Henry Kapata Beats Wife For Being Careless With Food

A WOMAN of Lusaka’s Misisi Compound has dragged her alleged abusive husband to Kanyama Local Court for divorce after he beat her and left her unconscious.

Beatrice Mudenda, 30, a house wife sued her husband, Henry Kapata, 35, a security guard of the same locality, for gender-based violence.

Details of the case are that the two got married in 2018 under traditional law with K4, 000 dowry having been paid in full.

On an unknown date in August, 2020 Kapata is said to have beaten Beatrice in front of their two-year-old girl to the extent of losing two of her teeth.

Narrating amid tears, Mudenda told the court that Kapata was only a good husband for eight months but that after that, he started taking alcohol and became abusive towards her for no good reason.

She said this was why she wanted divorce as she was afraid of being killed. She added that because of the beating, she now had a blind eye and two missing front teeth yet she was born without

In his defence, Kapata refused to divorce, claiming he only beat his wife once in 2019 but stopped after she took him to the police.

He said the biggest problem was that his wife was careless especially with food, adding: “When I ask her to be economical, she unleashes insults at me and my late parents. “Ine sini funa divorce because Bible ilesa, problem niyakuti mukazi wanga ali careless nava kudya plus pa nyumba analeta six ba bululu bake nishi tinkhala mu two naka kitchen, manje ine nifola K1, 500, plus rent we pay K750, futi aba babululu bake niba khulu youngest is 16 years,” Kapata said.

In passing judgement Magistrate Mubukwanu Matalaka granted Mudenda divorce after she showed the court the medical reports from the Kanyama clinic.

The court told the families from both side to see to it that whatever property the couple had was shared fairly and advised Mudenda to press further charges against Kapata so that he can stop his abusive behaviour.

Credit: Daily Nation



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