Opinion | Finally Someone In UPND Has Agreed That They Have Problems

Gary Nkombo has said what most UPND officials and some members fail to admit. The party is in shambles, and all because of one man called Hakainde Hichilema. They’re all afraid to look him in the eye and tell him the truth that they’re going nowhere.

As UPND chairman for elections, Mr Nkombo’s admittance that the party is having challenges is something no one can gloss over. There’s need for serious introspection! It is good that this is being said by someone who holds a very senior position in the party; it is not the PF saying UPND has challenges, it is someone senior in UPND itself publicly telling us what we remember writing about some months ago, that there are divisions in the opposition party because of Mr Hichilema’s bad politics.

They lost the by-elections badly. And they just needed to soberly accept defeat like Mr Nkombo has done than justifying the clearly poor showing in Lukashya, Mwansabombwe and ward by-elections held in three different provinces. There shouldn’t be anything like gaining in the PF strongholds; that was a clear whitewash.

In North-Western Province, which UPND considers their stronghold, five local government by-elections were held and the PF won three seats which were initially held by the UPND. Let’s get to Copperbelt rural – PF also grabbed seats from the UPND, an outcome which the opposition party did not expect. The ward by-elections held in Lusaka Province were also won by the PF. From this trend, an honest analysis is that the ruling party is gaining more support in areas otherwise thought to be staunch opposition.

Finally, the UPND must listen to Mr Nkombo. It’ll be silly to try and vilify him for saying the truth. The UPND has lost direction, it’s not the party that founder Mr Anderson Mazoka led. The UPND of today has no focus. It must cut the blame game and concentrate on working.
They’re a disgruntled team led by a disgruntled leader who only knows how to blame others for his own mistakes.


  1. ChampondaMike1980

    CHRIS PHIRI (Joseph Goebbels) again… Am sure it gives you a hard on pleasure….Every entity has problems and problems are there for human beings to SOLVE… Simple Logic

  2. Bashi proper

    This is the downfall of the part, this part will never this country unless you change the leader.

    • Holyshit!

      People you are too tribal, why don’t you ever want to have a a leader who is tonga like hh, u deliberately accuse hh of tribalism, what do u think pf has been doing in the copperbelt, northern and other provinces, they promote tribalism there and tell people only to vote for bembas and easterners. When there’s about to be elections pf cheats by giving relief food and money to take advantage of people’s need for money and food and people are fooled into voting for pf. The only problem in upnd has been the failure to stand up for themselves and do whatever it takes to not be intimidated by pf. The failure to properly convince people in rural areas that pf is unfit to lead, but the blame is not all on upnd bcoz people from rural areas are hard to convince and make them understand as they don’t have enough access to information and too much illiteracy. upnd have been failing to use their freedoms and rights just bcoz of pf’s intimidation. Lungu’s pf is all about corruption and malpractice during elections, this is where upnd needs to combat and make it free and fair

      • George Sifaya Kabati

        First of all, you should change your name from Holyshit to Evilshit, even scrap it out. You deserve better.
        Secondly, don’t blame PF for the failures in UPND. If pf gives people food and money almost always, why can’t UPND do the same? Is it not true that upnd has the richest Presidential candidate in Zambia? Is it not morally right for him to assist these same poor people by giving them ka something always in order to win their hearts 4-5 years before elections?
        Anderson Mazoka was a gentleman, you should have been there to see what we are talking about. He never insulted people, he embraced others and worked with them. Yet HH is far from being a gentleman. You should ask your elders why and how Sakwiba Sikota and one Bemba man left UPND. The party is reaping what was sown at that convention after the death of the big man. People don’t want to accept reality. It must dawn upon everyone that the tribalism that was sown at that convention is chewing back into the party.
        Thirdly, it’s not that Pf wins by bribing voters. You can “bribe” a voter yet they will not vote. Does it mean that UPND bribed voters in Sesheke when Romeo Kangombe won the by-election? Don’t be illogical, learn to operate with a free and highly independent mind and be a good Zambian.
        I have spoken from an open mind.
        Thank you.

        • HaHa 😂

          George Sifaya Kabati you are such a dumb-ass

          • True Open Eye on Zambian politics

            Be truthful and see things as they are so that you don’t cry and faint because of losing the 2021, 12 August elections.

        • Kevin

          Peace of crap

      • Chrndabusiku

        It is not about a Tonga or any tribe for that matter. Mazoka the father to HH wasn’t he Tonga? He had more support than Hichilema. The problem is the insistence that “because I am Tonga I must be president” No that is wrong and tribal, our democracy is not a tribal quarter system that we must say it is time for a Lozi or a Namwanga or Tumbuka or even a Tonga to rule. Democracy is about a Zambian who is going to sell his ideas to the people of Zambia and not this HH an insolent kawaya waya. Don’t be fooled by this Tonga nonsense that you Must be Tonga to rule this nation. This chap would have been president by now if he had agreed to work with Sata but thank God his greed ess prevented him from becoming one. Any other Tonga will rule Zambia when the electorate decides period. HH has neither the plan nor the heart for this country, he cannot articulate the vision he has for this country so he cannot make the grade. He is simply subgrade take it or leave it.

