Authorities Unearth Illegal Cigarette Factory

Lusaka ~ Sun, 20 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) and Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) have unearthed an illegal high-value cigarettes manufacturing factory in Lusaka’s Kanyama compound.

ZRA Corporate Communications manager Topsy Sikalinda said Mango Investments Tobacco is suspected to have been importing and manufacturing counterfeit cigarettes, branded in foreign language.

The private company has been distributing the cigarettes on the Zambian market and even exporting, without paying tax.

This scam was discovered after an operation in Kanyama by a combined team of ZRA, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and Zambia Police officers.

Mr Sikalinda said the company has also been infringing on intellectual property laws.

He said Mango Tobacco Investment was illegally manufacturing and packaging cigarettes, without ZRA tax stamps, thereby denying government the needed revenue.

Mr Sikalinda has explained that the company has also been importing already manufactured but unpackaged cigarettes, as empty cartridges, which are duty free, but later repackaged at the illegal Kanyama factory.


  1. Mks

    This is what happens when people dnt respect the law..

    • Mr Lu

      The law is the one that steals from tax payers but demands tax from the same people it steals from what a shame.

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