CSO Consortium Launches Citizens’ Petition For Lungu To Institute Inquiry On Privatisation

Lusaka ~ Sun, 20 Sept 2020

By ZR Reporter

A consortium of civil society organisations have launched what is termed as citizens’ petition to President Edgar Lungu to institute a Commission of Inquiry on the privatisation of Zambia’s assets.

The civil society organisations comprise the National Youth Anti Corruption Movement, Young African Leaders Initiative and Zambian Institute of Governance and Civil Liberties Advocacy Platform.

Speaking at a joint media briefing in Lusaka today, the organizations have asked the government to pay a listening ear by bringing the topic to closure through a Commission of Inquiry.

According to the CSOs, the inquiry will allow future generations to demand utmost dedication from those tasked to serve the country.

“The inquiry will allow us to learn the extent of which the country lost her wealth as a result of lack of patriotism and white collar financial criminality during the privatization,” the CSOs said.

The petition hopes to collect 20,000 signatures to be presented to President Lungu on Friday.

“We want to state that we are encouraged by the response of our country’s Number One Judge, who has recommended that such an Inquiry can only be set up using the presidential powers conferred on the Republican President. It is for this reason that we are, today, launching this Citizen’s Petition to the Republican President to set up that Inquiry. We intend to present this petition to the President this Friday once we collect 20,000 signatures,” they said.

The petition is open for signatures on SurveyMonkeyDOTcom and ChangeDOTorg websites as well as through hard copy signing.

The hard copy petition has been dispatched to all parts of the country for signing.

“It’s gratifying that those whose names have popped up such as Mr. Hichilema who negotiated the sale of Rainbow and Mosi-O-Tunya assets in Livingstone, have indicated their willingness to now be scrutinized by such an Inquiry. This is how it should be. No one must be afraid of an inquiry or claim they want to be killed. Only those who conducted themselves wrongly or inappropriately would have a reason to be scared. We the Zambian people are simply asking for answers and not looking for anyone’s blood,” the CSOs said.


  1. Osward Mumba

    Let this come to and end….
    We are tired of this “”privatization “” issue.

    • X4

      Who told u tht we ar tired ar u also a benificiary of privatization?u wll soon b arested alongside yo serpent HH,mind u zambia belongs to us all .let him exculpete himslf b4 he z caged


        It’s your mother who is a serpent, you imbacile… WE WANT CHANGE, WE WANT CHANGE, WE WANT CHANGE, WE WANT CHANGE, WE WANT CHANGE!!!!!!!

  2. Yesai

    Am going to sign the petition, we need to know what kind of junky lungu is. That little punk looks humble outside but inside it’s bad news

    • Leon

      No need for signatures a crime is a crime I want this to pass so that we start cleaning Zambia of other bad eggs destroying our Zambia its indeed time to pay back


    Kikikikikikikiki… And I hear that, Lungu was also part and parcel of the privatization process!! But the same inquiry must also tackle who the real owner of the 48 houses is…

    • What's 48

      Wana be serious what’s 48 houses and there cost, employment capacity, compared to the mines there, cost ,employment capacity , Zambia lost a huge assets jst for sake of privatization. Hh ni bwiso , ok tell ba bwiso at abene (Zambians) na buka bebe ko na nabo bali nabo paku shitisha imigodi bale ba fwa ya ku koti Symoni eyi.

  4. Good move

    That’s a good move,i support such movement, let’s work like Zambians. These are serious issues which ACC should be handling, ku libe ati ni vaku dadala , mulandu su ola. Tule poka am assests from who ever was involved. Chwe! Chwe! Chwe!
    Takuli ati no wasting money for commission of enquiry, our taxpayers money ibombe. Apa ni court fye innocent or guilty eyala tweba.

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