      • Nonde

        Is HH the only Tonga? Is tribe the criterion for UPND Presidenc? Zambia is for Zambians. Change your leader or else your party will die. Face it!

        • Cooper ngoma

          How you wish there could be divisions, Never it will never happen. You will just die of bo. Upnd is well organised party

    • Cooper ngoma

      How you wish there could be divisions, Never it will never happen. You will just die of bo. Upnd is well organised party

  3. Rodrick

    Champonda, I agree with you that every problem has a solution, but the solution to UPND woes is simply by getting rid of that ostensibly disgruntled and selfish HH


      For sure my brother… And we also have the same problem in pf, we need to replace Edgar if we are to win next year’s general election. People are fed up with him due to the mismanagement of the economy. Remember, it is very possible for the ruling party to win all the by elections by bribing voters and lose the general election. Agree or disagree, that will ever remain a FACT!

      • X4

        Mwewa u ar a liar nd u dnt bilong to team pf.all thoz tht hav bin baptized in pf wont tok anythng ill abt ecl.stop confuzin pipo tht u ar our family member NO, u ar one upnd symphathyzer.the entire mulobezi district and constituency PF oficials includin sam upnd and independent members ar bhind th lidaship of ecl.so far the only understandin president zambia has ever seen.

      • Kansiime

        True. Both ECL and HH are not the right leadership going forward.
        Either Chishimba Kambwili or Garry Nkombo should rule this country if we are to make meaningful progress as a nation.
        But it will not be a bad idea to have Hon. Harry Kalaba as a surprise President-elect in 2021.
        God bless our beloved Country!!!

        • True Open Eye on Zambian politics

          Are you sure Kambwili can rule Zambia? Jokes? Bamkombo?

    • Thabo

      You are just afraid of HH. And actually what you want is to have him out so that there will be no formidable opposition in this country. HH is a man to who has put the PF in its toes. And by the way if he is a problem and is bringing confusion to the UPND this should make you celebrate because when there is confusion in an opponent’s camp you have to rejoice. HH is a thorn in the flesh of your camp my man.Period!!!

      • True Open Eye on Zambian politics

        It shouldn’t be so in a multiparty dispensation. You can’t celebrate to have a weak opposition.

    • 2012


    • Wynter Maabwe

      What did ECL give you before winning elections apart from corruption and fake promises if HH is selfish dem asshole

  4. X4

    The end of upnd

    • MABOLO

      By elections only have an impact on the general election in the minds of morons and pfools… How is the family my brother? I will come and see you tomorrow.

  5. Ngoma Yamaano

    Zambia is not short of some lunatics who think a formidable opposition party can end due to loss of by-elections. Trying to sow seeds of disputes within UPND will not work. Just wait for the 2021 elections!

  6. Ngoma Yamaano

    XXX Large, what do you expect when an election is conducted? Some win and some loose. There is no issue if one loses in free and fair elections. No issue here to win or to loose!!

    • xxxx Large

      kkkkkk….. you have made my day. It is very important to be realistic than possessing an imagination which neither here nor there.

  7. xxxx Large

    kkkkkk….. you have made my day. It is very important to be realistic than possessing an imagination which is neither here nor there.

  8. SEE MIND (Mwampo)

    Time clicking runing out fast UPND must change strategy maybe next year they can gain votes. PF so many strategy traps the people voter how to vote
    PF back 2021.

  9. Ngoma Yamaano

    XXXX large, having a winner and loser in free and fair elections is not an imagination. What is imaginary about the outcome from a free and fair elections? If to be realistic you mean accepting 2021 elections which are not free and fair, then I choose not to be realistic!


    The problem which we have in pf is that we ever keep on misusing money in buying UPND councilors and making sure that we bribe voters and win by elections at all cost… NOW, SHALL WE MANAGE TO BRIBE THE WHOLE COUNTRY ON 12 TH AUGUST 2021??? Please, let’s mobilise enough resources or else we will lose from HH next year.

  11. Shocked

    Mr nkombo can’t say that. This is a cooked up story. Every home has its own story and weakness. No home is perfect. But what matters is how you manage them. These stories are not new.@ Chris change your politics strategy. Mmd once said the same things against the opposition. Stop putting Mr nkombo in this issue.

