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Lusaka ~ Sat, 19 Sept 2020

By Editor

In response to President Edgar Lungu who said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is afraid of him, the opposition leader says:

He has arrested me 15 times
He blocks me from campaigning
He doesn’t show up to debate with me
His entire campaign is about HH.
Who is afraid of who?

This was a posting on his Facebook page.

First, Mr HH is missing one thing: President Lungu does not run the Zambia Police Service. The police are guided by the laws on which anyone can be arrested at any time if those laws are flouted. How can it be Mr Lungu?

Secondly, Mr Hichilema is misguided when he accuses President Lungu of blocking him to campaign. How possible is that? How are his friends in opposition moving around mobilising? Mr Harry Kalaba of the DP, Mr Chishimba Kambwili of NDC and Mr Fred M’membe of the Socialist Party are always in the field, traversing the breadth and width of this country canvassing for votes. Nobody is stopping Mr Hichilema from doing the same. We’re 100% sure that he’ll be left to go about his business without trouble as long as the rules and guidelines are followed.

Where there’s a problem is when people deliberately do things against the law to find a scapegoat for their own lapses. Mr Hichilema’s own party members have been complaining about his approach to politics where he wanted to do things the boardroom way. He couldn’t move around to meet people in communities until his members voiced out. So today, it should be President Lungu to blame?
Wasn’t Mr Hichilema freely campaigning in Northern and Luapula without any hindrance? There’s even evidence to this effect as pictures of his huge rallies are there in the public domain. So how is he stopped from campaigning?

Self criticism is very important for all leaders, not only Mr Hichilema but Mr Lungu as well. Where they go wrong, they must acknowledge that and find a way of making things right. Blaming others for their own lapses is weakness.

And then he says President Lungu won’t avail himself for a debate with him. Is that something serious to even expend our energies on?

Lastly, he talks about President Lungu’s campaigns being about him. What a misrepresentation! President Lungu’s reference to him during campaigns was because of his serious accusations that the Head of State wants to kill him. How does he expect President Lungu to keep quiet when he cried “Lungu wants to kill me” when he’s only afraid of his own shadows? How would he peacefully move about to campaign and even go to an extent of insulting if anyone truly wanted to kill him?


  1. CTC

    Lukashya and Mwansabombwe have shaken upnd to its core. It has revealed deep flaws in its approach to politics. Even its supporters have questioned the ability of hh to win an election and revealed his lack of a clear strategy, ideology and agenda for the nation. In black and white, hh is a political failure who is trying to look for excuses for his failures by tarnishing the name of Edgar Lungu-much like how Mwanawasa did to FTJ. Compare with how Anderson Kambela Mazoka ran upnd and you will see how bad the party has come down.

    • SECRET_NI_2021

      @CTC , Ati Lukashya and Mwansabombwe have shaken upnd to its core ….. NOT TRUE……UPND actually did very well in these elections…UPND will take State House by winning in Lusaka AND CB

      • Sibweni

        Who is going to vote for tribal UPND in Lusaka & Copperbelt Provinces?? .. Do you think we have 4gotten Dundumwezi? .. plse continue scoring 100% in Southern Province but at the end of it all, lose coz Zambia has 10 Provinces!!

      • Dknow

        You dont win silver,you lose gold!

    • John samakayi


    • Endgame

      Lungu is a dictator, he is afraid of hh and he has been doing everything mentioned above to hh. Lungu’s mind is blank, he can’t debate with hh face to face, man to man, lungu can’t get any close to hh’s genius and brilliance. Lungu ni pwele che

  2. If not

    Even if hh was to start campaigning today till next year he cannot win elections. People have denied you totally. Maybe if he tries to emulate the way Mazoka ran the party inclusive of all tribes. RIP

    • I see u

      Wrong sentence…
      Why saying the people of Zambia have refused hh.can’t u just say that u have refused hh…u shouldn’t think on behalf of others

    • John samakayi

      Nonsense! Why do u talk about Mr mazoka? He is not here and u the same orangutans would been saying the same as u r doing to HH. YOU JUST HATE THE TONGAS AND EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTS THEM. Haven’t you been saying a Tonga will never rule Zambia? HH is not the only Tonga in Zambia. Wanza wenu.

