Over 700 KCM Ex-Miners Demand Benefits From HH’s Saturnia

Lusaka ~ Sun, 20 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

Over 700 Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) ex-miners have demanded their pension benefits from Hakainde Hichilema’s Saturnia Pensions Trust Fund.

KCM ex-miners Chairman Ilunga Kasompe said during a briefing in Lusaka this morning that Saturnia Pensions Trust Fund was abusing people’s rights and induced so much suffering on the miners who worked so hard to create wealth for the country.

Mr Kasompe demanded that companies owned by the opposition UPND leader release the title deeds for all properties belonging to KCM pension scheme and that all pensions for serving miners be transferred from Saturnia to NAPSA with immediate effect.

He explained that the pension scheme, which was originally being run by Mukuba Pension Fund, was, however, moved to Saturnia with new developments now indicating that the scheme is being run by Benefits Consulting Services Limited Trustees, a company which happens to be Mr Hichilema’s.

He added that the company decided to only give retired miners 50 per cent of their pension contributions and then forced miners to later buy annuities from Hichilema’s company, Sanlam, a move he described as “a criminal form of insider trading”.

Mr Kasompe stated that the problem they are in is the offshoot of the failures of the mismanaged privatization process and said the miners have since joined other stakeholders who have launched a campaign to look into the matter which unscrupulous businessmen took advantage of.

“We demand an immediate account of the offshore investments that were made for KCM pensions scheme from 2000 up to 2018 as well as an immediate investigation into the conduct of the KCM pensions scheme board of trustees, the trade union and the KCM management,” he said.

Mr Kasompe implored Mr Hichilema to fix the pension issues before talking about state matters.

He said there was enough evidence that Mr Hichilema’s Saturnia Pensions Trust Fund abused the rights of miners and was a scandal schemed and planned by the businessmen, politicians and foreign multinational companies to trap and embarrass the PF government.

“We have information to confirm that money was moved out of the KCM pension scheme to Sanlam properties. No Zambian will ever benefit from such investments and that is why we cannot accept any money to go to Sanlam.Time has come to correct the situation as this impunity should not be tolerated,” Mr Kasompe said.

He wondered why Saturnia should be allowed to change the rules as it wishes as if there is no government in the country.

Mr Kasompe further accused Saturnia of destroying a lot of lives, and that there’s evidence in the courts of law as records show that fellow pensioners who had been struggling in court for 20 years could not get their money because of Saturnia.


  1. Just trying to destroy hh's name

    Bullshit! This is just a political strategy to condemn hh. I ain’t gonna buy it

  2. X4

    HH is nw in total trouble at frst he thot it ws only edith hu ws cookin up storiz ,secondly hs brains chited him tht ecl ws trying to play him sam political gimics .nw its th xminers hu ar unearthing isues whch sam of us neva knew.is it true tht all thz guyz hate HH?th ans is big NO.thngs hav caught up wth him cha bija mbuya barakwanga.

  3. Jj

    X4 use your commonsense, if you have concerns go to Nawakwi.

  4. Old Mzee

    As a former retrench from Goverment1n 1999 I have aslo not been paid my balance from my retirement benefits.I have waited 20 years no money.
    That is unfair how can one wait 20 years for benefits.Please HH pay us the money you stole from us.This matter will not rest until everyone is paid.You are the ichest man in Zambia and among the richest in the World.Plase own up
    If you win the presidency next year you will have a tough time to ru this country

  5. Sol bamba

    Mr kasompe, you are a disgrace to all kcm ex miners, you think those cheap statements will be heard, shame on you ka mudala,ukalachulafye,no wonder you were chased from cmml church to go and form a churchless church,it’s because you have no sikopo and no tompwe, instead of fighting for your money, someone is using you to denounce HH(Bally), mind you we are watching you coz we know how you were taken from chililabombwe to Lusaka and how much you have been paid on the expense of other ex miners.

  6. Ichi chilibwanji kanshi

    Uyu munthu ni ka bwalala, shi mine wamugulisila mine futi na ku mudyela pension. This too, commission of enquiry must be set up. In zambia let’s the law take it’s course, through the law he/she who were involved will proven guilty.
    Not is same person who was saying at chikala na ku chita bwino ,kanshi he meant imigodi. Bane tule kwatako insoni, u even standing and talking about politics na tu economy ya ubufi, at ba fikala ne sele bwa bika po. It’s true criminals they
    even insult when they steal from u. Ku jata ma bege ndiye mbwalala manje.Apa ni court chabe,awe vina pita kudala,mulandu su ola. Wesha kuli keisala.