  12. Old Mze

    It is good that Garry Nkombo has plucked up enough courage to accept that UPND has challenges.Kudos to Garry.
    Members of UPND are so afraid to tell HH in his face.Te guy has outlived his usefulness.
    For Lukasha no one will be supprised on the UPND loss.A few reasons are:
    1.UPND adopted a PF man who has just resigned because he was not adopted by Pf.
    2.UPND ignored all the four or five applicants on their tickes.Obviously expect a bitter man to decampaign.
    3.No reconciliation with the ignored applicants.
    4.HH insulted Bembas and their Chiefs.
    5.HH should reshuffle his team in management.
    6.MUVTV always fails to grill the UPND leaders when on TV.In short MUVTv is not helping UPND.
    7.UPND has no clear message to woe the electrolates.In 2016 they had a 10 point plan which failed badly
    .The UPND should change their strategy or they will loose the 2021.By elections are an indicator of things to come

    • Watcher

      Adopting a candidate who has been rejected by one party is a bad strategy, simply put you are saying of vomit is better than your cream. Food for thought. I’m not a politician.

      • Watcher

        Adopting a candidate who has been rejected by one party is bad strategy, simply put you are saying pf vomit is better than (upnd) your cream. Food for thought. I’m not a politician.

  13. Wise

    Upnd pipo say whatever you want, stop kuzinvesa mushe 2021 pf is winning again that is going to be your end, because a normal Zambian citizen can not vote for HH.🤣🤣🤣

  14. Yaya

    Your contract as of will not be renewed by the Zambian wise people. For now they will keep u and appease u for the sake of their businesses..come June next year,u will see the true colours of Zambians that seem to be on your side today.

  15. Yaya

    The writing in the wall is..your contract as pf shall not be renewed by the Zambian people..u have mismanaged almost everything..where u seem to do well,u have deeper half of that into your pocket.

  16. Wiseman Mwape

    Does Upnd has credible leaders for allowing one man show type of leadership ,is that democracy?

  17. pat

    hey you day dreamers have u ever run a party or u are running it in Your Own mind

  18. Central

    The uprising and dowi fall of a good party formed a legend it is now destroyed by a selfish individual.bravo Mr nkombo to come out and spit the bitter pill you have in your moith for so long.learn to appreciate.

  19. Silencer

    Those with ears listen to what nkombo is saying HH is bitter self centered dictator he has single handedly destroyed UPND

  20. Truth

    LUNGU na PF paka 2026

  21. Old Mze

    Some UPND MPS are now openly working with the GOvt cuase they have realized that GOVT means well

  22. JMS

    Its maybe true but its better to interview them HH and ECL we see who is who.

  23. Pethias Forward

    Stop misleading people about UPND . The party is United and intact it is forming Government come next year. Either you want or not. Only fools ans idiot will support PF .

  24. Justice

    Our party upnd is on the verge of collapsing because of a milionare who got rich at the expense of other people during privatization. Iam talking about hh who had failed five times in five elections. He surely cannot win. Talking about upnd forming gvt in 2021 is mere wishful thinking as long as hh is the party president.If the wins for of were for upnd then there would be no doubts about victory in 2021 but upnd’s poor showing in these by-elections must give headache ad to what is wrong.Mr hh privatization give way to others to lead .You are no longer a factor.U cannot see my vote.

  25. Real

    So ba upnd, u just can’t replace HH for crying out loud? Sure 5 times consecutive losses, try changing leadership and check the outcome for once. Period!!!

  26. Kelvin mutambo

    Vyakulolavye politics stories

  27. 2021

    HH 2021. Forward iweeee

  28. Kitty muchende

    We know you have never reported positive things about UPND.

  29. Niso Kodibba

    The more you accuse ,Create fake stories about HH, the more popular he becomes ,and that will make him to win elections in 2021 .it happened to sata And Mandela in south Africa all whites every time topic was Mandela then he got independence.. Keep on HH being strong, courageous, hopeful, faithful HH is the only remaining strongest politician to become President in 2021.

  30. Nonde

    Is HH the only Tonga? Is tribe the criterion for UPND Presidenc? Zambia is for Zambians. Change your leader or else your party will die. Face it!

  31. Observer

    Let’s wait and watch 2021 is around the corner let’s vote wisely my good fellow Zambians.

  32. Chansa

    PF, PF, if HH is not a factor, why then are you having sleepless nights. HH is there to stay. Zambians believe in HH now than ever before. Take it or leave, HH is winning.

  33. Chansa

    HH for 2021, no doubt about it.

  34. Prince

    Zambia can be ruled by any tribe but people fall to face it the hh is not a politician even Gary can make a good president

  35. Sydney


  36. M.D. Nkunika

    The Most High is Sovereign over all Kingdoms on earth and He gives them to whoever He wishes.

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