      • Sibweni

        Sori John, we don’t hate Tongas but your tribalism, for instance Mr. Sejani said only a Tonga can rule UPND and true to his word, only Tongas have been presidents since the party was formed in 1998 – 22 years ago!! .. To crown it all, look at how you guys voted in Dundumwezi!!

    • Life and living

      Just because Mazoka died that’s why you’re praising him today, if he was alive you would have condemned him because he is Tonga. HH is a good competitor mwilaibepa and you know that, You just good at stealing his votes who doesn’t know that? Imwe you have failed us the only to thing remaining with you is cadrelism and victimization. Work on the kwacha that’s when you can boast yourselves. Go and check the exchange rate between the Kwacha and Rand now kkkkkk ma failures imwe.

    • Rubbish

      If not! You are a fool, a very big fool. Upnd and hh in state house next year wther you fool likes it or not

  3. Otmar Hambale

    All the doubts which i had about Zambia Reports being a patriotic front (pf) mouth piece has been confirmed today by the editor. The editor is aware of what is happening in our country and how opposition political parties and their leaders are being treated like second class citizens by the ruling party especially Hakainde Hichilema (HH) leader of the main opposition party in zambia but he is pretending as if all is well. I only hope that this story was not written by the editor of zambia reports because the content does not reflect the intelligence of a well trained and non partisan journalist. Thanks a lot for revealing the true identity of the zambia reports as a patriotic front (pf) sponsored news outlet.

    • Samuel Nonde Sikalumbi

      But he freely went about his business in luapula and northern…

      • Sibweni

        You are spot on Samuel, he went a step further, he insulted and lost in both Constituencies!!!

  4. kubweka

    He has tabled it correctly. As for saying the president is not involved with the police etc who is head of state? Why does he not reprimand his ministers giving these orders to the police. Why does he not reprimand or comment on the behaviour of the cadres? Who is the president of the OF party? The playing field is not fair on the opposition and we have a biased ref.

  5. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Fake statements. We all know that,Lungu has people like him who doesn’t see there wrongs. All they do is praise him even when he is going astray. We know your plans. Pf is trying to do the same thing they did in 2017. The international board is watching every what you’re doing.

  6. Kkk

    You are talking as if u don’t know,he knows y he was avoiding to their,we talk as if we don’t know unless if u don’t know

  7. Lethal Weapon

    Let’s divide this country into Northern Zambia and Southern Zambia please….they did it in Sudan….some of us don’t see the benefits of the cassava growing, perpetually begging region….otherwise tamwakapekale pano.

    • John samakayi

      Oh yes it’s divide it . Kwasila! After all that how it was before independence. We had northeastern and northwestern Rhodesia. And we know where boundary is.

    • Everisto Mwale

      The same threatening language is what cost the part votes. Let’s be more than humble civilized, and level minded embracing everyone including our perceived enemies then only will the party win votes. If you look at the filling party even those who were insulting them yesterday if they happen to join them will be happily welcome and given high positions, that’s how they have managed to win elections

    • Sibweni

      Lethal Weapon or whatever your name is, plse mind what you post on social media, don’t you know that you can be charged with treason??

      • Life and living

        Iwe you’re a vuvuzela, you have even started judging people on social media? One day mukayeko ku jere you go and stay there for a month then you can come and tell us stories from there its like muyumfwila ku bantu. Let the people talk.

    • CarryMyBallzBitch

      This is the kind of tribalism we’re trying to solve and this devil of a man ‘Lethal weapon’ is saying we should divide Zambia, so heartbreaking. Busy accusing hh and upnd of tribalism but you are the ones who are tribal.

