Zambians Have Confidence In President Lungu – Chitotela

PF victory in the Mwansabombwe Parliamentary by-election is a clear indication of the confidence that citizens have in the leadership of President Edgar Lungu and the PF, says PF Pambashe Member of Parliament Ronald Chitotela.

Mr Chitotela said the victory was another clear indication that the PF and President Edgar Lungu are headed for a landslide victory in the 2021 general elections.

He assured the people of Mwansabombwe that the PF would not betray the trust and confidence they showed as the party was resolved to deliver on its campaign promises.

In the said elections, PF candidate Kampampi Kabaso emerged victorious with 6,478 votes against UPND candidate Sunday Maluba who polled 1,522 votes translating into a difference of 5,226 votes between the two candidates.

The Mwansabombwe seat fell vacant following the death of Rogers Mwewa who died in July this year.

Meanwhile, Mr Chitotela called on the people of Luapula to register in masses as voters as the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) was set to commence the voter registration exercise on October 28 this year ahead of next year’s general elections.


  1. X4

    Whea is upnd’s social media voting ,bravo pipo of luka nd mwansa u ve shown hh tht politics is nt abt insults bt iasue based thnx once more

  2. shi chola

    Pf plays politics on the ground not on social medea like the upnd.

  3. Mauya

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  4. Mr ROXY R.K

    Am very happy to hear this type of results as P.F we have failed down here in dack district of lufwanyama

  5. See Mind

    PF congrats na futi na futi 2021 pf continue to suffer.

  6. If not

    Indeed the majority wins nafuti nafuti

  7. Lethal Weapon

    Mukala chula fye na tute…u finished the fish so kulya ba tombolilo…useless chaps.

  8. Upnd

    We are failures becoz our heard lucks leadership on the ground ,pf congratulations for scooping those seats but remember to imploy teacher

  9. JMS

    UPND will surprise you pf just celebrate today and say goodbye tomorrow.


      People of zambia pity 4 urselves.How can u vote 4 someone who has not employed as a teacher,engineer,nurse and police

  10. Koswe mumpoto

    2021 he will go down just like RB and acc will file charges against him for allegedly thieft come next year mwankole takapite 😂 I tell you this massive amount of debts and chineCh police officer serving in Zambia police is an indication of china take over Zambia in the years to come we will be colonized by China and the Communists Will ravage our country

  11. mukata

    All pf Leander’s nimwebamwakole u are too selfish and greed my God deriver u from ur sinnes.

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