ipale umuntu. It is high time the upnd must denounce seer 1 publicly for them to stand a chance or else I am sorry

  16. Joka

    Fire of the Lord from heaven has consumed upnd. Seer 1 is sleeping

  17. MM2

    this is pf bedroom,nothing to worry ,,,,,,,

  18. Dorothy Mumba

    Are we playing dumb to the clear violence and the threats on the police officers who were just watching violence taking place? What about the clear tribalism by pf ministers and senior officials? Wait, I think UPND should also play tribalism in N/W, Western, Copperbelt, Southern etc. PF will not stop using tribalism for campaigns any time soon.

  19. Thom chishala


  20. Cm

    Only God knows where we are going thank you

  21. saimbwendes


  22. KWINDI

    No worry upnd we are behind you

  23. BOB

    Being a crying baby will not solve matters. Keep on listen to social media and seer 1. One mudza kawina. Zambia for sure has gone steps ahead in terms progress. Ba kemba naba musicians you all are misleading our people. Stop the nonsense. We you are paid handsomely by those leaders in opposition. That’s dirty money. Ndeloleshafye!!!!!

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