  8. Niso Kodibba

    Be realistic ba muntu if you are not afraid of King HH the Zambian legend. Stop blocking him from campaigning. Give him free room and time to campaign both on media including ZNBC and on the ground ,and see what will happen in 2021.HH of upnd 70% and the former ruling with other opposition parties sharing 30%.

  9. Political analyst

    I was busy finding out about the source of the above information but I came to realize that it’s pf cadres so called Zambia reporters stop writing fake news and openly start supporting your party which you know very well.bif you don’t know it Lungu who arrested HH, all he mentioned it Lungu did to him

  10. Chris

    This is total nonsense let the ruling party allow the opposition upnd to compete freely and also stop thinking that we are not seeing what is happening. ECL is the commander in chief of armed forces he controls each and everything. Just do the right thing.

  11. JMS

    Lethal weapon is a man who can say the truth. You see ba munthu being a coward is the same as someone being mislead.48 plus houses whom did you interview but the head was responsible monies, wrong things etc non results came out but you are concetrating on issues which a higher person whom you can’t touch but just accuse without proof. Let him defend himself with lungu or any other as he is saying maybe people haven’t got ears. Even me its impossible to be questioned by people who are being told what to do without thinking for themselves.

  12. Alfred Lupinda


    • Loloshi

      Can you compare western province to Luapula p province or Northern province?visit the place my friend,there we do farming and you will never see people begging the way they do in Solwezi and Kalumbila.Have been on both places,people don’t depend on handouts like you do!

  13. The Zinc

    His supporters are do not want admit it that project HH is a failed one. Anyways keep your hopes high lest the world shifts to Jupiter before 2021. As long as it’s on planet earth your 2×2 isn’t going no where

  14. Mwansa Bwalya

    Politics is a dirty game.
    Media hi houses according me should be non partisan. They should be in the practice of coming up with writings that stimulate developmental debates than dividing the nation.
    His Excellence the President of the Republic of Zambia is a good man. The President of the main opposition political party UPND, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema is a good man. The Media Houses, many of them are bad because they are the ones fueling hate between ECL and HH. It’s like some Media Houses are benefiting from the hate of ECL and HH.

    • John samakayi

      KK would never have allowed the division to take root. Lungu has allowed it because it works for him. I m afraid Lungu is not that good as u say. In fact he is enjoying it.

  15. Wise

    I don’t care if you are going to insult me but if you do then you are telling your father 🙏hh can not win he LL never win.

  16. Bob Kaima

    Selective amnesia is not healthy. His many tikes has HH been hounded out of radio stations by the PF cadres in police uniform. To say Lungu does not control the police is the same as saying Lungu is not the Commander in Chief. Be careful with your statements

  17. SECRET_NI_2021

    CHRIS PHIRI , You are just a QUACK journalist….

  18. Israel

    Zambia is one of the chosen and blessed countries under the Sun. Therefore, its God who ushers people into leadership at the appointed time, place and by appointed people. Let us kindly respect the authority and the Government of the day in order to obtain a blessing. Pray, pray, pray for the nation Zambia. One Zambia One Nation.

  19. Kkk

    I know now that hh is thief when he comes into power he will sell znbc zesco and zafico that’s why he was bitter to hear that pf has sold all these

  20. Harry Chinkumbi

    We have lost our country irredeemably because of tribalism. This regime has introduced polarized politics which will land this country into anarchy.

    There is going to be blood shed if tribalism is not curbed.

    • John samakayi

      Zambia has never tasted civil war. I sense civil war coming and when it comes it will not stop until Zambia is divided like sudan.

  21. Susan mulenga

    The Editor is very dull silly and stupid. Where do you need a permit to visit your office, is the law. Never argue with a fool pipo won’t notice the difference

  22. JMS

    May God forgive these hypocrites who don’t think for others but themselves.