  7. Mathias Shabula

    How stupidity are we to say HH should pay us saturnia pension when government is there.

    • Mk

      Ok surely boss, kcm is owed by who?
      Y are you over protective? The bugger needs to pay them kwasila,

  8. Zambian 1

    PF is very cheap now they are using poor miners, even it’s true HH was a share holder in law he is a separate entity from the company so you can’t say they are demanding money from HH, useless

  9. Mpandamano

    I left kcm in March 2016 and got Regina sartunia the same year. Let’s not politicize this. Regina sartunia is given based on how fast you process the documents, it has nothing to do with hh individually. Shame on the reporter.

  10. umuntu

    HH sue these chaps so that they pay you damages and become more rich

  11. Monster among men

    This is total witchcraft, people hate HH for nothing. It is sad that the majority of the people are still under the spell which seer 1 casted. God should forgive and deliver you. Let us build our nation. Every one in UPND please here what am about to say. If you want HH to win don’t allow the division which is about to come in the party pray for unity to prevail. If not PF will win in 2021. It it is a wake up call. Note: Don’t try to make changes within the party this will bring problems. Mark my words.

  12. Josiah Chilembe

    Hh from the word go I don’t really trust you, denounce your evil activities ,you are more the short man of Jericho Zacheuos,who gained from people s ignorance,so you are,how do you assume statr office,my father suffered bcoz of you,yet you are enjoying,when I see hh today moving freely it pains at least something must be done to save Zambia, ex miers come together tof fight for our money for past and present miners.

  13. Lusaka

    i have read through all the comments above and except for a few, they make a very sad reading and demonstrate the level of ignorance among many of my fellow citizens. Get it this is a scheme which was started by Daily Nation and Pensions and Insurance Authority cleared it as a regulator. If the ex-miners have real issues, they should go to PIA. When you hate a person or you choose to be abused by someone with devilish intentions or political ends you are doing yourself disservice. Iam saddened that there are still many innocent people who choose to follow blindly. This is a dead issue like the privatisation issue being brought from the achieves. Many countries globally are concerned about how to transform their countries into first world economies but our tired minds keep going in reverse. You can be airlifted from Chililabombwe today and later you are disposed because you have no more value. Stop being used and focus on how best we can develop our country. This HH some of you hate so much is unfortunately part of the solution to the transformation of the country and not the problem. Many people have eyes but choose to be blind as per the parable of the blind. This debate is for empty tins will never develop the country. Change is what we need for a better Zambia with respect for the rule of law, civil liberties, human rights, good governance with free press, freedom of association. Democracy should be about protecting the rights of your opponents and tolerating the views of those you hate most. This hate idol talk should directed to more production. Do not be detracted but focus on the transformational agenda of the country.

  14. Royda

    If you trust HH u are also a thief. How has he amassed all that wealth at a tender age. It’s questionable.

    • Pip

      HH is silent on this, but the day he will open his mouth you will all look stupid to discover he is not even part of the Saturnian group. That’s how he outsmarts Lungu and his people

  15. joseph.mwape

    Miners you are very full how come it is only you kcm who have not been paid. HH is not the one running kcm why don’t you ask Milingo. Satunia left money with kcm . It is not satunia keeping your pension. KCM and MUZ are thieves check your statements. Im one of those who have not paid. Who picked you to be a spokes person for ex miners very dull.

  16. FM

    Let’s look at matters that will fix our economy. The current regime has shown us there colours.
    Fellow Zambians let’s unite and do the right thing. Mwanawasa left money in the treasury, today there’s nothing in the Zambian coffee.
    You cannot run business ladden with debts. Let’s open our eyes.

  17. See

    Zambia deserves better than these empty tins without wisdom, knowledge and understanding put at the helm of leadership to discuss issues which they completely don’t understand. Zambia Ex Miners, please you deserve better leadership than this empty tin whose statements belong to the waste bin.

    • Lilanda

      HH has no heart… so he steals our companies and then goes an extra mile to get even our pension this man needs caging… can the law do it’s part please

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