  23. WTF Man

    Zambian politics are so annoying mweh and useless, how the fuck are we going to learn from old folks, if all they do all the time is fight one another instead of working together as one. It’s like every goon is hungry for power and no body cares about the people of Zambian anymore. No politician is concerned about the people, all they want is to be seen as a president. They all don’t have visions.

  24. speed

    article from the son of lungu

  25. Justice

    We are now tired of saying, ‘Hh cannot win any election’, at least not in Zambia. Mr hh you are already rich. Why cannot you just keep away from politics and avoid unnecessary insults and humiliation. If u were born a leader u could have explained the privatisation accusations seay without Pershing a lawssuit

  26. Mulubwa misheck

    Leave hh alone with this issue of privatization

  27. Mwengu Usalala

    Chris Phiri… the name is enough to conclude the opinion. It is by law that a President is cinc of security and defence force. Why are you so dull Chris? Don’t you know that Lungu controls the police single handedly or just with his voice. How many Police officers have been dismissed from employment for trying to be professional against PF? And today you insult us that the police are free to follow the law! Keep your dullness to yourself. We have seen your strategy. It is the old Pharisees and saduces’ one used one Jesus Christ – you want HH to entangle himself in utterances so that you find a fault with him. Alas the man is smart, wise and up to the game. In our ciBemba language we say “ukumutapa mukanwa ” meaning to quote some one with incriminating utterances. Viva HH. That wisdom is just from God Himself – He loves you. And if God be with you who can be against you? They will but they will fail.

  28. Frank talk

    I’m appealing to SDA church to discipline HH, He is an elder in the church he insulted in public. He is not a good example. He has taught children and youths to insult in church

  29. JMS

    Israel and the others who don’t believe in the bible, let me tell you once again. God does not or doesn’t usher leaders into their posts but opens your eyes,ears for you to use that special mind of yours to choose whom you think can deliver proper management of the nation. But no some of you, you are irritetating due to your diet maybe imichila yaba mbeba and bakolwe.please develop your motherland napapata. (We normally see them with ties but the inside shirt is tone) reality hates but a normal person realizes what is good or bad. Mulikikopo ask the wisest people the will tell you.

  30. Kansiime

    ECL is better than HH. Hh is not the best presidential candidate for UPND. If UPND want to win elections, they better field Mazabuka Central MP Garry Nkombo. Garry is youthful, more vibrant and not infected with serious tribal connotations like Hakainde. Garry is a more modern guy with good political balance compared to the highly conventional Tonga man HH.
    Garry is flexible and mixes well with everyone else in all other provinces. He has a national attitude unlike his colleague called HH.

  31. primø


    • Henry Mwaba

      Paul told the people of Corinth as quoted here:- “1cor3:3 you are still following the ways of the world. Some of you are jealous. Some of you argue. So aren’t you following the ways of the world? Aren’t you acting like ordinary human beings?” “1cor3:4 one of you says, “l follow Paul or Lungu.” Another says, “l follow Apollos or HH.” Aren’t you acting like ordinary human beings?” Let us uphold the one Zambia one nation motto. Remember Dr KK is still arrive and his spirit is grieved to see how his nation he together with his colleagues fought for Independence, with the hope of wanting his people to rule themselves in harmony. Shame on us the new generation.

  32. Loloshi

    UPND can only win elections if it can only change it’s President .HH has no qualities of a president and that’s the sad truth..I respect the founder of this party mhsrip

  33. Ndani

    Really??? Doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results; damn.

  34. Job

    Time is coming .everything is going be alright Zambians. Change is coming copper belt will teach PF a reason not HH .1991 we change KK 2001 we changed Banda. 2021 we change Lunga. There is a lot of suffering worse than Kaunda at least he gave all a bag of meal meal through coupons .Just wait

  35. Rubbish

    Ka Zambia reporter, you are just a cadre pretending to be a journalist. Wait after 2021 we gonna fish you out and educate you in a special way, just wait

  36. Useless leaders in Zambia

    Ka Chris, ukainyelawila come 2021 you son of Adada fool

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